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Welcome to the most exciting TV shows in all of SimNation!

All material is from The Sims 4, amazing custom content creators, and my imagination. For me, television is one of the most fascinating ways of watching stories unfold, so the stories in my universe are all a series of interconnected TV shows. Check out the latest episodes and tune in frequently for new episodes, bonus content, and more.

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Kev & Get More

What would you do for a massive cash prize and the promise of instant fame? Find out what happens when 14 contestants enter a high-stakes reality TV competition! They compete in wacky challenges, and get eliminated, one by one, until one of them gets the prize of money, fame, and success! With plenty of friendship, romance, and drama, K&GI ticks all the boxes of what a juicy TV show should be, so tune in and fall in love with the 14 housemates! The main show is accompanied by several bonus episodes known as Kev & Get More, which explore backstories and deepen our understanding of the contestants.