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“The Housemates Who Want It All” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 1

ajmkv: Is this thing on?…

ajmkv: I swear, a 5 AM call time, the sun isn’t even out… I should really call my agent. You’d think after the success of last season I’d deserve my own trailer and everything, but no, my head’s getting too big, they said—

Producer: Um, ajmkv, the cameras are rolling…

ajmkv: WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? Um, I mean… hello everyone!

ajmkv: Welcome to Season 2 of the hottest show in all of SimNation!

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ajmkv: I am your cheeky and sassy host, ajmkv, back for another season of messy drama, complicated love triangles and quadrangles, friendships and backstabbing, and of course, the most beautiful and interesting sims we could find to fill one house. Will this second season prove to be as dramatic as the first? Unfortunately, the first season has been, uh, lost to time, but who could forget the drama? Let’s have a last look at last year’s cast! *Flashback to the messy drama of last season which y’all may see someday.*

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ajmkv: Aw, don’t they all look grand? Well, the winner has collected all of the prizes, and is living the fancy life in their new penthouse condo. We all knew that person was going to win the second they walked into the house, but this season will be different: not one of our contestants is a clear frontrunner from the get-go. Shall we meet our contestants as they enter the house? Let’s welcome to our 14 new contestants!

Outside the house, the contestants are all starting to arrive. The first comes out of a long stretch limo blasting a trendy pop hit, and the paparazzi lurking in the bushes take advantage of the moment to snap many pictures.

Enca: Well, I’m here! *looks around* The house seems more than appropriate, there are certainly lots of pools around here so I’m sure I’ll be comfortable. I need a lot of water, you know, to keep these kiwis and this peach luscious. Oooh, a hot tub!

Enca: I am Enca Haxhia, Albania’s #1 popstar. You think you know me from my multiple #1 singles, but honey… you don’t even know just how much love I got on this body. I am going to slay this competition, it’s just normal! They wanted me on here so badly that they provided me with everything I requested. It’s clear who is running this show!

Enca goes inside and sits down, sizing up the house’s amenities.

Enca: I mean, it’s all right. They could have done some cleaning, what are these empty cups and bottles doing here? Hopefully one of these contestants is good at cleaning… but hey, the house comes with a personal piano player, how quaint! He looks familiar… is he the maid?

Outside, another contestant walks up to the house. He’s whistling to himself, walking with a cocky swagger.

Enca: I wonder who’s going to be competing with me. We all know they’re going to lose, obviously… but there could be some interesting people here. *Talks to producer* Do you think there’s going to be another popstar? I certainly hope not, my contract was very specific. Also, did you cast him? You know who.

Patricio: *calling out* Heeeeeey, y’all bitches ready for a party?

Enca: Patricio!

Enca gets up and walks over to the newcomer with a satisfied look on her face.

Enca: You’re here!

Patricio: Of course, mami. You know it’s not a party without ya boy here, this show wouldn’t be anything without me!

Patricio: Hello world! My name’s Patricio and I’m from Tecomán, Mexico, one of the sunniest beaches in the whole country! I’m excited to be here, I’ve always said that the most beautiful women can be found in reality television shows—I mean, not that I’m going to flirt, eh? I’ve come here with my bae Enca, but looking at some mamis never hurt anyone.~

Enca: Baby, I’ve missed you! These kiwis have been in need of a solid touch…

Patricio: Well, it’s good that I’m here, no? Come here, let me show you how much I’ve missed you too, mami.

Patricio pulls Enca in for a dramatic kiss, which lasts for a long, long time. The two are alone in the room and they take advantage of the fact to make out in an exaggerated manner.

Enca: Patricio is my boyfriend! *giggles* I told the producers of this show I wouldn’t come on here without him, I’m glad that they kept their end of the deal! It’s not like I needed him to be here, I’m fabulous all by myself, but I’ve been so busy working, you know, life of a superstar and everything, that I feel like we hardly see each other anymore. Being here together is going to be great for us!

The pair are so excited to see each other that they completely ignore the fact that someone else has quietly walked in.

Enca: Honey, do you think you’ll make it to the end? We know I will, but I don’t want you to not be with me.

Patricio: Hey, there’s no way I’m not going to make it to the finale. Whoever comes in here isn’t on our level, babe! *notices the cute girl that just walked in* Though I’m sure there are going to be some hotties and this will certainly be interesting…

Enca: Hotties? Yeah, I’m sure… but no one like me, right?

Patricio: Oh, definitely not…

The new girl looks at them, confused, for a moment, and then walks back outside, looking over the bushes as if looking for confirmation. She nods, and goes back inside.

Marjan: Hoi everyone!! I am so excited to be here, the house is everything I imagined it to be from TV, Aurora wasn’t kidding!! I can’t wait to spend so much time getting a nice tan, shopping for clothes, picking up some free makeup, washing the dishes, clearing the trash, making my bed… oh, duh! That’s my to-do list, duuuuuuuuh Marjan! Teeheee!!~

Marjan walks over to the sofa where Enca and Patricio are now sitting, and she greets them excitedly.

Patricio: So, um, what’s your name again, gorgeous?

Marjan: Gorgeous? Oh you cheeky fox. *giggles* It’s Marjan! Like Mar-yan. The j is soft like a pillow! *giggles*

Enca: That’s an interesting name! Where’s it from, honey?

Marjan: It’s Dutch, like me!

Patricio: So beautiful… a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, eh?


Marjan: *giggles nervously* That sneaky pickle is sure coming on strong, which sure is bold of him. I’m certain that girl Enca isn’t his sister… but hey, who am I to judge?

Patricio: What? I’m just an admirer of beauty. Marjan has those two big… hazel eyes. I can’t help myself!

As the three awkwardly chat, another contestant has shown up. He’s dropped off by an older woman in a beat-up car, and he gives her a long hug, listening to her words of encouragement. After she’s gone, he walks toward the house, puffing out his chest in an attempt to seem confident.

Mitchell: Knock knock, it’s Mitchell~ I don’t know about y’all, but this place is going to be poppin’ with all the larger-than-life personalities in here and I don’t know if I’ll be able to compete… but my mama encouraged me to apply for the show and to charm everyone with my jokes, so that’s what I’m going to try to do! There always has to be an underdog, no? Woof woof!

Mitchell walks into the house and greets everyone else nervously. Marjan immediately jumps up from her seat to greet him.

Marjan: Oh thank beetles, someone else is here!

Mitchell: *greets Marjan with a kiss on each cheek* Hi, I’m Mitchell!

Marjan: Greeting with a kiss, how European of you!

Mitchell: *laughs nervously* Um, yeah, it’s how I greet my mama.

Marjan: I love it! Welcome to the house! Are you as excited as I am?

Mitchell: I have to confess… I’m kind of terrified.

Marjan: *laughs* Oh, I am too! This is positively the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Mitchell: *relaxes* It’s scary, but hey! What’s the worst that could happen? No, really… what’s the worst? *gulps*

Marjan: Oh, you! I like you already!

Enca and Patricio are ignoring them, and they continue to canoodle on the couch. Marjan and Mitchell look at each other nervously, but they freeze when they hear a loud and slightly robotic voice calling out into the room.

Unknown voice: Who’s that, walking into the room? Plastic fantastic, shimmering jewels all around, the goddess incarnate. Praise Shaman Unnie, she’s here! Unnie supreme!

A tall blonde woman walks into the room and poses behind the giant fountain, enjoying her moment in the spotlight. Everyone else is frozen, jaws dropping as they watch her continue to pose in an extravagant fashion.

Marjan: This is like a movie! It was like watching an enormous shiny bird walk into the party. Her presence is just… I don’t know! Electric as a slithering eel, glitzy as a multicolored fish! I’m already a fan!

Marjan: Look at her pose! What a sight!

Mitchell: She’s like a shiny penny!

Marjan: Penny? She’s like a brand new 2 euro coin!

Mitchell: Do you think she’s ever going to come out from behind that fountain? I’m scared.

Kyungri: Greetings. My name is Kyungri Kim. I have one objective, plain and simple: to win that money. You all have seen what the winner walked away with last season, and I. Want. It. I live with my mother, my brother and his son, my daughters, and some other people. We need a bigger house, and we need to keep up a certain lifestyle. I have to keep my eye on the prize at all times. Like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Kyungri walks down into the living room, sizing up her competition. Some people call out greetings, but others are stunned. Marjan can’t stop looking at Kyungri in awe. Kyungri walks over to Enca and, instantly recognizing her, greets her enthusiastically.

Kyungri: My, my, Enca in the flesh! You’re one of the richest women in all of San Myshuno, that’s wonderful. It’s good to see that there’s a certain caliber of competition here! I’m Kyungri Kim, nice to meet you.

Enca: Thank you, Miss Kyungri. It’s always nice to meet a fan!

Kyungri: Oh… yes, a fan. Quite a fan.

Enca: Wonderful! What’s your favorite of my songs? Maybe I could hold a special performance of it, just for you!

Kyungri: Oh…. just, all of them! All the songs!

Kyungri: Do I know any of her music? *laughs* Hell no! I just know she’s rich and famous, and that’s the kind of people I need to surround myself with. I can pretend to know her music if it makes her happy, though. Where’s the harm in that? Let’s see… *looks at her phone* Love On My Body? Call Me Goddess? Bow Down? These songs all sound… awful.

Kyungri: So, where are you all from? *whispers* What are your net worths?

Mitchell: I’m from Hawaii! This is the first time I’ve actually traveled to another country.

Kyungri: OK, sure. That sounds quaint. What about you, Marjan?

Marjan: Everywhere! I’m from everywhere! Like a sweet bird flying in search of her… her place in the world! *giggles nervously*

Kyungri: Oh. *coughs* How nice. Well, let’s hope the next person is… interesting.

Outside, a fancy town car pulls up, and the paparazzi go crazy when they see the winner of last season come out, dropping off a well-dressed red-haired young man. They embrace, saying goodbye, and the new contestant enters the house with a smile on his face.

Todd: Girl, I’m Todd. You may have seen me last season taking a selfie with last season’s winner, Huddie, during one of the challenges, and let me tell you… this binch has found himself a man, henny! It’s no good to be the only one in our relationship to have been on the show, though, so I’ve come on here to prove that I also have what it takes to go far. These bitches in here better get ready for me… I will slay!

Todd walks into the living room, all smiles and warm greetings.

Kyungri: Oh, I know you! Aren’t you dating the winner from last season?

Todd: Indeed I am! He couldn’t resist all of this lusciousness.

Enca: How beautiful! He must be really proud of you for following in his footsteps!

Todd: He’s certainly proud! He’s going to be promoting me on his show.

Kyungri: It’s nice to see the show really dug deep to find its cast…

Marjan: I also know someone from Season 1! Aurora and I are best friends, we went to the same school and spent a lot of time living together in Mexico!

Enca: Wow! The world is really small!

Patricio: Not like your peach, am I right?

Enca: *screams in delight* You got that right!

Kyungri: I truly do hope this is the last of the people connected to Season 1. I mean, come on! The nepotism, it’s insane.

The housemates continue to banter, the ambiance in the room growing more lively as they get to know each other. While they talk, another contestant quietly enters the house. She looks nervous but determined.

Louise: My name is Louise Meunier. Yes, that’s right, daughter of a certain Christophe Meunier, you know the one? From Season 1, otherwise known as a womanizing, cheating, backstabbing husband and father. While he was on this show, living it up with that popstar hussy of his, I was watching the whole time. Is this the role model I have to look up to? Is this what my family will be known for? I have to fix this.  And I will… oh, I will.

Louise sits down with the others, timidly nodding at their called greetings. After she introduces herself, she’s pulled into the conversation about the past season, but she doesn’t mention her connection to it.

Todd: So many gross things happened! Do you remember that one guy who cheated on his boyfriend on live TV and was then immediately sent home? What a loser!

Patricio: Yeah, what a loser! Who does that?

Enca: Or what about that popstar, what was her name? Andrea something? She flopped during the whole show! Good thing I’m about to show the whole world that popstars can slay on this show as well as on the charts.

Kyungri: You mean Andreea Bănică? Didn’t she also cheat on her husband on the show? With some other two-timing idiot who betrayed his whole family? Lord, these people will do anything to get their private parts some action.

Louise: Oh, yeah! *laughs nervously* What a horrible thing to do…

Louise: *sighs* This is going to be harder than I thought…


Tune into Part II here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

16 thoughts on ““The Housemates Who Want It All” (Part I)

  1. “but my mama encouraged me to apply for the show and to charm everyone with my jokes, so that’s what I’m going to try to do!”
    I don’t know why, but that is really cute XD

    Wow, 14 sims in one house. Oh, the delicious chaos that’s about to ensue. I like how you’re writing it as an actual show, to the point of even having a narrating host in the beginning (is that your simself? =D ). It’s written in a very entertaining way!

    In Kyungri’s introduction, I think there’s a “last” missing when she talks about what the winner walked away with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mitchell is so adorable, I really loved writing him!

      Yeah, it gets pretty messy with 14 sims! (Not to mention that screenshotting is the absolute WORST, haha, all the sims to control and set up and pose, it’s SO time-consuming but I love it 😛 ). And yes! I’m the host, and I’ll appear here and there~ I’d like to think that the writing (and the screenshotting too, tbh) gets better as the story unfolds, even though I try to maintain the same “tv show script” formula for the main story.

      Thanks for your comment!♥ And yes, I totally dropped that “last” in Kyungri’s section! I’ll edit it right in ~~

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oppa♥ Yes, it’s so interesting to see where Marjan started considering where she’s at now… it was even a little weird for me to go back and read what I wrote for her. I had an idea where her character would go, but I didn’t imagine she’d go from filler to main character.

      Also, I’ve been thinking of expanding and “remastering” (haha) this episode to flesh it out a little, adding scenes in a kind of like a Big Brother or Drag Race moment where the contestants meet each other for the first time. What do you think?


  2. Wow i just realised everyone else in the comments are talking about Mitchell and I am too actually. I noticed his personality is more down-to-earth and I think im detecting a bit of low self-esteem there. (Who calls themselves the underdog straight out the bat before the show starts?) I hope he doesn’t get eaten alive. I enjoyed reading about everyone else! I can already imagine the dramas most of them will stir. I found Louise’s self intro very intriguing though. It’s laced with so much anger and hurt. Hopefully it gets projected healthily but this is a reality tv show and drama is amplified so ehhh… i wonder who will receive the torrent of storm in her!😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love seeing all this appreciation for Mitchell! He was one of my favorites when I wrote this episode, and I loved writing his intro and blurbs. And well, sometimes the underdog turns out to be the one to watch 😉 Louise was also very interesting to write—her backstory is intense and I wanted to make her a more serious character in comparison to the other more frivolous contestants (Enca, anyone?…), but there is more to be seen from her~~

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, this was already so dramatic. Most of these characters definitely belong on a reality TV show. You did very well in that regard. I think I’ll enjoy this very much. I started reading the comments here until I realised these were comments for the entire episode, aren’t they? I’ll have to reserve those for when I finish reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I tried to really exaggerate some of their character traits to make them more “tv ready”, I’m glad it works. And yeah, since I only started splitting the episodes up until later, the comments are usually now concentrated in the first parts.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Already so dramatic. I like Mitchell already. He seemed sweet and down to earth, realistic, like someone I’d meet on the street. Maybe a little bit of a mama’s boy but still cute. There are already some queens who will slay too. 😉 I’m looking forward to juicy drama! Love the little one on one confessions too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! It made me giggle. Mitchell is a cutie, I like writing him. He’s the only pre-made Sim I use, so I’ve liked expanding his story. And yes! There will be juicy drama for sure 😉


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