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“The Housemates Who Want It All” (Part II)

The sun has started to rise as more contestants arrive at the Kev & Get It house. A car pulls up and drops off a tall man, who shakes himself. He stares up at the house in awe for a while, and then snaps out of it and walks inside.

Matthieu: Bonjour ! Comment ça va ? Je m’appelle Matthieu, and I’m last season’s Théo’s twin brother and Maciej’s boyfriend. I don’t even know why I’m on this show, but now that I’m here, I’m going to make the most of it! You’re put into situations for a reason, and I plan on finding out why this journey of life has placed me here. I’m always up for a new adventure!

Matthieu greets everyone with a wave, feeling kind of overwhelmed when he sees the group of people sitting and talking animatedly. Patricio comes over to him with an interested look on his face.

Patricio: You look familiar… weren’t you on last season?

Matthieu: Oh… *laughs* You’re thinking of my twin brother, Théo! He was on last season.

Kyungri: *overhearing* ANOTHER ONE? Good God.

Patricio: Oh, that’s right! Well, welcome.

Matthieu: Thank you!

Patricio: But wait… doesn’t this mean you’re also the boyfriend of that one guy who went home in the first episode after he, um…

Matthieu: Yep, that’s me!

Matthieu: I mean, I knew it would come up, but… yeah, my boyfriend Maciej cheated on me in the first episode last season, and he went home because people didn’t like that. But yeah, I’ve forgiven him and we’re still together. I made the right choice, I think! Everyone deserves a second chance, even though I suppose we’re now at an interesting place in our relationship…

Patricio: And you’re still together! Wow, that’s very big of you.

Matthieu: Life happens, you know? There’s nothing better than being forgiving.

Patricio: Yeah, or you could find a nice side-piece of your own here, you know what I mean?

Matthieu: Oh, trust me, I am NOT here searching for love.

Patricio: Good luck with that! Have you seen the caliber of the hotties here?

As they talk, another contestant walks up to the door. She’s humming to herself, happy to finally be here after a long period of preparation.

Jessie: It’s so weird to be on another reality show! Wow. I’m Jessie, and you might remember me from that low-budget Big Brother thing ajmkv tried a couple years back. I ended up dating Fernando from Season 1 of Kev & Get It and then promptly broke up with him when I saw him acting like an unfaithful fool on TV… what was up with all the infidelity in that season? Whatever, who needs men, anyway? There are so many other worthwhile things to do in life!

Jessie walks into the living room, and as soon as she walks into view, a loud screech startles everyone sitting on the couches.

Louise: Jessie!!

Jessie: Oh my God, Louise! What are you doing here?

Louise: Oh, you know, just thought I’d try out for this thing. What is there to lose?

Jessie: Wow, I really never thought you’d think of something like this. That’s surprising!

Louise: I’m full of surprises, huh?

Jessie: *laughs* Girl, I’m so happy to see you!

Jessie: *whispers* Do the others know who you are yet?

Louise: *whispers back* Let’s just not tell them, yeah?

Jessie: Well, Louise is my good girlfriend. We met at my volunteer program, she’s on her gap year and looking for things to do, so I kind of took her under my wing and we became good friends. I’m shocked to see her here, though! Considering how angry she was at this show… I didn’t think she’d actually do something as crazy as this to get revenge… or whatever she’s thinking of doing.

Another contestant arrives at the house. The paparazzi outside go crazy when they see him, calling out his name and begging for photos. He waves at them, a small smile on his perfect face, and slowly walks up to the house, making sure to give them his best angles.

When he goes inside, a hush falls over the group gathered in the living room. It seems like everyone recognizes him instantly, and he’s not surprised. He smiles and waves, happy to capture the attention of the group so easily.

Enzo: Is that camera on? Should I pose? Oh?… Oh wait, hello! I’m Enzo—do I seem familiar? Well, I should, because my face… and maybe also my booty… have probably been on a billboard in your city. I’ve been modeling for Barbat Underwear for a while now~ Honestly, though, I’m here to win some extra money to provide for my three kids. I’m a proud papa!

Enzo: Hey, everyone. Is it OK if I sit here?

Matthieu: Of course. Make yourself at home!

Mitchell: P-please do, Mr. Lombardi!

Mitchell: That’s Enzo Lombardi! He’s, like, the most in-demand male model out there right now! His underwear campaign for Barbat Underwear is iconic and legendary… so hard! *blushes* I’ve looked up to him for years, his body is my goal. I’m really starstruck, how amazing that he’s here! I hope he and I can become friends, could you imagine?

Enzo sits, and Mitchell kind of clams up. He’s too nervous to say anything, so Enzo smiles at him and turns to Matthieu, who’s not as starstruck.

Matthieu: So, what brings you on this show?

Enzo: Oh, you know. It’s nice to be recognized due to my many billboards, but I’ve never tried television before. This could be a good foot in the door for a TV or even film career! You never know!

Matthieu: Aw, that’s awesome, man. I hope you can do it!

Enzo: Thank you! And don’t forget, cameras are on you all the time, so make sure to always look your best. Throwing a sneaky sultry look into the camera from time to time can’t hurt, either. You wanna try?

Matthieu: *laughs* Let’s do it!

While Enzo and Matthieu ham it up for the cameras, another contestant arrives in the room. She looks around with a sly expression on her face. She’s sizing up her competition and she seems satisfied with the caliber of the contestants.

Charlee: Ugh. Can we talk about how everyone is excited to be here? I get it, yeah, this is probably the pinnacle of your existence, but please keep it down and let the professionals take over. And that’s why I’m going to run this thing. I, Charlee Sheppard, am going to play this game better than anyone else, and lord help you if you get in my way. These people don’t even know…

Charlee immediately walks over to Kyungri, who she’s chosen as her first target. She begins schmoozing, pleased that Kyungri is falling for her game.

Kyungri: So, what do you do, again?

Charlee: Oh, that’s not important. What’s important here is your outfit! You look gorgeous!

Kyungri: I mean, yes, thank you. You look… nice, too.

Charlee: Oh, this old thing? It’s nothing next to your flawless outfit!

Kyungri: Sweetie, fake recognizes fake. I’m not falling for her little game, but I do have to admit that it’s nice to have someone falling over themselves to impress me. You see, Charlee has recognized that I’m her biggest competition and she’s trying to butter me up. I will allow her to continue… for now.

Charlee: It’s positively electrifying to be here! The competition is going to be intense!

Kyungri: I hope you’re ready for it, honey. Because it won’t be easy to compete with me.

Charlee: And that’s why it’s going to be such an honor to compete with you *under her breath* and beat you!

Kyungri: Oh, I’m sure we’re going to be fast friends, Charlee. Fast friends indeed.

The two women continue to chit chat while the room grows even louder. Eleven of the fourteen contestants have arrived, and the excitement is contagious. Outside, a car pulls up, and a tall, handsome man hugs and kisses his children goodbye. He walks up to the house, a confident smile on his face.

Gabriel: Yo, I’m Gabriel. I don’t even know what to say, honestly. I’m here because I needed a change of scenery. The wife and kids are great, my job as the coach to an international league volleyball team is also great, my friends are great… but I need something more. Nothing better than the warm embrace of millions of eyes watching me as I do the most mundane things, I guess…

Gabriel walks into the room smiling but his mood sours when he immediately sees someone that he did not expect, or want, to see. The two glare at each other.

Enzo: What are YOU doing here?

Gabriel: I could ask you the same question, Ennie boy. I thought you were above this sort of thing?

Enzo: Whatever, Mister “I’m the hot coach and I’ll steal your lady”. *Mitchell laughs nervously*

Gabriel: Oh, shut up. You say you’re so much better than reality TV and yet, here you are! I’m honestly not surprised you need your face to be plastered all over another medium.

Enzo looks very displeased and he turns around to glare at the camera.

Enzo: Of course, of course they HAD to bring the ONE person I didn’t want to see. Gabriel is married to my ex-wife! He kind of just came in and took her from me. He always takes and takes, whatever he wants, from everybody! He’s an idiot.

Gabriel: *sighing* That guy? Really? Why does it not surprise me that he’s here? He’s going to say I stole his wife, his whole family, even his soul, but really, he’s just angry that I came into the picture when his marriage was falling apart and I treated Manon better than he ever could. I’m not going to fight with him but I think we can all see who’s the bigger man here.

Gabriel walks away, leaving Enzo fuming. He greets the other people in the room, and walks up to Louise last.

Louise: Hi! I’m Louise.

Gabriel: Hey, Louise! It’s good to meet you. *They hug.*

Louise: So, um, what brings you on the show?

Gabriel: It’s time for Daddy to bring home the bacon! *laughs* No, sorry! That sounds stupid. I’m here honestly because the money is very enticing! My daughter wants to go to fashion school in Paris and I want to help her out as much as I can.

Louise: Oh, you’ve got kids? Married and everything, I suppose?

Gabriel: Yup! Proud husband and dad of two.

Louise: Sounds lovely! I’m sure your family is very proud of you…

Jessie: Oh, Louise. *sighs* I can’t help but think that she’s going to do something crazy to embarrass her father. I just hope that she realizes that she’s so much better than that. I’ll be keeping my eye on her.

The door swings open and the housemates watch as a gorgeous, well-dressed woman walks in with confidence. Marjan squeaks when she sees her, feeling embarrassed.

China: My name? China Jefferson, at your service. You’re looking at the youngest partner at Malcolm & Bihlmann, the most important firm in all of New England. Did I come to this show for the exposure? That’s correct. Did I also come here for the money? Indeed. Am I going to let loose, cause a commotion, maybe make a friend or two? Hell yeah! Bring it on!

China sees Marjan and she gasps, quickly running over to her.

China: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the mysterious missing Marjan!

Marjan: In the flesh! *giggles nervously*

China: Girl, who would have thought that I’d finally see you again, and here of all places!

Marjan: Um, well, you know! Just like a sweet snake, some things are unexpected!

China: Sure, Jannie. *laughs* I’ve missed you!

China: Marjan and I go way back. We went to the same school, with one of our friends Aurora, and we were all besties. Then Marjan went with Aurora to live in Mexico for a while, and I stopped hearing from her after a while. I thought she’d just ghosted me, but honestly, Marjan is too sweet for that… seeing her here is kind of shocking to me, I thought she’d just straight up vanished.

Marjan: And look! Here’s me and Aurora at the beach in Huatulco! It was such a nice trip, I got to see all the sweet sea turtles!

China: Aw, yeah! That’s wonderful, Marjan. I’m just happy to see you again, safe and healthy! I thought you were gone…

Marjan: Me? Gone? Never! I was just, you know, taking some time off.

China: OK, but don’t do that to me again, girl. You hear?

Todd: I don’t know about that Marjan… she seems sweet and kind of silly, but there’s something off about her. She just gives me this vibe, you know? Like something’s not quite right.

The sun has fully risen over the Kev & Get It house, and the final contestant arrives, looking very nervous and not at all confident. He hesitates before entering the house, but eventually musters up the courage to open the door and walk in. He smiles nervously as everyone turns to look at him.

Harrison: Hello all, my name is Harrison! Rosaline from Season 1 is my sister, you probably remember her. She was so good on the show! I initially didn’t think this would be a good idea for me since I’m shy and I don’t want to put myself out there that much, but Rosaline wouldn’t hear it and put my application in herself… since I’m here, though, I might as well try to be a bit more outgoing. I’ll do my best!

Harrison walks in, introducing himself and saying hello to everybody. All of the housemates have stood up, realizing that everyone has arrived. They anticipate that something is about to happen, and they want to be ready for it. Harrison doesn’t look too excited, though, as he hasn’t quite spoken to anyone yet.

Patricio: Do you think they’re going to bring out some hot guest judges?

Mitchell: No! ajmkv himself is going to walk in here any minute!

Gabriel: I’m sure there’s going to be a challenge right off the bat.

Marjan: What do you think they’ll make us do?

Jessie: If it’s anything like last season,  it’s going to be ridiculous.

Harrison: Um…

Matthieu: That guy, um, Harrison? He was looking so lost and unsure of himself, so I just had to go over to him and make him feel welcome. It’s what I hope someone else would do if I were in the same situation!

Matthieu: Hey Harrison! Hiding in the corner, are we? *laughs* I’m Matthieu, how are you doing?

Harrison: Hi Matthieu! Nice to meet you. I’m all right, kind of nervous about this whole thing.

Matthieu: That’s OK! I’m pretty nervous, too. But this will be fun!

Harrison: Rosaline said that, too. But I dunno, I’m kind of, y’know, afraid I won’t make friends… everyone seems to already get along.

Matthieu: I’ll be your friend! You can count on me if you need some support.

Harrison: Oh, uh, thanks Matthieu!

Harrison: That was so sweet of Matthieu to come over and welcome me into the group! He’s a good guy, I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better.


As the complete group of contestants gets louder and louder, everyone talking to someone else, someone walks in the room and looks over the crowd. Everyone notices and the noise dies down as the housemates await the beginning of the competition.

The silence continues, and the air is thick with anticipation.

ajmkv: *yells out* All right, who’s ready to get this party started?! Kev & Get It Season 2 is starting, y’all! Get hyped! Awwwwww yissssss.~

Everyone cheers, feeling the excitement about the competition finally starting.

Enca: Whoooo, ajmkv! That peach is looking ripe!

Charlee: Time to fight for the prize!

Kyungri: Let the hundreds rain!

Todd: Yasssss hunny!

Marjan: Hands up for our dear host!

Jessie: Yesssss, the time has come!

Louise: Cheers, cheers, enthusiasm *rolls her eyes*.

Gabriel: Bring it on!

Patricio: All the hot mamis in the club, time to get tipsaaaay, yeeeee.~

ajmkv: I’m so happy to finally welcome you all to the Kev & Get It house! Me and the production team at SimTV spent a long time looking for the perfect candidates for this season, and y’all are truly the best! And let me tell you, the prizes are also THE best. What’s on the line this season? Well, uh, it’s MAJOR! The winner of this season will be the face of SimNation Media Corp. for a year, they’ll have their own television show on SimTV, they’ll walk away with a brand new and luxurious home, AND one million simoleons!

ajmkv: So get ready everyone! This year, the challenges will be tougher, the guest judges more ruthless, and the rewards even more deluxe! Get into it, y’all, because Kev & Get It, Season 2, has officially kicked off!

Enca: Competition time! Time to bow down to the Peach! But first, how about a dip in the pool?

Charlee: ajmkv ain’t sh*t. But the competition is going to get nasty, and I’m so ready. I am SO ready, are you?


And so, with all of our contestants now officially in the house, the competition can well and truly begin. Who are you a fan of? Will this season prove to be as messy as the last one? Who will be the first couple to make a splash on your TVs? Find out next week when we return for our riveting first challenge: our contestants will enjoy the most fun of parties, and then will have to up the charisma and impress their housemates. Who will be able to make a good first impression? Tune in next week to see what happens!

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Tune into Episode 2 of K&GI, Season 2, here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Housemates Who Want It All” (Part II)

  1. I’ve got some favourites after reading this! I’m glad there seem to be some normal types in here as well. I like Harrison, Matthieu and China. I picked well based on the profile pages. China seems like a sweet, put-together lady.

    Enzo’s glare at the camera cracked me up. Such a great reality TV moment. I like all of the connections established between people in this season already. You do a great job of tying everyone together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad the first impressions are turning out to be correct! Enzo always hams it up when it comes to cameras, so having him do that pouty angry face at the camera was a favorite moment of mine. And thank you! Since K&GI is mainly a character drama masquerading as a reality tv show, I’m happy that the connections between the characters are apparent. 🙂

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  2. That banner at the end is fabulous. How did you do it? Oooo I smell the drama. I actually really like Jessie and Mitchell. Harrison seems cute. China is gorgeous. I hope Louise doesn’t do anything stupid. Matthieu is one good looking Sim. Enza is kinda annoying and I’m not in like with Patricio and his wandering eye. Not sure what to make of Gabriel yet. Enzo reminds me a smidge of that billboard with the cowboy and low cut jeans in game. 😆 I agree with Todd. Something feels off about Marjan. Charlee is such a suck up and Kyungri seems like icy bitch material. Did I miss anyone? Haha. Already loving ajmkv! You’ve got a great sense of presence as a host!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! I made the banner by having individual images of each part and then putting the together in a gif-maker. I love seeing each character come in (and eventually fade out when they’re eliminated~). Love your comments about each character! They’re so accurate. Hopefully they will remain interesting as the story goes along! Haha, and Enzo may just be that sim 😉 ehehe. And thank you! Sim-ajmkv living out the real ajmkv’s fantasy of hosting a reality show in style~


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