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“The Boys Who Go Stargazing” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 2

Previously, on Kev & Get It: Our contestants arrived and we got to know a little bit about them. Though it seems like they’re all quite nice, it didn’t take long for them to say some shady things and declare that they’re not here to make friends… as usual. However, most of them are positive and ready for this adventure. They better be, because this ride starts now and it will only get tougher and tougher from here! 14 contestants enter the house… but only 13 are moving on. Who will be eliminated tonight?Fadeout 1

After some quick naps to make up for the early morning call time, the contestants settle into their new house, and they immediately start to get acquainted. It doesn’t take long for friendships and alliances to form, but first… what better way to get the season started than a refreshing (and thirst-quenching, if you know what I mean) pool party?

After quick introductions and a toast to the new season, Gabriel quickly proposes that everyone take a dip in the pool to enjoy their new home, and almost everyone enthusiastically agrees.

The housemates quickly strike up casual conversations and discuss what they thought the most gag-worthy moment from last season was. They agree that some contestants seemed to have gotten far only due to interference from the production team, but that’s certainly not true, is it?…

One person, though, doesn’t seem to be too into it.

Mitchell: Honestly, breaking the ice by taking off my clothes and jumping into the pool with a bunch of strangers is just not my thing. I’m going to have a peek into the fridge, I’m sure there will be other opportunities to get to meet these people! Plus, no one wants to see me naked! *Laughs*

Meanwhile, back at the pool Hudson, Charlee, Jessie, and Enzo enjoy their dip and chat for a little longer. Other people begin to get out and explore the house and… get to know each other better.

Enca and Patricio quietly walk away from the crowd to spend some time with each other.

Enca: Pato, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand other girls looking at you. I already feel some of them thirsting for your body and it drives me crazy! Good thing I know I can trust you.

Patricio: Sure thing, mamita. *Thinking about that cute girl Marjan.*

Enca: You know what I want on my body right now?…

Yikes. We already have nudity? Tsk tsk…

Kyungri and Matthieu also get to know each other when Kyungri, feeling generous, offers Matthieu a foot rub.

Matthieu: You know, I never expected to come on this show.

Kyungri: Why’s that? Don’t you want the money? Think of the financial security!

Matthieu: No, I mean… the money would be nice, but I think I came in here to see why Maciej felt the need to do this competition. Maybe he experienced something here that made him think that he needed more?

Kyungri: …….What?

Matthieu: Oh, well, you know, when he came home suddenly he wanted to have this three-way-relationship with one of his friends and I didn’t know if that was because he had always wanted it or because he had run into new ideas on the show. And then I saw his season and suddenly he’s cheating on me with other guys and…. Ugh, I should have left him but I do love him so.

Kyungri: Love is not worth it! It’s all about the money. Only with financial security can you worry about the more banal things in life.

Matthieu: Girl… is your heart made of plastic?

Kyungri: Sometimes I wish I could ask Dr. Kim to put fillers in there, as well, but I guess there are some things that money can’t buy…

Kyungri: Umma raised me to always be careful with my money. She had nothing, and I have everything. How do I keep this? I continue to strive for only the best things in life. *Talks to herself* No time for love, must be strong and stay focused on the objective.

And while Kyungri contemplates her objectives in the competition, someone else is getting into a steamy situation – Gabriel wastes no time and seduces Charlee, who seems delighted to explore the sauna with him. But is she really?

Are their objectives for this steamy tryst similar? Somehow it’s not surprising that there may be some ulterior motives here…

Gabriel: Heck, I know I shouldn’t have done that but that Charlee is a saucy little thing and I just couldn’t help it. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to feel some heat. Anyway, how could anyone resist this body? It’s hard as a rock!

Charlee: Ugh. I know I shouldn’t have done that with a married man, but Gabriel is going to be tough competition with that face and that body. We all saw how far Hot Daddy Christophe got last season, so Gabriel will probably follow the same path. I have to keep him thinking I’m on his side and then BOOM, pull out the rug from under him at the right moment. Pff, he thinks he’s got me because he got to touch me…. *rolls eyes.*

On the other side of the house, a different sort of drama is unfolding: Kyungri seems to have pushed the wrong buttons when saying in front of Louise that she believes that a woman should worry about money more than anything else, because before she could explain that she believes that women are worth as much as they believe they are, a furious Louise is incensed and gets into a fight with Kyungri!

Everyone escapes mostly unscathed, but Louise quickly regrets the fight and goes off on her own to contemplate why she has so much anger inside. She’s not a violent person but she seems to be easy to anger recently.

Charlee didn’t witness the fight, but she sees Louise looking forlorn on the sofa and soon comes to see what’s going on with the youngest member of the household.

Charlee: What’s up, girl? Why so down?

Louise: Honestly, I don’t know why I’m so angry. I came on this show for the wrong reasons and I can see that clearly now. I just had a fight with Kyungri because she said something vaguely unfeminist! I’m a mess and I’m in over my head.

Charlee: Oh wait! I recognize you now! You’re the daughter of Christophe from last season, right? Are you angry because your dad very publicly cheated on your mom last season and she won’t leave him even after all that?

Louise: It’s more than that. I love my dad, but he feels like he’s the king of the world and that nothing will ever affect him, so he just takes and takes and never gives back unless it benefits him. I don’t want to turn into him so I fight against everything he stands for…

Charlee: Girl, cheer up! We’re young, in control of our lives, and we can do anything we want. Sure, your dad was an asshole, but who’s parents are perfect? Take this platform, girl, but make it about yourself! Show the people who think your dad represents your whole family that there’s more to you than that. Make this about you!

Louise: Gee, thanks! That’s really insightful and kind. You’re right.

Charlee: Honey, I’m always right! *Hugs Louise* You can count on me in this house, and know that not many people will be able to say that.

Mitchell has meanwhile been making friends, and is joined by Marjan on the couch. She is super interested in what he has to say and laughs at every single one of his jokes, which surprises and pleases him. He soon is smiling from ear to ear and is feeling bold.

This boldness continues to emanate from him when Patricio takes a break from Enca’s lips and joins him on the couch.

Mitchell: Did you hear? Todd is only here to become famous in order to appeal to all of the sugar daddies—Hudson isn’t rich enough for him, apparently!

Patricio: I believe it. That boy is as fake as Kyungri’s face!

Todd: Was I surprised by what I overheard? Nah. Let those jealous binches hate. I know what I’m doing here and they can’t say anything about it. Also, I don’t know how Patricio could comment about anything being fake when his whole relationship with Enca is a scam. Let’s talk about fake when you own up to being a gold-digging ho, sweetie. And Mitchell… girl. I won’t say anything.

Matthieu and Enzo are contemplating the upcoming challenges when Charlee and Gabriel join them and decide to set up a party later in the night. Matthieu thinks that it’s interesting that they are both wearing different outfits than before and wonders what exactly is going on between the two.

Patricio, meanwhile, continues to spread rumors about other people to whom he thinks is one of the shadier people in the house.

Patricio: Did you hear about Matthieu’s love triangle? It was all over the gossip mags! I’m surprised he even decided to come here after he looked like such a spineless coward not dumping Maciej after the whole affair!

Kyungri: I’m sure Matthieu isn’t here for that… *thinking back to their earlier conversation* He must have other things on his mind, too.

Patricio: Pffffff, I know if my boyfriend cheated on me on live TV, I couldn’t stay with him, much less go on the same show and be made fun of!

Bold words from the guy who has been lusting after all the girls in the house and yet has spent almost all of his time attached to his girlfriend…

Before the first all-out party gets started, Harrison can’t help but admire Matthieu’s cheerful disposition and handsome face, thinking about how kind Matthieu was to him before. Is someone developing a little crush? Or something more…?

Harrison: I’m not actually out to my parents or my sister yet… and I have never had a boyfriend… and I’ve never even been kissed *cringes* and now I’m saying all of this on TV… but woooooow, Matthieu is the cutest guy I have ever seen! I know he wouldn’t ever look at me that way but I sure am looking at him and I’m loving what I’m seeing so far!

The party gets started later that night. Everyone has lots of fun, dancing with each other, drinking copious amounts of the free cocktails, cheering for the guest DJ, and just generally basking in the glow of the new season.

Harrison can’t help but stare at Matthieu the whole time.

He soon takes advantage of Matthieu going for a quick breather on the balcony to chat a little bit with him and to offer him a hand massage. Matthieu enthusiastically accepts and sighs in contentment as Harrison rubs his hands gently.

Matthieu: There was something in that hand massage, I felt it! It was like electricity going from his hand to mine, and it felt glorious. I know I shouldn’t be looking at anyone because my love life is complicated enough as it is, but I definitely felt something in his touch. I’ll play it cool, though. I don’t even know if Harrison finds me attractive yet!

Oh Matthieu, you adorable and clueless thing. If you only knew…

On the dance floor, the housemates show off their moves. Enca begins by showing everyone else how a true diva shakes those hips, and the contestants are appropriately impressed.

Todd, not wanting to be outshined by the pop diva, pops his booty to the banging beats.

Everyone is enjoying themselves during these displays, and the party gets even louder.

Charlee decides to also show off for her new friends and leads them in a rousing rendition of one of Enca’s biggest hits, the #1 smash Love On My Body. Enca proceeds to pretend to be embarrassed but actually loves all the attention she’s getting.

Harrison, encouraged by everyone’s moves and the elevated amounts of alcohol in his system, boldly changes into his swimsuit and dances the house down while his housemates stare and cheer in a mix of surprise and amusement.

Harrison serves it on the dance floor! Later that night, after the party is over and most people are in bed for the night…

Matthieu: I don’t know… I feel comfortable around Harrison, even though we’ve only just met. Should I ask him out to stargaze with me? I love stargazing, and I’d love for someone to come… heck, I’m going to ask him, it couldn’t hurt.

Harrison obviously accepts and heads out the back yard to look at the stars with Matthieu. His heart beats hard the whole time as he lies next to his new friend, and he wonders why he feels so strongly about someone he just met this morning.

They stay up for hours that night, and only go to bed when they realize that the next day they have their first challenge. They won’t be in their best shape if they don’t get some rest, so they go off to sleep. It seems like they weren’t alone in the backyard, though…

Marjan: Oooooh, juicy gossip! Just wait until Aurora hears about this, she’s going to spill all the details to the magazines! I love reading the crisp magazines full of piping hot gossip. I better not forget to tell her about this…. Ooh, I forgot that I had a popsicle in the freezer!

Hmmm…. This doesn’t seem good.


Tune into Part II here!



Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

16 thoughts on ““The Boys Who Go Stargazing” (Part I)

  1. Okay wow this episode really was an immediate rush of bonkers “breaking the ice” moments huh? I forgot how much happens when the cast is full right at the start.

    Major thoughts:
    Mitchell being a mood and choosing food over abs and bikinis. We love an antisocial comfort eater.. (but also coming third on the speed-dating? Mitchell Kalani, third in the voting… I could not believe! haha).
    Charlee and Daddy Gabz boning in the sauna after five minutes like it’s Love Island haha. (Also I didn’t clock the first time that despite their “regrets”, it’s them two that walk up to Enzo/Matthieu and organise the later party…). The fact he also THEN went and got on China in the same day is just a testament to what an athletic lifestyle can do for your prowess…
    Speaking of Matthieu, it’s somewhat implicitly alluded to in this episode but I think it’s an interesting parallel that Maciej entered the house and cheated immediately and Matthieu arguably is also developing feelings for someone else immediately. The house really does hold that power huh? Theirs is the messiest of storylines from what i remember haha.
    Me forgetting Jessie was part of the cast for a hot minute there… OOPS.

    Stage direction of the episode:
    *Is actually looking at her boobs the entire time* — Patricio being the real dog that should’ve been put in the air-holed briefcase lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yikessss, yes! There were so many characters to write for in this episode so it was insane. Looking back, it’s really weird to see how much I had to juggle considering I’m now at the Top 4 (well, Top 3 now~) and I’m STRUGGLING to flesh out the episode, haha.

      Mitchell says to you: Do not attack my fans, bitch! (And then he cringes, blushes, apologizes, and sits down to sip his Long Island Iced Tea.)
      It’s fascinating to recall all these details, yeah! I had forgotten that Charlee and Gabz were pretty friendly early on regardless of their steamy regrets. Also, Charlee stanning Louise? Hmmm…. And well, Gabz was the true Latin Lover and he got it on A LOT.
      Interesting parallel with Maciej! Yeah, Matthieu is presented as “better” (whatever that means) than Maciej, but it’s true that his first competitive episode arc was eerily similar to Messy Maciej’s.
      Jessie: “HOW DARE YOU? I was so beloved on that one reality show I was on, I was the star! Everyone loved me…. nobody’s seen that show? Oh…”

      Kiii, I low-key loved Patricio in all his slutaciousness (slutacity?). He was a fun loser.


  2. If I were the girls/guys I’d keep Kyungri. She’s simple, easy to read. Patricio is spreading gossip everywhere, he’s a bad case (Also he’s a creep yuck) Enca’s at the bottom too. How interesting. But it is true that socioeconomic status can be used against you. My vote is on Patrico :>

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor Patty Cake is so unpopular… I wonder why?…
      I like your insight on Kyungri, she is indeed quite straightforward with her motivations so she’s a pretty transparent contestant. I hadn’t thought of it quite that way before!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great question! I have a mix of autonomous and non-autonomous things happening in K&GI. This episode and the next few are mainly all autonomous (with some setting up on my part, like for the challenges) and I just interpreted the interactions to create a basis for the friendships and relationships as I went on.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s really cool! I thought some of these things were autonomous and interpretation-based. I just got a feeling. I love when the sims establish their relationships by themselves.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I love interpreting their actions because sometimes they make some… choices. A lot of what they do is boring, but sometimes they do things that make me go “boy, you did whaaaat?”, haha 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ick! Cheating already. And didn’t Gabe steal his wife from another contestant?

    Kyungri is pretty clear about who she is and what she wants.

    Stargazing was cute, but Matthieu better get his house in order first.

    I ❤ Mitchell still! And Charlee's advice to Louise was surprisingly sound.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, yeah! Hooking up already, my goodness. But, you’ll see later (I think you already did?) that Gabriel has an interesting relationship with his wife that allows him to see other people. And technically he didn’t steal Enzo’s wife, but I think you also know that by now, too 😛

      I love your thoughts! Thank you for commenting.


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