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“The Boys Who Go Stargazing” (Part III)

Later on that night, before the nomination ceremonies take place, Harrison feels sad about his prospects after having bombed the challenge, and Matthieu comforts him.

Matthieu: Don’t worry about it! At least you didn’t make people angry, like some of the other contestants. Did you hear that Kyungri almost went full New York aggressive on Gabriel? You have nothing on that!

Harrison: Yeah, but people are going to see me as the weak one and they’re going to vote me out as soon as the can! They’re like sharks, man, some of them are smelling blood and are out to squash the competition!

Matthieu: Not if I have anything to say about this!

Harrison: Oh… really? *blushes a deep beet red*.

Matthieu: I’ve got your back, bro!

Harrison: …OK, …bro…!



For this first elimination, each of the housemate chooses the three people that they would like to nominate to send home. The three people with the most votes will then get put up for elimination by the public, and whoever gets the least amount of votes is kicked out of the house. The housemates aren’t all comfortable with this, and they mostly base their votes on first impressions.

Charlee: Easy: I nominate Harrison, Enca, and Kyungri. Harrison for being such a baby and not realizing this is a competition, Enca because she’s already famous and doesn’t need this, and Kyungri because… come on, have you seen her? She’s a money-hungry harpy and could actually take me out. I can’t have strong competition like that.

China: First, I nominate Patricio for being a thirsty child. Get out of here with your lustin’-ass ways, boy. Second, Todd for being strong competition. I know he can’t be eliminated, but he needs to see that if he’s put up for elimination, it means that we don’t like him. I want to shake him up. Third, and this will be a surprise…. Marjan. She’s one of my best friends…. or used to be! I haven’t seen her in ages and she doesn’t seem quite herself. She’s a distraction and I can’t take care of her in here. Sorry girl!

Enca: Kyungri… she’s after my man, so bye. Charlee, she’s been shady since the start and always looks like she’s been sucking on a lemon, so… bye. Marjan, girl… I know Patricio is feeling you, so you have to go.

Enzo: I don’t feel like I’ve really made any enemies here yet, but there are some people who are rubbing me the wrong way… Todd, there’s something about him that I don’t quite trust. Patricio and Enca should be on a couples show or something, they don’t seem like they’re in here for the right reason… those three should be up for elimination. I’d nominate Gabriel, too, but I guess I won’t until we have a little talk later…

Gabriel: KYUNGRI. That plastic-faced, fake-titted crone thought it would be fun to call me out, she doesn’t even know what’s coming for her! Marjan, as cute as she is, is so annoying, she should go. And Patricio… that boy is so thirsty and he’s going to be taking attention from the girls, and we can’t have that…

Harrison: I would nominate myself if I could… but since I can’t, I guess I’ll go with Charlee, because I don’t think that she’s very nice and she’s kind of intimidating. Patricio too, because it’s not fair to Enca that he’s being like that. And…. probably Kyungri because I feel like she’s too robotic chasing after the prize money and not being authentic. Yeah. Those three. *Sighs*.

Jessie: See, I want to be nice and say no one, but it’s not allowed and I also don’t really feel like everyone should be here. Firstly, Marjan just seems like she should go back home before she sets herself on fire reading her magazines in front of the stove. Patricio shouldn’t be here either, with his creepy stares and adulterous ways. And… I feel bad about this because she’s my good girlfriend, but I feel like Louise is too young for this, and might not be doing it for the right reasons. This is not the place for her!

Kyungri: I know people are voting for me. So let’s get this over with: Gabriel should leave because he’s a cheating, dishonorable, horrible man. Enca is a huge competitor, her boobs are almost as big as mine, and I can’t have that if I want to win the money. Marjan is cute, she’s like a Chihuahua yapping all over the place. I want her gone.

Louise: This might be surprising, but I think I’m going to nominate Jessie. I love her but she knows me too well and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to put up a front if she’s here. I also am going to sound like a bad person, but even though Charlee and I bonded this week, I think she should be up for elimination, if only because being in the Bottom Three would humble her a little. Finally, Enca… that girl is a disgrace to feminists everywhere…

Marjan: What is this again? Oh, right, who I don’t like… Kyungri is old and her face doesn’t move and she scares me! Enca is too pretty and I’m always the prettiest one everywhere I go… and Gabriel scowled at me the other day so I want him to go, too. He’s scary! Can I go now?

Matthieu: Making us bring the drama, huh? Big Brother is watching us, yeah? …Oh, I’m not allowed to say that? Sorry, copyright, I guess. Oh well, I signed up for this, so I should play along. I think Enca should go because I think that beneath that glossy veneer, she’s too fragile for this competition. She’s going to shatter when Patricio actually cheats—and he needs to go, too, and take a long look at his life. I’m afraid for Marjan’s life, I feel like all the pools in the house will be the end of her…

Mitchell: Hey, as long as it’s not me leaving the first week! I thought I’d for sure be the one to go, but being Top 3 in the challenge… wow! Anyway, I’d like to see Kyungri, Charlee, and Gabriel leave because they have such mean vibes to them. Like, they should break those hard exteriors and learn to be more congenial. It’s not all about winning! It’s more fun for everyone if we can get along…

Patricio: I know I’m not going home… but I DO know who should go home: Harrison’s weak ass, Todd’s pretentious fake ass, and Jessie’s holier-than-thou ass. All three of those asses can go. Bye.

Todd: Well, I can nominate anyone I want, no? There’s no way I’m going home, so why not make this fun? Let’s send home the binches: Patricio’s ridiculous bro attitude, Kyungri’s plastic stank face, and Enzo with his whole “I’m a model” thing. Like, girl, we get it. The elimination should be fun…


ajmkv: Housemates, please come to the living room, furnished by Simford & Sons. That’s Simford & Sons *wink*. I have the results of the nominations and will be calling you out in order. This is the official order of the week, and is combined with your challenge score to give an overall ranking for this first week. The first person I will call is…










Congratulations, you have made quite the impact on your fellow housemates, scoring high in the challenge and receiving 0 nomination votes. Well done!

Matthieu: Shucks! Never thought I’d be called this early! First call-out is everything in competitions like this, so it looks like my journey is beginning well! What a happy day.


ajmkv: The second person I will call out is…










You’ve made an excellent impression on the contestants, and you received 0 votes. Keep up the jokes, and the good work!


Next person I will call is….










Girl, you also received 0 votes, so you are safe and making quite the splash in the competition. Congratulations!

Also safe this week, with one vote…










Good job this week.

Another person who received only 1 vote…










You started out the week in a tough place, but you managed to make a good impression on your housemates and you’re safe this week!

Next up is…










Congratulations. With only 2 votes, you are safe and still in the running. 

And now, with 2 votes as well…










Boy, you have got to stop being so hard on yourself. You’re a great competitor and as soon as you realize that, you will be able to truly shine. Congratulations, you are still in the running.

Harrison: This is a wake-up call for me, but I’m so happy to still be here! I have to come out of my shell a little more next week, that’s for sure.

ajmkv: And now, who’s next? With three votes…










Gabz, with all the drama you’re already stirring up, it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in your face. Be careful! But congratulations, you are safe.

And also with three votes…










You are our challenge winner, but it seems like your gloating afterwards put some people off. You are safe, but remember to remain humble.

Todd: Ninth place? It figures… these idiots are scared of success.

ajmkv: With four votes, a divisive contestant…










Girl, your competitive demeanor is putting some people off. Be careful with how you present yourself, because the audience is watching! You are safe.

And finally, just safe from nomination this week…










You are adorable but people don’t seem to be liking that. You received six votes this week, and were almost nominated. You are safe by the skin of your perfect teeth, girl. Congratulations.

This means that our bottom three housemates, and nominated for elimination are Enca, with six votes, and Kyungri and Patricio, with seven.

Patricio: What the effffff?


So now it’s up to you at home to vote for your favorite! Remember, you have the power in your hands to save the housemate you like. Will you save Enca? Or Kyungri? Or Patricio? Choose wisely!

Week 2

Tune into Part IV here and find out who goes home!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

9 thoughts on ““The Boys Who Go Stargazing” (Part III)

  1. Geez, China! Marjan may not seem like herself, but you don’t have to nominate her for elimination. Friendship never ends, huh.

    I know I can’t vote anymore, but if I could, I’d save Kyungri. Let the couple go home! (Or at least Gabriel).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW, right? Also, Jessie and Louise nominating each other after having expressed they were close. People are rude! (The nominations I base off of the sims relationship level with each other, so I was surprised to see that these two established friendship pairs had low opinions of each other…)

      Kyungri, ahh. Good choice! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Why did Harrison come on this show? I kinda agree with Charlee’s assessment that he doesn’t realize it’s a competition.

    Officially dislike China now. Bummer and she seemed like a beautiful and successful lady at introduction.

    Enca… honey… Kyungri is NOT after your man. *shakes head* Why did you do this “with” your man anyway? You and Patricio have my downvote too.

    Gabriel is so quick to judge and he jumped into bed and forsook his vows so he’s an immediate no for me. I’d take Enza and Patricio over him.

    Harrison… nominating yourself? He does seem a bit weak hearted about everything. This doesn’t seem like the right place for him.

    Jessie still seems like a sweetheart… so the sharks might cuddle in the future.

    I actually do like Kyungri and Charlee a bit too. At first I wasn’t sure but… they are women who know what they want and who they are and they are willing to fight for it. So many times women like that in real life get labeled as cold and unfeeling bitches and it’s a bit unfair. Excuse my language but…Ambition and speaking your mind and calling out other people’s shit shouldn’t get you labeled a bitch. I think people are jealous of success and confidence in a woman. Maybe they could be a little nicer but they’ve got my vote. Haha. It’s funny that they don’t like each other…well at least Charlee doesn’t like Kyungri. They are a lot alike in my mind.

    Louise is… not sure how I feel about her yet. Is she doing this for attention? To get back at her dad? Because I like Charlee’s idea of setting things straight for her family and I hope it’s that.

    Marjan acts like she doesn’t have a clue but I think it’s an act. I’m highly suspicious.

    Matthieu’s votes were surprising. Maybe he’s right about Enca being fragile and I agree wandering-eye Patricio should go too.

    Mitchell’s still a sweetheart too in my book.

    Patricio… you’re the ass.

    I’m glad the people I like are safe. I’m so curious and nervous to see who goes home. It’d be interesting if the couple is split up, but I’m worried for Kyungri.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh, going back finally to read and comment on all your thoughts and I am having the BEST time. Thank you so much for all your comments! Now, to answer~

      Interesting thoughts on this part, for sure! I love reading all of this because I think a lot of the contestants don’t come off the best in these opening episodes, especially since we don’t know too much about them yet. I totally agree with most of these assessments, though! It’s interesting how you predicted a lot of things that would happen 😉

      I really appreciate your comment about Kyungri and Charlee, and I completely agree. If a man comes into a competition like this and is unapologetically driven to win the prizes even at the expense of creating lasting connections with the other contestants, they’re not usually as harshly judged, but a woman who does that is immediately labeled “the bitch” or “cold” before anyone really knows anything about them. It’s a ridiculous standard, and I appreciate you coming out in defense of Kyungri and Charlee. 🙂


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