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“The Girl Who Gets A Makeover” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 4

Previously, on Kev & Get It: Charlee continued her quest to make the house submit to her whims, and in the process got into a fight with Enca and hurt Jessie’s feelings by messing with her head… and her trust. Later, her alliance with Todd, Louise, and Gabriel commenced sabotaging the competition—though Gabriel and Louise were sure that they’re in the alliance solely for security. Todd meddled with Matthieu and Harrison’s budding romance, and Marjan made a phone call that could prove to be damaging. Mitchell, meanwhile, had his eyes set on Marjan, but does she? Kyungri began to rub off on her housemates, especially Jessie and Enzo, who were charmed by her straightforward drive. Harrison and Enca also strengthened their friendship, though Enca seemed to have checked out of the competition mentally. Harrison and Matthieu continued to fall for each other but they remained as clueless as always. After a swimwear campaign shoot on the beach, Enzo emerged as the winner, and Enca, China, and Matthieu were surprisingly on the bottom after lackluster shots. Enca shattered the public vote, and it was China who had to leave behind her growing romance with Gabriel to go back to a life of depositions and courtrooms. Twelve contestants remain: who will be eliminated tonight?

Fadeout 3

Enca: One more week for this peach! Every time I make it to the next round, I remind myself of how far I’ve come—I didn’t even make it past the auditions round on The Voice Albania when I was 15, and now here I am, ruling the world and smashing the public vote. Bow down to the King!

But is Enca really slaying the competition, as she says? It seems like she’s been spending most of her time alone since Patricio left, promising to hang out with people in the house and then just going for drinks by herself, or endlessly teasing material to salty fans while not doing anything at all. Is Enca OK? It seems like our favorite Goddess has lost the wind in her sails… will she be able to move past this?

Maybe, maybe not. As Enca enjoys another drink by herself, Harrison stops by the bar with his book, and notices that Enca is all alone, again.

Harrison: Enca, are you all right? I can’t help but notice that you’ve been withdrawn from the rest of us for the last week. What’s going on?

Enca: Oh, don’t mind me. I’m fine, I’ve just been concerned about the way that I’m coming off on this show. I don’t want to seem like I’m above anyone here because of my background so I make an effort to not stand out so much… and it’s backfired! I’m doing awfully. And on top of that, it seems like no one in the house likes me… when Patricio was here, at least I had him. Now it seems like you’re the only person who cares about me!

Harrison: I really didn’t know she felt that way. She’s a fantastic entertainer, has everything that I wish I had: confidence, looks, talent, charm, that beautiful booty. I’m upset that she’s feeling self-conscious, but I’m happy that she feels like she can count on me. Honestly, I’m humbled!


Meanwhile, the rest of the housemates relax after a long week. Charlee has been thinking of ways to make sure that her competition is eliminated, and, with the help of Louise, has decided to focus on two of the housemates who seem to be the weakest to her: Marjan and Kyungri.

Charlee: Louise, are you in or not? You’re a part of my alliance because I think you have what it takes to go all the way to the finale. I really like you, but you know that I’m here to win, so if you aren’t with me, you’re against me. You’re a strong woman, make strong decisions!

Louise: Oh man, she thinks she has me beat, that I’m here to be her little slave, that her “alliance” means something, but she’s going to be so shocked when she realizes that we’re all using her right back. Two can play at the game she’s brought into this house, but only one can win, and she doesn’t stand a chance against us when she realizes that the people she chose to trust are the same people who will watch her fall… and like it.

Marjan: And so I’ve been talking to Aurora, you know! I’m telling her what’s been going on here, she has so much good advice!

Charlee: And what’s been going, Marjan? You know me, I’m always too tired and too shy to really see what’s going on! *giggles*

Louise: *whispers* This bitch…

Marjan: Oh man, if I was a gossip mag, I’d be the best one! Did you know that Matthieu and Harrison have been flirting the whole time?

Louise: Are we blind?…

Marjan: No, but get this! Remember Maciej from last season?

Charlee: The idiot who cheated on his boyfriend on the first episode and was immediately voted off? Yeah.

Marjan: Matthieu is the guy he cheated on! And they’re still together, but in a three-way relationship!

Louise: Oh wow! Harrison’s… OK with this?

Marjan: He doesn’t even know! I don’t think he’d be down with being the third boyfriend Matthieu has at the same time.

Louise: No way! How did that happen? Matthieu is a player?

Charlee: My my! This is… interesting.

Charlee: That silly girl actually spilled some information that I can use… THIS is the kind of thing that can cause some trouble in this house and it is exactly what I need. Everyone knows that Matthison is a thing, but Matthieu has a boyfriend already? And not just one, but TWO? I’m sure Harrison is going to love hearing about this!

Charlee: That talk was lovely, Marjan! You’re such a sweetie!

Louise: Sure, what a lovely time…

Marjan: *looks directly into the camera* I’m sure you girls are 100% trustworthy and aren’t plotting my elimination or anything!… Love you guys!

Marjan: Manipulation? What does that word even mean? You know, I’m Dutch and I haven’t learned English that well yet… *under her breath* or have I?

While this is happening, Kyungri is having a chat with Matthieu.

Kyungri: So, are you finally going to do it? I know you’re going to let me win the money when we’re in the Top 2, but you’re going to be leaving this competition with a certain British guy, and isn’t that the best prize?

Matthieu: Well… I think I can trust you so I’ll tell you what’s been on my mind… it’s going to sound really bad, but I promise that it’s not as awful as it appears.

Kyungri: Nothing is too ugly to be fixed, just look at my nose! It used to be a witch nose, and now it’s as beautiful as a statue’s.

Matthieu: I told her because I’ve been talking to her a lot recently, and she’s actually the chillest, most down-to-earth person here. I knew she wouldn’t judge me, and that she’d have good advice for me. Lord knows I need it…

But as they have their conversation, they don’t notice that someone is sitting close to them and is overhearing the entire confession…

Matthieu: …and that’s how I got to this point. I don’t even know what the right thing to do is. I need advice!

Kyungri: He came all the way here? My goodness, maybe this can’t just be fixed with plastic surgery… but don’t worry, I won’t let this come between you two. We’ll think of a way to solve this.

Todd: I mean, was it shady of me to eavesdrop? Maybe. Was it stupid of them to have a private conversation in front of me WHEN THEY HAD SEEN ME ENTER AND SIT DOWN? Definitely. I’d say this is just natural selection in action. I’m just going to encourage it a little bit.~

Todd: Have you heard of what’s going on? Girl, let me tell you…

Todd spills all of the gossip he heard about Matthieu and his complicated three-way relationship to Jessie.

Jessie: What?? But he seems so nice, how did this happen?

Todd: Well, it seems like Mr. Perfect is a little too perfect and has attracted too much attention. Poor Harrison doesn’t deserve this!

Jessie: No… but I can’t see this ending well for anyone. We’re on TV!

Jessie: I know exactly how this works. I saw my boyfriend cheat on me on live TV, and I forgave him, too. But I also dumped him as soon as I told him I hold no grudges against him. I wasn’t going to stay with someone like that. I think Matthieu is better than that, but I also can’t judge. I just need to make sure that he knows that everyone knows so that he doesn’t make a fool of himself or break Harrison’s heart…

But in the meantime, it seems like Todd’s gossiping has caught the ear of the wrong person, as he proceeds to tell almost everyone he runs into.

Kyungri: See, there are two types of people: the people that tear others down, and the ones that collaborate with each other for the greater good. I want this money, and I will do anything to get it as long as it doesn’t tear someone down, I’m not that kind of girl. I’m angry that these rumors are going around, we should be above that.

Kyungri goes off to look for Charlee, whom she knows is in charge of the whole gossip campaign currently blanketing the house. When she finds her, she pulls her aside and snaps at her.

Kyungri: Listen, you little weasel. I know you don’t like me, and I don’t like you either, but you’re going to need to understand that I’m not the one to mess with, and if you attack my friends you’re going to be in big trouble. Keep your big nose out of Matthieu’s business or I will snap it right off your face.

Charlee: Bitch, what’s your problem? You’re scared that your little pet Matthieu could get exposed for the rat that he is? I’d be worried if I were him.

Kyungri: No, honey. I’d be worried if I were you. I’ve cracked tougher nuts than you on my off days, so don’t even doubt for a second that I’m going to send packing if you continue with this ridiculous plan you have.

Charlee: This uppity bitch threatening me, though… I’d slap her, but I don’t want to get plastic slut on my hand.


Tune into Part II here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

15 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Gets A Makeover” (Part I)

  1. Where do I even start? The challenge was the best so far, I really loved it! Everyone looked AMAZING, I loooooove the red hair on Charlee and Harrison. The Matthison (is that what we’re calling them? 😉 ) moments were perfect! And the bottom three is not the one I would have chosen but it’s fair. Marjan and Mitchell are so cute together!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how Sweetie, Hotty and Red Oyster just instantly began squabbling the second they appeared. XD
    Aaaah, so that’s why Harrison showed up with red hair in the couch panels! I was wondering about that for half the chapter, haha. And Mitchell is still selling himself short, I see. He’s still adorable, casually making dinner while his team squabbles.
    Wow, Enca is NOT having a good run. She’s on the bottom again! Not sure if she can lift herself out this time…
    It’s funny. I still don’t really know the contestants, as 14 sims to begin with is a LARGE LARGE number, but I’m getting ridiculously invested in some of them. Your writing is very entertaining, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES, Sweetie, Hottie, and Red Oyster are iconic. Honestly I would just love them to join the cast… maybe some day? 😉

      Harrison having red hair in the confessionals (and Charlee, too~) was annoying but also a hint of what was to come. Fun tidbit: the original promos (in the swimming pool) had Harrison in red hair due to me shooting them at the same time as this episode – I went back when my screenshotting was more polished and corrected the original promo~

      Mitchell is such a cutie. I really like him. And Matthison is… everything. I love them! Expect more fluff!

      I’m so glad you like the characters! Starting off with so many was both a good and bad thing, but honestly the large cast allowed many stories to happen naturally by just letting them interact in the game. Later episodes have a lot of character development, I hope your faves make it far! 😉

      Thank you for reading!! I love reading your comments♥♥

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Harrienca will always be one of the most enduring, sweetest friendships in this cycle. Arguably, as much as I adore Matthison’s romance, I find Harrison the most likeable and “himself” in those moments comforting and pep-talking with Enca. She gave him confidence, he gave her humility – an iconic duo. Kyungri x Matthieu is also super cute in their polarity but support to each other.

    But THIS:
    “Was it stupid of them to have a private conversation in front of me WHEN THEY HAD SEEN ME ENTER AND SIT DOWN? Definitely. I’d say this is just natural selection in action.”
    from Todd made me scream all over again. What in the world was happening that they didn’t notice the hunky red-head gossip queen swan in and plonk himself down in the middle of their conversation… *shakes head*

    Ah yes, the iconic Flava of Love Dance troupe challenge. Hottie’s Sim really nailed it down to the sassy white boots and her money-centric lines were the highlight of the three guest judges. I remember this one so well especially for Team Louise/Kyungri/Matt/Gabz going all out on the sexy and decimating the other two teams. That topknot look for Louise really changed the game for her – Kyungri the immaculate plastic professional as always!

    SHADE of the Episode:
    “maybe if this song was a 20 second clip of Ciao….” – Enca
    When I say i spat out my bottled water in a spray like fashion at this…. At least Ciao finally saw the light of day by this point.,,,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scream, why does that make me think “Hairy Enca”? Fuzz on this peach? Never! But yes, Harrienca (Encison? Harrisonca?) is one of my favorite friendships from this season. I mentioned in a previous comment how ALL of Matthieu’s storylines were related to Harrison, but Harrison got some very nice moments with Enca that fleshed out both their characters and that was so cute to see.

      YES. Yes. (chad-michaels-yes.gif) THIS was one of my favorite ever moments from K&GI. The screenshot of Todd kind of staring at Kyungri’s boobs while he’s listening to her and Matthieu talk about things is really iconic for me. Todd’s expression with his… purple? eyes is just the best.

      Oh gosh, just going from “church sunday ice cream social” Louise to “I look cheap and I love it” Louise was a big moment. Why did I think Louise looked frumpy for several more episodes? Whoops! Gabz’s iconic body making its true debut this episode was such a good lewk. And yesss, do you think Hottie would be a good friend to Kyungri? Or would they just cancel each other out? TBH Kyungri would probably be exasperated, haha.

      The utter SHADE, yesss. Remember how thirsty we were for Ciao at that point? Yikes!


  4. Ah.. Matthieu’s past has caught up to him. What an interesting opening. I’m glad Kyungyri is looking to be less one dimensional and at least one person has got to know her past her first layer. Jessie is a nice girl, but if she doesn’t fix herself a strategy soon she’ll get eliminated or her actions will be misconstrued against her. She’s not on anyone’s radar yet so we’ll see. Not surprising that Kyungyi straight up confronted Charlee. Not very subtle nor a smart move, but it’s how she’s always been. Enca Harrison is an interesting combo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kyungri is an interesting character to write, because she’s perfectly nice but also veeeeeery focused on her goals and that might rub a lot of people the wrong way. She takes the competition very seriously! Jessie is interesting because she’s just that, a nice girl, but that doesn’t give her an edge. Enca and Harrison is ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah she reminds me of people with lower social awareness. It’s actually surprising that she made it this far because usually they’d be the first to get eliminated. But I quite like her simplicity to contrast everyone else’s cunning so I’m glad shes still around.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me too! When setting out with the writing, I tended to think “oh, some of these will be filler characters” but the voting has always been interesting and has allowed to develop people’s personalities more and I end up being glad they remain, haha.


  5. Wait… just noticed Harrison with red hair? during his confessional. 🙄

    Enca… honey… you’re capable. You just have to own this! Her storyline is surprisingly deep for a diva, and I love it. She just got real.

    Charlee continues to piss me off. And Louise showing some cunning… I don’t think she’s as cutthroat as Charlee though. Could be wrong.

    Marjan continues to annoy.

    Matthieu and Kyungri’s conversation was actually nice. Uh oh… Todd. I’m liking Kyungri more and more actually.

    Jessie seems like a smart girl. I would dump my boyfriend too if he cheated on me. Matthieu needs to break things off with his bf before this gets worse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, yes! I love that Enca has allowed us to see her behind her diva persona. She became a real joy to write as the story went on. Kyungri also has shown a really wonderful moral compass so far. I think it was Jessie who said earlier that she’s hiding a gooey chocolate heart? I agree♥

      And speaking of Jessie, yes. I consider Jessie to be one of the smartest contestants (in certain ways). She has a lot of emotional maturity and street smarts.


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