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“The Girl Who Gets A Makeover” (Part II)

Though all this drama is unfolding in the house, many of our housemates nonetheless take advantage of the free time to enjoy themselves. Harrison, Enzo, Gabriel, and Enca play a heated match of foosball that ends in a Harrison/Enzo victory, and Enca vows revenge. Harrison is on a high, having fun with his new friends and coming out of his shell a little bit.

Some of the other housemates decide to relax in the hot tub. Marjan sits and soaks up the heat of the scented water, and gleefully watches the steam float away. What could be on her mind? She doesn’t share much, but it seems like there’s a lot to learn from her. For some reason, her sweet innocence seems to belie a deeper personality…

But in this moment, she’s simply enjoying her dip in the hot tub, and nothing else. At the same time, a burgeoning bromance is unfolding across in the same hot tub.

Gabriel: So, Todd. I hear you have a lot to say about everyone here, but I don’t even know why you do it. What’s your endgame?

Todd: I want to play the game, it’s what I came here to do! Why compete if I’m not willing to bend the rules a little bit? I’m not above playing dirty sometimes if it brings me closer to the finish line.

Gabriel: But really, don’t you think this is going to bite you in the ass?

Todd: I’m sure it will be fine…

Gabriel: *sighs* I know I’m in an alliance with Todd, but he’s clueless about what he’s doing. He wants to stir the pot without even knowing what’s cooking. I’ll be damned if I get involved in this, alliance or no. I need to save him from this mess before he’s too far gone.


Harrison: Are you ready for the challenge tomorrow, Matt?

Matthieu: You know I’m always ready for what destiny brings! I’m ready to face whatever is in our path!

Harrison: I hope that we both succeed! I am having so much fun here and I don’t want it to end yet.

Matthieu: I’m sure you’ll hang around a while longer… I’ll make sure of it!

Enzo: Those two really need to be careful. Honesty, I really don’t understand how all of the talk about them hasn’t reached either of them, but I know what it’s like to ignore everything else when you’re in love. I’m just happy that I’m not looking for romance, because beginning a relationship during this competition seems like a recipe for disaster. I wish these two luck, though!


The housemates go to sleep, one by one, and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed after their day off. The energy is at a high, and everyone is buzzing with anticipation for their upcoming challenge.

Kyungri: I’m starting to think that we need a new alliance in this house. I know that there are groups here that could work, but I have a couple people in mind that could be useful during the competition.

Kyungri: And that’s why we need to form an alliance: Jessie, you and Enzo have consistently done really well, and I just know I’m going to kill the challenge this week. On top of that, we’re above the pettiness that’s been happening in the house, and we need to band together. What do you think?

Enzo: Great idea! I think this could be very beneficial to us all.

Jessie: I agree. Enzo, just one question, though: are you required by the production team to be shirtless at all times, or…?

Enzo: Honey, I’ve been on the cover of several magazines, and I won the modeling challenge last week. Of course I’m going to milk the “pretty boy” angle! I have mouths to feed, so I’m going to bring out the big guns whenever possible—a thirsty fan is still a fan that votes for me.~

And while one alliance is formed, another is tested.

Gabriel: Bro, you need to realize that working for Charlee is going to take you nowhere. Sure, she’s in our alliance, but you need to know when to jump off a sinking ship. Your image matters! Do you remember what happened to the gossipy idiots from last season?

Todd: I mean, you’re right, but… I’ve already started so much, I don’t know if I can withdraw from this! And Charlee…

Gabriel: Man, screw Charlee! She’s only looking out for herself!

What they don’t realize is that Charlee has crept up behind them and has witnessed the whole exchange. She is furious.

Charlee: *talking to herself* Those traitors think they can just throw me by the wayside? Oh, they’ve got one coming once they realize that they’ve messed with the one person in the house that could have carried them far in this competition. They’re going to go down, and it’s going to be delicious to watch them fall.


K&GI ajmkv mail

ajmkv: Attention everyone! Please be ready to meet our guest judges and find out about your challenge in 15 minutes, in the living room. Make sure you look your absolute best because these judges are not going to play around, and they’re certainly going to be judging…

Enca: Who do you think the judges are?

Matthieu: I hope they’re not as harsh as the last guest judge.

Harrison: I just hope it’s not a dancing challenge…

ajmkv: Hello, my beautiful lovelies. I know you’re all excited to find out who our guest judges are, so let’s get this rolling! You will recognize these three sassy ladies from one of TV’s most iconic shows, and now they’re here to show you a thing or two about adding some flavor to your lives… please give a warm Kev & Get It welcome to Sweetie, Hottie, and Red Oyster!

Charlee: What even?

Marjan: Who?

Louise: O…..K…..

Hottie: Hello to everyone! We’re very excited to be here! I may not have won that special suite in Flavor of Love, but I’m still the classiest lady in the game. *bicycle bell sounds as she blinks.*

Red Oyster: Hottie, shut up bitch, don’t make this about yourself.

Sweetie: Ladies, please! I’d like to have some calm for once!

Enca: Who are these people?….

ajmkv: Ladies and gentlemen, these are the judges for your next challenge, so make sure you make a great impression on them. I’ve invited them all personally to bring a little bit of the magic they’ve sprinkled on their other shows, and I’m sure they’re going to deliver on every count!

Now, your challenge this week is going to be a very fun, but also very difficult one. In groups of four, you’re going to form flawless dance crews to perform three different randomly assigned songs. You’re all going to come up with visual concepts, the choreographies to the music, and solo sections in each performance.

Not only that, but you’re also going to pose as groups for new billboards promoting the show and you have to show off the vibe your group comes up with, you have to model your looks, and you have to look good together.

You’re going to perform tomorrow in front of your fellow housemates and our guest judges. The members of the winning group are all going to receive immunity from the next elimination, and the individual winner of the challenge will also receive a 5,000 Simoleon shopping spree at Chez Benoliel’s, the most expensive department store in the country.

Hottie, Sweetie, Oyster: do you have any advice for our contestants?

Hottie: Do anything to win that money, people. Hide people’s clothes if you need to. Bring all the goods to the table.

Sweetie: Don’t be a f*cking joke.

Red Oyster: Remember: sex sells! I want to see you all sell those bodies like they were pieces of meat. Wearing some red would be appreciated, too.

ajmkv: Thank you for that beautiful insight, ladies. Now, the teams are as follows: Charlee, Jessie, Mitchell, and Harrison…

Charlee: Well, I should have known they’d place me with literally all of my least favorite people in this house. Good job, ajmkv.

ajmkv:Kyungri, Louise, Gabriel, and Matthieu…

Louise: It honestly could be a lot worse. Even Kyungri is an all right gal when she’s not saying ridiculously unfeminist things.

ajmkv:and Enca, Marjan, Todd, and Enzo!

Todd: It could be a lot worse… we could have had Mitchell on our team…

ajmkv: Your performance will be tomorrow night. Make sure to take advantage of the time, and plan everything wisely. I can’t wait to see what this mess will look like. Good luck to everyone!

The newly formed groups branch off to work on their choreographies and looks. The first group doesn’t seem to be off to a good start, though…

Charlee: We got a sexy but powerful song, people, we need to look our absolute hottest. How about red and black as our theme, maybe a sexy biker look? With dark sunglasses? I think that would work well.

Jessie: I’m not impressed…

Harrison: I don’t know, isn’t that a bit predictable? Leather?

Mitchell: I’m not sure I can pull off being sexy…

Charlee: Oh, come on! You may be a lot of things, but none of you are unattractive and you know it. Let’s go all the way! Harrison, what do you think about red hair?

Mitchell: Imagine me being sexy, haha. That’d be quite the sight!

Mitchell: Guys, I’m going to make you some dinner while you argue, all right? I’ll go with anything you decide, just let me know what I have to do.

Charlee: Ugh, fine.

Jessie: Thanks Mitch, you’re sweet.

Harrison: Would I really have to dye my hair red? Isn’t that a little… scandalous?

Charlee: Oh, get over it. You’re a hot twink, everyone would be swooning over your fiery look.

Harrison: *blushes a deep red*

Jessie: *giggles* See, you’re already rocking the red, boy!

Harrison: Turns out they were right! Watch out everyone, there’s a new Hottie in town, and it’s this boy right here, yeeeeeee.~

Later on that night, Mitchell decides to be a little bolder in his pursuits.

Mitchell: Hey Marjan, can I borrow a quarter?

Marjan: I only have a dollar, but sure. Why?

Mitchell: So I can call my mom and tell her I’ve met the girl of my dreams.~

Marjan: Ooh, you’re so silly! Cell phones don’t take cash!

Mitchell: Oh, darn! Well… I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?

Marjan: Yes please!

Mitchell: Oh, wait, really? *blushes*

Marjan: Let’s just say it was a night to remember… I hope he never finds his teddy bear because I wouldn’t mind cuddling in his bed again! *giggles* Wait until Aurora finds out, she’ll never believe this!

And while things heat up for M&M, some of the housemates enjoy the cool night after a day of rehearsing.

Gabriel: Man, just you wait until you see our group’s performance. Kyungri has truly gone above and beyond with this challenge!

Jessie: That’s great! I’m happy your team is working well, mine is a bit of a mess right now, Charlee is trying to run the whole thing and I’m not sure I want to let myself be convinced by her.

Kyungri: Girl, if she has good ideas, accept them. When you’re in a group, you need to work together even if you dislike each other. I really didn’t like Louise before but we’re working just fine together.

Enca: Yeah. I can’t seem to see eye to eye with Marjan because she has some silly ideas but we still make it work.

Gabriel: How’s Todd doing?

Enca: He’s OK, he seems to be a little quiet today but I’m not sure why…

Jessie: That’s a nice change after he’s been running his mouth all over the place. Boy has no self-control. Maybe he realized that it’s not a good look?

Gabriel: Maybe he did…

Kyungri: Ugh. This drama is just too much, I hope it’s resolved soon.

Enca: I know, right? We all know Harrison and Matthieu are head over heels for each other, but watching them get together is like watching paint dry. A snail race would be more exciting!

Jessie: *Giggles* Ain’t that the damn truth!

But what these housemates don’t know is that the official beginning of Matthison is unfolding in this very moment….

Harrison: Matt… I have something to tell you.

Matthieu: You know you can tell me anything! I’m all ears.

Harrison: I know we’ve only known each other for only a few weeks, but…

Matthieu: Wait. I think I know what you’re going to say. I don’t want to have this conversation in the lounge, people could hear and I want to savor the moment fully. Let’s go to my room.

Harrison: *stammering* I’ve waited for a long time to tell you… you know, I’m very shy… I’ve never even kissed a boy… no boyfriend…

Matthieu: Harrison… I know. I’ve known from the beginning that something special was meant to happen between us. I’ve been feeling the vibes for a while now.

Harrison: But I don’t want to force you… or rush you… or anything. I just think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and I love being with you.

Matthieu: The feeling is mutual…

Harrison: Oh, I’ve been wanting this to happen since I met you…

Matthieu: Harry… I don’t want to rush this, though. I don’t think that would be wise, given where we are. I want to get to know you better, too.

Harrison: Oh, that’s fine with me! I just really wanted you to know what I felt, I couldn’t hide it any longer. I thought I was going to burst, but I’m so shy and I couldn’t say anything before…

Matthieu: You’re adorable. I could tell from the moment we first met that you were smitten.

Harrison: You could?! But…

Matthieu: Shh. It’s dawn, we’ve been here for hours! We need to get some sleep.

Harrison: Yeah, you’re right… but thank you so much for this, Matt.

Matthieu: *kisses Harrison’s forehead* I’ll see you later, beautiful.

Matthieu: I know that there are things I need to figure out first, but I just can’t deny my feelings. This feels right, we feel right, and I can’t help but think that we’ve crossed each other’s paths for a reason. He deserves better than my current situation, though, so I’m going to take it slow until I can solve all of that. Oh, he’s so quietly beautiful, though… I didn’t tell him, but I’m just as smitten as he is…

Harrison: I just can’t believe that someone as sublime as that would even look at me twice. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but I’m ecstatic that, for once, it seems like things are going well for me…*sighs in dreamy contentment.*


Tune into Part III here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

10 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Gets A Makeover” (Part II)

  1. Hmm.. I’m not feeling for some of the characters now.

    Did you make a typo there for Louise that she meant Enca instead of Kyungri? I think was it the first episode where Louise was mad at Enca because she thought her to be the one who was unfeminist, even voted for her to get off the show.

    I read Marjan’s Extra before I started reading Kev and Gev. I liked her a lot there because she was super level-headed compared to what she is portrayed here. Unless she’s playing the gullible act. I hope she is. She can’t be THAT gullible if she’s a gossiper.
    Mitchell needs to work on his pick up lines lmao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Louise did say that about Enca, but she also got into a fight with Kyungri when Kyungri said something “vaguely unfeminist” and then felt down on herself for being so angry.

      And yesss, I think it’s going to be interesting for you to see how Marjan evolves given you already know her backstory/twist! This is going to get elaborated upon pretty intensely, so I’m excited to see what you think! And yes, Mitchell the comedy king needs to polish his act 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh okay. Louise’s prejudice towards Enca stuck stronger for me because I thought it was totally uncalled for. Women can have super sexualised tastes and love make up and still be a feminist. Ah if you think my comments are spoilers for your other readers you can omit it or the specific words. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I completely agree! Louise was in the wrong for being so judgmental, but… she’ll get a taste of Enca/Kyungri’s point of view on the world a little later on. 🙂


  2. Mitchell 😂 ‘Imagine me being sexy, that’d be quite the sight.’ I love this guy! Matthieu on the other hand. I dislike him a lot. Don’t play with poor Harrison’s heart like that. He should really just be honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Again, Mitchell is so much like me, he really should be my favorite! Also, it is SO interesting to see that the recent consensus is that Matthieu is shady, since back when I first published all this, Matthieu was suuuuper popular. I love seeing the public opinion evolve!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Burgeoning bromance? Todd and Gabriel? I just don’t see it. Gabriel is looking out for Todd but that seems more like friendly advice.

    I want to wish Matthieu and Harrison luck…. but… he needs to break up with his bf. Or is this all a giant conspiracy… a way to get back at his sort-of ex for cheating on him? He’s devious… memwahahaha! 😈 Jk… jk… that would be a farfetched switch.

    Now that you mentioned Enzo without his shirt… oof… he’s muscular and lean.

    Yeah… not liking you, Charlee. You’re just mean spirited and spiteful.

    Sweetie, Honey, and Red Oyster… haha! Wow… those names. Divas in the house!

    I am not sure Kyungri is unfeminist because a woman is focused on money and work seems very feminist to me.

    Todd… tsk tsk! So uncharitable about our boy Mitchell. He made his group dinner. But he wants Marjan??? 🙄 didn’t see that coming.

    So that’s how Harrison ended up with red hair!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooooh yes! Imagine if this was all a ploy to get back at his boyfriend for the cheating and the three-way relationship they’re currently in before dumping him on live tv. Matthieu would be sneakier than anyone had expected! But this isn’t the case… or is it? 😉

      I agree that Kyungri is far from being unfeminist, but in this case I think Louise is just very stuck in her ideas of what a feminist is supposed to be, and she’s seeing that nothing is so black and white. She’s very young and hasn’t really lived much yet. Also, considering her backstory where her father cheated on her mother with a Kyungri-like woman, it’s not surprising that Louise has such intense ideas.

      Mitchell and Marjan just started getting together in the game and I let it happen! They bonded from the first moment they met way back in the first episode, so I thought it was natural, especially since Mitchell is so shy and Marjan was the first to be nice to him.

      Harrison with red hair is… fire 😛 I like it a lot!

      And yes, Hottie, Sweetie, and Red Oyster are the DIVAS and I loved writing them here.


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