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“The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 5

Previously, on Kev & Get It: Enca’s determination levels continued to plummet and she began to question her commitment to the competition. Marjan spilled some important gossip, which Charlee and Todd proceeded to spread around the house. This angered Kyungri, and Gabriel became concerned that Todd is shooting himself in the foot. Is Charlee’s alliance no more? Jessie and Enzo form an alliance of their own with Kyungri, and begin to bond. Matthieu and Harrison finally had the talk that they’ve been needing to have for a long time, and sparks flew between our two clueless lovebirds. A wacky makeover and performance challenge with extra special guest judges had our contestants changing their images, but no one as much as Louise, whose inspired makeover and flawless performance saw her finally come out on top. In the end, it was Enca, Marjan, and Mitchell who didn’t perform as well as they should have, and even though the latter two became very close over the last week, Mitchell’s shock elimination was a relief to Marjan, who seems to be hiding a secret. Will she reveal what’s hiding beneath the surface of that beautiful face soon enough? Eleven contestants remain: who will be eliminated tonight?

Fadeout 4

After the elimination ceremony, our contestants all feel differently. While some are elated about the outcome of the challenge, others are frustrated and do not look happy. Todd is especially upset. A long day of practicing and making sure his moves were good, only to be let down by the his teammates? This new week is not beginning well for him.

Todd: I’m still mad about the mess of a team that I was tossed into. What was I supposed to do? Make everyone find talent? People better not be getting in my way this week because, honey, I am not the one to mess with. This is going to be my week and I know it, everyone else better get out of my way.

Marjan is also visibly upset. Is it because of her slip-up during the Elimination Ceremony? She’s not talking to anyone as she goes up to her room, which is uncharacteristic for her since she’s always bubbly and saying some sort of silly sentence.

Though she doesn’t talk to anyone, her inner turmoil is obvious to her housemates, and they leave her alone. Most of them didn’t notice her almost insensitive response to Mitchell’s elimination, but there are eyes and ears everywhere in the house and Marjan seems to be retreating to her room to hide away from the rest of the contestants. Harrison, however, is in high spirits. Even though he had a low callout, he’s positively beaming as he goes back to the house.

Harrison: Did you all see what I saw this last week? Yep, that was ME sitting next to the most handsome guy I’ve ever met, and he was looking right at me. I know I should be feeling upset or nervous that I was called so low, but honestly I can’t think of anything else… and I don’t want to, either. If anything, this motivates me to continue on in the competition, I can’t leave now, just when everything finally seems to be coming together for me! Do you think that I’ll be getting my first kiss soon?…. *giggles* 

Matthieu is also in a very good mood. He was called out near the top, and he is immune this week, so he’s feeling like he’s on top of the world. His brother, Théo, ended up in eleventh place last season, so Matthieu is definitely going to go farther than him—a fact to celebrate!

The other housemates are also taking advantage of the evening; the next challenge is probably going to be even more intense than the previous one, so relaxing is the most important thing on people’s minds. Enca is especially ready for a long night of scented candles, steam, and unwinding, so she goes to her favorite spot in house: the huge bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. She spends hours in there, listening to music, drinking wine, and just enjoying her soak in the scented water.

Enca: I am so done with being in the bottom. That’s not where I belong, and that’s not where I want to be. My boyfriend went home in the first episode, that should have been enough for me, but gosh, I just don’t know what’s going on with me. That ends today! This luscious and ripe fruit you see here is not made to be hanging from the lower branches… it’s going to be at the top, shining over all of the lessers. Just you wait! This week is mine, and there’s no denying it.

The housemates, tired out from their day, soon head to bed, and the next morning people are feeling refreshed and ready for what is sure to be an intense challenge.

Enca: How did you sleep? Are you feeling ready for the challenge to come?

Harrison: Honestly, I’m feeling better and better these days. It’s almost like I’ve been shy all of my life for nothing. Who would have thought that coming on a TV show of all places would be the thing to make me confident?

Enca: Never underestimate the power of the camera! Have you seen what I looked like when I first came out on the scene?

Harrison: Oh, weren’t you 15 or something?

Enca: Oh boy, it’s never too early to start your career. And it’s never too late, either. Just look at you!

Harrison: But you know, it’s going to be rough this week, what with four people having immunity. I don’t like those chances!

Enca: You and me both. It’s a good reason to really step it up, though. You may not have been in the bottom yet, but I have. Three times. You’ve been close to it, but trust me, you never want to be there. You’re a cute guy and all, but you never know what the fans will think.

Harrison: Don’t even mention it! Though my sister did survive all the way to Top 5 after being in the bottom, like, 5 times. Don’t doubt the charm of the Corbeau family.~

Enca: *laughing* You’re too cute!

Nearby, Gabriel and Louise are discussing the upcoming challenge and their strategies for it. Gabriel is also concerned about Todd, since he’s noticed that the younger man has been uncharacteristically quiet and surly. Gabriel doesn’t like to admit it, but he feels protective for reasons that are beyond him. But does Todd even care?

Louise: Gabriel, why are you so concerned about that boy? I mean, he’s in our alliance but as we know, that doesn’t mean absolutely anything. He’s probably plotting against you, anyway! He’s a thickheaded fool, let’s be real here.

Gabriel: I don’t know, he just reminds me of someone I know… I think. You know, I have kids and I just don’t like thinking that someone under my care is making bad decisions.

Louise: But Todd isn’t in your care! What makes you think that?

Gabriel: I don’t know, I just… I don’t know.

Louise: I love seeing that Gabriel is such a sweetheart, but honestly I don’t know why he’s so fixated on Todd…? I don’t think that he’s into him or anything like that, but there’s something there. Gabriel is probably my favorite person in the house right now, but I don’t know if I’m able to support this strange fixation on Todd, of all people. I’m sure I’ll crack this nut soon enough, though!

Gabriel: I used to have an older brother, you know. We grew up together, and our parents worked really hard to provide for us but it was difficult for them because we didn’t have much money at first. My brother Pablo and I left our home because we wanted to be able to financially support them. He died in a car crash not long after, and I… I retired from playing volleyball, which was the only thing that had helped me release tension. I felt so alone without my rock, my older brother. I still do.


Meanwhile, Charlee decides to get to the bottom of the Marjan mystery. She likes to believe that she’s the sneakiest person in the house, but the glimpse behind Marjan’s façade was fascinating and Charlee wants to find out more. She shares a coffee with her in the living room, and the animated conversation soon turns to last week’s elimination and the aftermath.

Charlee: So, girl, tell me. Are you and Mitchell going to date after you go back home? You seemed to be pretty into him for a hot second, and then he left!

Marjan: Aww, I know! I miss my teddy bear already, he was such a cute guy. He was the only one who really understood me, and he laughed at all of my jokes! I can’t wait to see him again.

Charlee: But, are you glad he’s gone? Don’t you think it was either you or him?

Marjan: Well, yeah, duh! We were both in the bottom and Enca was saved sooooooooo…~

Charlee: *sighing* I mean, you seemed very happy you stayed, but right before you had said that it was OK if you went home. Were you playing it up for the cameras, girl? Spill!

Marjan: There are some secrets that not even the wisest little birds will tell other people…

Marjan: I’m just a little bit tired. Do you think I can just sleep the whole day? I just feel like I need to get some rest. *perks up* Or I can just go to the beach and count seashells until people need me to come back in! Or look for a sea turtle on the shore… Ooooooooh, sounds like a good idea!

Marjan keeps looking to the side during her confessionals, and though she seems bubbly enough, she seems exhausted. She goes off on her own and just walks around the house for a bit. She picks up books, puts them down while glancing around the room, and sighs in relief when she sees that there’s no one there.

Charlee: What is with this girl? It’s like no one else is seeing that she’s acting so strangely. I mean, sure, no one ever pays attention to her anyway, but honestly I’m concerned that she’s playing the game even better than me. I’m on to her! There’s something fishy about that one, and I’m not going to let her out of my sight!

Not far away, another group has gathered. Kyungri’s alliance hasn’t really made any attempts to take over the competition yet, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t planning something. Kyungri seems like she has something up her sleeve.

Kyungri: Listen. Each of us did a fantastic job last week. We’re all people to watch out for, but the competition is only going to get stiffer. Now, I have immunity this week and this is fantastic because that means that I’m through to the next episode…

Jessie: Yeah, thanks.~

Enzo: What’s the point of this meeting, anyway?

Kyungri: I’m not sure if we’re going to be in teams this week, or if we’re going to be on the same team if that’s the case. Either way,  if I’m against either of you, I’ll purposefully lose so that you get the upper hand. However, if we’re on the same team, I want that first place. You hear me?

Enzo: Why is that so important?

Kyungri: Because I’ve been too low for the entire competition. I need to shine. Like attracts like and shine attracts shine, and you know what’s shiny? Money. I want it all.

Jessie: Ooooooof course. Did we expect anything else?

Kyungri: The time is ripe! Last week I showed the world what I can do, and now there’s no way that I’m going to go back to the lower reaches of the callout order. I’ve been playing around too much, and I let myself get comfortable. Never again. What would omma say if she was here to see? What would my daughters, Keumjo and Hyemin, think if they saw me just coasting through? No, no, and no. I’m going to take these perfectly manicured nails and snatch the competition with them.

Todd has seemingly perked up and sits with Matthieu. They talk about last week’s challenge, and the conversation soon turns to the budding romance between Matthieu and Harrison. Todd thinks that Matthieu should just go for it, and ask Harrison out.

Todd: What do you have to lose? Let’s be real, you never know how long either of you is going to last in the competition and you’re just wasting your time if you don’t go with your gut.

Matthieu: I just don’t know, I still… don’t know if I’m ready for it.

Todd: Come on, boy! Just get on with it! Do you know if Harrison is even going to stay in this city after the competition is over? Are you? Just go with the flow, and if what your heart is telling you is that you want that boy, then just do it!

Matthieu: You’re probably right…

Todd: “Probably right”? I’ll forgive him this time, I know he meant “100% right”. And I totally don’t have any other motives to want this to happen, right? I mean, why would I want to push this…? There’s no reason, is there?…….


Harrison: I just don’t know if the time is right!

Enca: Listen, I think that if you feel like it’s time, then follow your instinct. Be careful, though, you know how gossip gets out and sometimes you say and do things you didn’t mean, and hear things that aren’t true.

Harrison: I’ve been waiting 23 years for this moment to come, I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to be patient for much longer! I’m never going to be as bold as I am right now, so why not just go for it? He knows already, I just have to make that move.

Enca: Please just be careful, Harry. I know that the thrill of your first love is intense and beautiful, but remember that you’re on TV, nothing escapes the viewers.

But Harrison is done waiting. He finds Matthieu in another part of the house, and invites him to go for a walk on the beach. Matthieu quickly accepts, and they soon leave the house, where the other housemates are quick to notice their absence.

Jessie: I mean, I am super happy for those two but honestly it’s a trainwreck waiting to happen. I don’t know how the gossip last week completely missed them—how did no one think to tell them? I want to believe that they’re going to have a beautiful romance but honestly if this show has proven anything it’s that this is not a good place to create a romance with someone else. I should know. I’m hoping for the best, though!


Tune into Part II here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

13 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part I)

  1. SCREEEEEEEAM! My poor heart, it can’t handle all of the cuteness between Matthison! I hope that Todd hasn’t ruined it all for them, I want those two to end up together! Low-key LIVING for Marjan breaking down, what even is up with her?…

    Great episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, thank you! Matthison is adorable, they’re my favorites♥ I love all of the remaining contestants but I adore those two, they’re so fun to write.

      Make sure to tune in soon to find out what’s up with Marjan 😉


  2. Oh goodness, this episode is so foreboding when you know what’s coming at its climax – what a bummer haha (but not in a bad way, your writing is amazing as always!). The energy is so toxic thanks to Todd bitter-ing up the place in the worst kinda way and, although it’s obviously complicated, in hindsight Harribae has the patience of a saint (and the most rose of tinted glasses) to hear out Matthieu in this instance. Twas a little sketchy alas…

    Kii at the legend of 15 year old Enca failing a competition never dying episode-to-episode, everyone bitching about the lack of production budget and creativity and Kyungri slaying a competition no one actually watched. Classic K&GI ❤

    Most relatable interjection moment:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, oppa! When I read this over recently, I did enjoy seeing how the tension built up with Todd’s storyline. I always intended Todd to be the sort of messy twink that wants to craft some sort of drama, but I also felt bad for him 😛 so he got a nice section with Gabz AND Harribae next episode, as well as a K&GM to kind of show that he regretted what he had done.

      Matthieu’s weird situation was so… messy. If I was Harrison, I’d definitely also be sketched out. I’m happy things were cleared up in the end, though! Matthison lives!

      Yessss, these are all moments I loved writing! I HAVE to bring up Enca’s legend up once again at the finale.

      Jessie’s moment was iconique. I wrote it for her because she was freaking out cheering SO MUCH when I was in The Sims, so I HAD to include this moment. 😛


  3. Matthieu earned SO MANY POINTS with me by breaking up with Maciej before allowing himself to kiss Harrison! Granted, you’re supposed to do that before confessing to the new crush, but he’s TRYING to be decent, at least.
    Charlee just can’t help but be mean to everyone, can she? Even when she’s trying to be kind, her words still sting. I really don’t like her at all. xD Funny how Todd tries his hardest to be the “bitch of the show”, but it’s still Charlee that sticks in my mind. It just comes naturally to her, I suppose.
    I love how nobody was paying attention to the swim challenge, completely missing how Kyungri won. Even going so far as to ignoring you, the host/player/god! xD
    Oh wow, I take back what I said about Todd. He’s perfectly capable of playing the villain, I see. He’s just not very… good at it. He just made himself hated by most of the contestants AND the viewers. At least Charlee isn’t that obvious about it. Ooooh, and it looks like even Gabriel is done with him!
    NOOOOOO, Harrison T.T Mattieu T.T (on a side note, Enca is gaining some major points by being so supportive of Harrison. I get the feeling that it’s not even for the views, but genuine.)
    Ooh snap, Harrison is even in the bottom 3… together with Charlee and Todd. Doesn’t take much to decide who I’d want to see go home. SHOO, TODD. SHOO. OUTTA HERE!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! I couldn’t allow Matthieu to actually go on with the whole thing without solving his problem first, but honestly that was just a can of worms that was waiting to explode into drama… and I can’t say that it was completely unsatisfying because drama is interesting 😛

      Charlee is a fun little character. She tries SO HARD to be an iconic mastermind villain but she’s mostly just insecure and mean so she comes off really badly (though her insults are fun to write at points!). Though yeah, she’s a much better villain this season than Todd, who’s honestly just catty and not sneaky at all. He even almost ruined his only meaningful relationship on the show (with Gabriel), and who could have blamed Gabriel for dropping him? Sigh…

      Haha, yeah! At this point in the story, I wasn’t quite yet inserting my Simself/Host physically into the story, I was just a disembodied voice so I used to get ignored a whole lot. The contestants throw a lot of shade towards poor poor ajmkv 😛

      Enca and Harrison’s friendship is such a sweet recurring thing this season and simply for this I’m happy that Enca is still here! They provide each other with some things they lack, and Enca being a supportive and kind friend to Harrison when he was down was ♥♥♥

      I find it funny that Charlee is widely disliked and could have really been at risk of going home, but Todd had to mess it up and be even MORE despised. Charlee should thank him!


  4. Finally! The moment I’ve been waiting for for Matthieu and Harrison. Just rip it out like a dang band-aid. Guys.

    Loved Marjan’s deflection lol. She seems worn out there. I’m wondering if she’s tired of playing the act. I can’t wait to see what’s underneath 🙂 Kyrungri lol she’s still the same hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matthieu and Harrison being like ostriches around each other ;P Marjan is definitely tired! I mean, I would also be exhausted if I had to be so chirpy all the time, haha!


  5. I’m so suspicious of Marjan. And she’s gotta be exhausted putting on this crazy act.

    Gabriel caring for Todd is suspicious too but I agree with Louise. I don’t think it’s romantic. So Todd reminds him of his brother?

    Kyungri made me laugh. Todd still irks me. I’m nervous for Matthison.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marjan is running a marathon with this little game she’s playing, she’s going to fizzle out if she doesn’t reveal what’s going on soon! And yeah, Gabriel has quite a sad backstory with his brother, and even though it seems awkward, Gabriel is trying to help Todd out as a way to deal with his grief. There’s more to this story, for sure! If you’re curious about the details of Gabriel’s backstory, his article on my wiki is one of the ones I’ve worked on quite a bit, so once you’re caught up with my story you can check it out!


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