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“The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part II)

Later on in the day, Harrison and Matthieu take a long walk, and even get into the water and splash around. After a couple hours, though, it’s clear to them that they are avoiding the elephant in the room. Neither of them knows exactly how to approach the subject, and knowing that there are cameras all around them doesn’t exactly help the boys. Matthieu, however, finally decides to take the plunge and turns around to take Harrison’s hand.

Matthieu: I’m not convinced that this competition was the place I wanted to find someone, but I have….

Harrison: I don’t want you to feel like you have to force yourself to show feelings that you’d rather keep hidden, though! You deserve better than that.

Matthieu: Harrison… I don’t care. I just know that here, in this moment, everything is right. Neither of us knows where we’re going to end up, but I want to enjoy your presence in my universe as much as possible. I won’t be letting you go.

They lie down on the warm sand, and though they’re soon covered in grains of sand and other pieces of beach debris, they’re happy lying next to each other, Matthieu holding Harrison in his arms.

Harrison: I am so nervous right now… but everything feels so right. I don’t want this moment to ever end!

Harrison: Do you think that we’ll be able to see each other after we leave here?

Matthieu: I don’t want to think about that, but I know that you’re quickly becoming my favorite person in the world. We’ve just been here for four weeks, but I don’t think I’d ever want to stop seeing you…

Harrison: I always wanted to make sure that I didn’t rush into things, because my sister wasn’t the wisest with her relationships, and on top of that I’m super shy. But when I’m with you, everything just seems easier. I’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone else! I really do think that you’re a wonderful, beautiful person, Matt.

Matthieu: You’re adorable.

Harrison: *blushes intensely*

Matthieu: I wanted to kiss him so badly, I know that he wants it a lot. I can feel it in his body language, every time he looks into my eyes there’s this longing that is almost irresistible. I can’t do it yet… there’s something I have to do first.

Matthieu: Yeah, Maciej? Yeah… I’m OK. Yeah, things are going well… Listen, I need to tell you something, something that’s… super difficult for me to say…. no, I’m not sick, everything is fine. No! Stop, I really need to tell you…. I… I’m breaking up with you. I’m tired of what our relationship has become, I never thought that I’d be with a guy who thinks that he can have more than one boyfriend… yes, I know I accepted, but that’s because I was in love with you and I wanted to make you happy! No, it’s not that… but yeah, I’ve met someone that I really like, and I want to take this opportunity. No, it’s nothing like that! He doesn’t even know about you, he’s not trying to steal me from you or anything… I just… I haven’t been happy with you for a long time, and now… I really want to try! I need to stop doing what other people think I should be doing, and I’m starting with this…. I mean it! No, please don’t hang up… I’m sorry….

Has Matthieu made the right choice? While it’s true that he hasn’t been happy recently, Maciej was also the person that guided him through some rough times in his life. They were together for three years, during which Matthieu shared so much of his life with the other man. Matthieu wants to believe that breaking up with Maciej is the right step, but it doesn’t take away from the heavy feeling in his heart…

The rest of the day goes by, though, and not much else happens. Everyone is lost in their thoughts, and the house much quieter than usual. Matthieu and Harrison are both thinking of each other; Gabriel is concerned about the competition and Todd, who doesn’t even know that the other man is so worried; Enca is preparing herself for a comeback, singing to herself as she works out; Jessie reads while she sips some tea, and Marjan sits close to her, seemingly enjoying the company; Louise and Charlee have conversations about politics and issues that they face outside the house; Enzo goes to sleep very early and avoids the other housemates; and Kyungri makes dinner for herself and puts most of it away after only taking a few bites. It’s a strange and quiet night at the house.


The next morning, the housemates gather on the deck to finally hear what their challenge this week will be. After a restful night everyone looks refreshed, though some people are avoiding eye contact with others.

K&GI ajmkv mail

ajmkv: Good morning housemates! I hope you all slept well, because you’ll be needing all the energy you can get in the next challenge. 

Enzo: It’s a sports challenge. I could feel it in my bones, that’s why I went to bed early last night—I have to be in fighting form because somehow I’m in the bottom half of the competition right now and that cannot continue being the case. Sure, everyone says that they’re here to win this but I actually came here to win. And I will, just watch me! But yeah, it’s a sports challenge. I know I’m right.

ajmkv: For this week’s challenge, you’ll be donning your best athletic gear and drumming up all your team spirit because you’ll be split up into teams and competing in the Kev &Get It Olympics! I hear your groaning, but you’re all in great shape, and I cannot wait to see how you all perform in your teams.

Charlee: Will these be assigned or can we make our own?

ajmkv: You know what, why don’t you talk amongst yourselves for a few minutes and then we can decide?

Enca: Right, I think that we should let the production team divide us up. I see no use in trying to divide ourselves up because we’re just going to end up all fighting. What do you all think?

Jessie: I think that’s a good idea. I’m not sure if we COULD decide. Plus, it would be interesting to see what teams we’re put on.

Charlee: Are you serious though? This whole thing is about playing the game, and they’re giving us an opportunity to personalize it. Why should we submit to whatever crazy teams they’ve planned?

Enzo: Probably because any drama they could come up with isn’t going to be as silly as the one that you’d drum up if you were put in charge….

Charlee: Excuse me?…

The housemates all start laughing at Charlee’s expense, but she brushes it off after a few seconds of seething, and while the housemates wait for ajmkv to come back, they break off into little conversations.

Charlee: So how’s it going with your boytoy? Still in the honeymoon phase or have the cracks started to show, eh?

Harrison: Is that an honest question or are you just trying to rile me up, Charlee?

Charlee: Not at all! I may look bitchy, but I can still aww and ooh over cute things; even though you two are probably doomed, you’re pretty cute!

Harrison: Wow, coming from you even a backhanded compliment is kind of sweet. Kind of.

Kyungri: Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Harrison and Matthieu, but I’m going to explode if I overhear another conversation about them. They’re grown men, let them do whatever they want and don’t let it concern you! I don’t understand why putting adults into isolation in a house like this makes them become thirsty for details that are none of their business… and of course Charlee is poking her nose into things that don’t concern her. Some people never change.

Todd: Louise, you must be in awe of your new look. How long do you think it will last?

Louise: Are you serious? What is that supposed to mean?

Todd: It means whatever you want it to, sis.

Louise: Can you just keep your snide comments to yourself from now on, please?

Gabriel hears this and pulls Todd off to the side.

Todd: So why did you pull me away, anyway?

Gabriel: Todd, she’s right. Lay off her! You’ve been rubbing people the wrong way recently, don’t you think you should tone it down a little?

Todd: Come on, you know I’m just doing it to push people’s buttons. It’s all in good fun! We’re on TV after all, people want to see drama and all of that. I’m just serving people what they want!

Gabriel: Yes, of course, but remember that this isn’t just a reality show, it’s a competition and the fans have your fate in their hands… I don’t want them to turn on you and send you home before you should go.

Todd: That’s… really thoughtful. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.

Gabriel: I’m just looking out for you, bro! We have to do that sometimes.

Todd: It’s all really nice and everything, and I appreciate it, but people who do nothing but be nice get boring edits on TV. People want to watch the bitch of the show, they’re always ready for the next big dramatic moment. I plan on giving it to them, but I don’t know exactly how yet… it’ll come together at some point and I’ll become the villain you all will love to hate!


ajmkv: Well, housemates, what have you decided?

Marjan: We’ve agreed to let the production team divide us up!

ajmkv: Sounds perfect. We were going to do it no matter what you decided, whoops!~ Who could have seen that coming?… Anyway, the K&GI Olympics are going to consist of five events, each with two people competing, which means that each team will have five people. The eleventh housemate is going to be the referee, making the call and deciding the winner if there is a tie! Louise, we’ve decided that you will be the referee since you already have immunity and because you won last week’s challenge.

Let’s go ahead and reveal the teams!

ajmkv: And voilà! Two teams, and each representing something a little different: Sass and Class.

ajmkv: Team Sass is Marjan, Todd, Charlee, Gabriel, and Matthieu! You’ve all been brought together due to your abilities to show great power over your competitors, be it through your physical strength, your mental willpower, your charm, or your… whatever it is you do, Marjan.

ajmkv: Team Class is Kyungri, Harrison, Enzo, Jessie, and Enca. You five keep it classy even when things aren’t pretty, but we know for sure that you’re more than ready and willing to fight the good fight if things get nasty. 

Jessie: I actually love my team! All of my alliance is here, and these are all people I get along with. We’re definitely all very classy, too. I think the producers made an excellent decision! I have noticed, though, that all the rivalries in the house so far have one person on each team, though… uh oh…

ajmkv: The winning team will all receive a surprise next week, so make sure you all work hard! So, I told you there were going to be five events, and the first is going to be the Oppa Endurance Run! Two of you will be running on the treadmill for as long as you can and the one who lasts the longest will be the winner. For this event, we’ve chosen Enzo and Gabriel!

ajmkv: Your teammates will cheer you on as you go along, and remember: work hard and push the limits, and maybe you’ll win the challenge!

Gabriel and Enzo start running on the treadmill as their teammates cheer for them. Enzo, who is brimming with confidence and is all smiles, looks like he’s breezing through the exercise. Gabriel, on the other hand, starts slowly and doesn’t look like he’s having much fun.

Gabriel: *voiceover* Honestly, I don’t know why I’m starting out so badly! I’m a coach, I train people to do well in physical tests like this… I think I’m just distracted. I have to pull through, push through the fatigue, and beat that other guy!

Enzo: *voiceover* This is going to sound really bad, but I want to beat Gabriel even more because he’s the man that’s currently sleeping with, no sorry, married to my ex-wife and taking care of my eldest daughter. Sure, it was my decision to leave Manon, but I still feel kind of protective. I want to show that I still have it.


Everyone else looks puzzled at Jessie’s sudden loud outburst of support, but soon join in cheering loudly for either Enzo or Gabriel. The loud cheers seem to get through to the men, especially the latter, and they continue running for a long time, encouraged by the positive words and the energized buzz around them. Surprisingly, even though he started off slowly… Gabriel ends up running longer than Enzo, who eventually cannot continue running and miserably lets himself roll off the treadmill, defeated.

Gabriel: Yoohoo! I still got it!

ajmkv: And indeed you do, papi! Congratulations, Gabriel, you’ve won this first event, which means Team Sass is currently in the lead, 1-0.

Enzo: Hey, I tried my best, right? Whatever, Gabriel is an all right guy, anyway. I’ll win the next one…

ajmkv: All right everyone, let’s move on to our second event: the Slap-a-binch Wrestling Match! In this event, two of you must try to pin each other to the ground, and the first one to pin the other down for 5 seconds will win the challenge! Play fair, though, because we’re not going to tolerate any messery here! For this event, we’ve chosen Enca and Todd.

ajmkv: Enca… Todd… get into position! Are you ready? … All right, fight!

Todd: Hey Enca, I heard your fruit is rotting.~

Enca: Excuse me? What do you mean by that?

Todd: You’re losing your touch girl! You’re getting soft!

Enca: *voiceover* I don’t even know what happened, I just snapped… I saw red, and I knew that I was allowed to hurt this guy a little… I mean, I didn’t do anything too savage or anything, but I truly did enjoy shoving him and pushing him down on the ground… When I won, I didn’t even know how to feel, I was feeling a huge rush and I was feeling guilty, too.

ajmkv: …four… five! And that’s it! Enca is our winner!

Todd: That’s bullsh*t! How could I even get a punch in when she’s so much bigger than I am?

Louise: I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much fire behind Enca’s eyes. She came after Todd like he had personally murdered all of her hopes and dreams, she was a machine, even after she had won the challenge! I think Todd went a little too far, especially since Enca’s been feeling down on herself, and Todd was just the drop of water that made her jacuzzi overflow…

ajmkv: Yikes, well… why don’t we all take the rest of the day off? You’ve all done very well, and I hope you rest up so that you’re all ready for the challenge tomorrow! And remember, the event is over so no more physical violence or we’ll get taken off the air…


Tune into Part III here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part II)

  1. Rofl Loved how it ended with Enca serving Todd a piece of his a*s back to him. I thought it was weird for Todd to say the stuff he said, sounded like he was cheering for her but I get it, I’m reading it with a cheer but he’s saying it in a jeering sort of way. Also this line “Louise and Charlee have conversations about politics and issues that they face outside the house”, I couldn’t help feeling they both be screaming at each other what with Louise’s and Charlee’s aggression, though Louise showed significant growth last episode. Matthieu is lucky that Harrison got cold feet here and didn’t ask for them to be together, otherwise he’d be forced to explain how he’s actually in a relationship this entire time as they hug and stargaze and lie in each other’s arms. No Matthieu is not redeemed in my eyes. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Enca won’t take Todd’s sarcastic jabs, haha. And yes! Imagine Charlee and Louise actually getting into it. Charlee has been nice to Louise but I can imagine that they would really get heated with disagreements. And yessss ugh, Matthieu and Harrison are cute with each other but gosh, I almost wish I had written Matthieu to be single… but hey, the drama is gone, right?


  2. I’m glad Matthieu finally broke up with Maciej. It was time for sure. It definitely veered into the emotionally cheating territory.

    I loved Enca winning that fight. So deserved. You go, Enca!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure! Matthieu SHOULD have done it after Maciej cheated on him on the show, and definitely after Maciej invited a third person into their relationship while Matthieu was still healing from the hurt. It sucks that he only got the courage to do it after, when he himself started emotionally cheating on Maciej. Oh well. BUT at least it happened.

      And yes! Go Enca! I bet she loved bringing Todd down a peg.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A breakup is still a loss of relationship, especially when you’ve shared your most intimate moments together. I understand Matthieu needing a little time to grieve.

    Charlee’s backhanded comments… tsk tsk! Kyungri, as usual, being wise. Todd going after Louise… not cool, boy. Not cool. No Todd I just despise you.

    Teams are interesting. Rooting for the Class team.

    “… whatever it is you do Marjan…” 😆

    Jessie’s outburst is hilarious.

    Ewww Todd so cruel with your comment but it motivated our Enca to step it up. You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, definitely. Even though Matthieu has moved on in his heart, it’s still sad to have something you held so dear for years end. I feel for him.

      There was lots of action with the sports this episode! I loved all of the cheering, it was fun to write.


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