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“The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part III)

With the day’s activities over, the contestants all go off and unwind. Emotions are running high, and though the day has been cut short, some of the housemates feel as if they’ve been running a marathon. However, after a long dinner cooked by Harrison and Matthieu, most people are feeling better and go off and get comfortable for the night.

Marjan goes off alone and picks up one of her gossip magazines. She’s smiling and laughing, enjoying what she’s reading, and looks to be in a much better mood than the days before. After a short while, she pulls out her phone and calls someone, and covers her mouth so no one can really hear what she’s saying. She suddenly starts acting shifty, looking over her shoulder and whispering things that the microphones cannot capture. Who could Marjan be talking to?

In another area of the house, Todd is fuming after his loss to Enca. In his mind, it was unfair that he got paired with someone with a bigger frame, but honestly he knows deep down that he’s just embarrassed that he lost to someone, period. He is furious.

Todd: And did you see the way she jabbed me in the ribs? She’s ruthless, she thinks that she can do whatever she wants just to get ahead… I’m sure that’s how she got so many hits on the charts, she probably knocked out some important people to get her way! Someone needs to put her in her place, she can’t be running around like this doing things like that…. ugh, I hate her!

But no one is really listening to Todd, not even Gabriel, who has decided to just let Todd simmer for a while. He thinks that his anger is going to blow over eventually, but what he doesn’t know is that Todd is already planning something to lash out and steal the attention from other people, and it’s not pretty…

But in the meantime, some other people aren’t dwelling on the negative events that have been taking place. Jessie, Matthieu, and Harrison are playing video games together, and Jessie can’t help but notice that the two guys cannot keep their hands off each other. She soon points it out.

Jessie: All right you two, I’m not blind! I can see you, would you like me to leave you alone?

Harrison: U-uh, of course not! We’re just having fun together, aren’t we?

Matthieu: We are! We’re just… happy.

Jessie: Really? Are you together now?

Harrison: *can’t speak because he’s blushing intensely and looking to the side*

Matthieu: *chuckles and rubs his hand across his face*

Jessie: Well, well, well, it only took you guys several weeks!

Matthieu: I think it’s time that we made it a thing. You know? I’ve been hesitant about actually beginning a relationship, but after last night’s call I feel much better. I’m in a better place to truly begin something with Harry. I’m going to ask him out on a little date, you know, dress up, have a couple drinks, maybe kiss him for the first time… I’m sure he’ll like that.

Harrison quickly changes his clothes and then the boys go off to the second floor balcony bar. There’s no one there, and the sun is slowly setting in the horizon. Windenburg is visible in the distance, and the scene is dreamy and romantic. Harrison feels a sensation of anticipation that he has never felt before, and his hands keep shaking. This is it, he thinks, as he walks out with Matthieu. He’s been waiting for 23 years for a moment like this, and now it’s finally here…

Matthieu: You’re so beautiful, you know? I can’t stop looking at you.

Harrison: No one’s ever treated me like this, you know… I don’t know how to act… but I want you so much, Matthieu, I just want to feel you next to me, against my skin…

Matthieu: That can be arranged…

Their first kiss starts out slowly, tentatively, but it soon grows more intense. Harrison lets out a long sigh and pulls Matthieu in even closer, hungrily kissing his lips.

They kiss for a long time as the sun goes down.

Harrison: It all happened so quickly… it was like a dream…he came close to me and I closed my eyes… and it happened! My first kiss! And it was on TV and millions of people will watch it… but it was magical. I loved it. We were there for such a long time, just holding each other, kissing… I had him so close to me and it was… perfect. And then we went into his room…

Matthieu: Having him there with me, on me, in my arms, it was one of the best moments of my life. You know when you get that feeling, the one that you’re doing what you should be doing, with who you want to be? That everything is right in the world and that your path is straighter, more illuminated than it seemed before? Yeah, I felt exactly that when I had him so close to me… and when the night continued, it was more beautiful than I could have dreamed of.


The sun rises the next morning, and brings with it a brightness that matches the contestants’ spirits. It seems like everyone is happy and excited—everyone but Todd, who is still angry about last night’s results. Regardless, he lets himself be carried away by the spirit and goes off to the pool for the next event, which is taking place before noon.

Jessie: I’m starting to think the producers are running out of ideas so they’re just having us do regular exercise and jazzing it up with silly names to make it sound better… I hope they took advantage of the time off to come up with better ideas because this challenge is just not very creative, is it?

Enca: You are right, girl! After the last few challenges I expected something better, but hey, at least so far we’re doing OK! Our team is going to win, I can feel it. This is my week!

Enzo: I hope we have another modeling challenge soon… or acting? What do you guys think of acting? Could you see me making the jump to the big screen?

Todd: *muttering* In your dreams, spray-tan.

ajmkv: Good morning contestants! I hope that you slept well, because today six of you will be participating in K&GI Olympic events! After yesterday’s exciting start, today we will be seeing who is the real winning team. The teams are tied right now, with one win each, but that won’t be the case by the end of the day!

Our first event today is the Luscious Laps challenge! Charlee and Kyungri, since you’re always competing for the spotlight, we’ve decided to pit you against each other, and see which person can swim ten laps around the pool faster. It seems like an easy challenge, sure, but be careful! There’s a lot on the line so even an easy challenge like this counts a lot. Let’s get started! Ladies, are you ready?… All right… On your marks! Get set! GO!!!

Harrison: Who do you think will win?

Matthieu: Oh, definitely Kyungri. That woman is motivated more than any of us, and this is finally her chance to outright prove that she’s a bigger competitor than Charlee… though to be completely honest, I’m not even looking right now.~

Harrison: I wonder why…

Jessie: Laps? Really?

Enzo: They could have at least done endurance, that would have been a harder challenge.

Gabriel: They’ve really run out of ideas, haven’t they?

Jessie: That’s what I said! Do you think maybe they need to outsource some creativity? *everyone laughs*

Louise: Marjan, are you all right? You’ve been so quiet recently! Are you disappointed that you were so low last week or what?

Marjan: The water… it’s so shiny… it’s calling out to me… every sparkle like a star captured in a drop of water, waiting to be released so that she can travel back home, back to the galaxy where she belongs…

Louise: ??????????? All righty then.

Marjan: *snaps out of her daze* I mean, yes, of course! I’m totally fine, nothing to worry about, I’m just a bit tired and nervous about the next challenge. I know I’ll do well, though, because I don’t want to be back in the bottom, haha! *laughs nervously*

Enca: …and so I told her, no, you pick it up! And I guess that’s how I  ended up with three of them!

Enzo: But I don’t understand, if you were outside of the hotel… how did you get back to the concert venue so quickly?

Jessie: Ahh, celebrities. They travel in another dimension, don’t they?

Enca: Oh, wouldn’t you know it, girl! *everyone laughs*

Matthieu: Oh, so you’re ticklish?

Harrison: Stop! Stop! I’ll get you back for that!

Matthieu: I wanna see you try, kid!

Harrison: Oh, you’ll see.~

ajmkv: Is anyone even paying attention? Kyungri has just won! She has finished all 10 of her laps while Charlee is on her eighth. Good job Kyungri! You succeeded even though no one noticed! This means that Team Class is now in the lead, 2-1.

Kyungri: *voiceover* I mean, OK, no one was paying attention to me destroying that challenge, but you know what? It doesn’t matter in the slightest. I don’t need people noticing that I’m taking over the competition. One day they’ll wake up and they’ll see that Kyungri Kim is now the winner of the whole thing. Let them continue to be clueless, they won’t even know what hit them!

ajmkv: All right. Is anyone listening? Yes? No? Well, the next event is the Sassy Splashin’ Diving challenge! Whoever executes the most perfect dive will win the challenge. Louise, as the referee, will be choosing the winner! Your two contestants are Marjan and Jessie. Are you ready girls?

ajmkv: And that’s an incredible swan dive from Marjan! Who knew that she had such grace? Her small frame really helped her jump up high, almost covering the sun, and then she entered the water as gracefully as a raindrop in a puddle. Well done! She will be hard to beat, that’s for sure!

Marjan: And they thought I’d never amount to anything… but here I am, surprising everyone, just as I will when they find out the truth… the truth…

Producer: The truth about what, Marjan?

Marjan: *snaps out of a daze* I mean, what? I was saying I’m riding the unicorn of success right now! What are you talking about? I’m not hiding anything but a crippling weakness for chocolate doughnuts! *gasps* Did I just say that out loud?!

ajmkv: And Jessie also pulls off a very decent backflip into the pool! I think her technique was a little rusty, but she succeeded! It looked very nice, and somehow she was able to keep those sunglasses on her face. What a show of sheer devotion to fashion!

But now, it is up to Louise to choose the winner… and remember, Louise, it all comes down to this. If  Team Class wins this event, then the Olympics are over and they win the challenge, but if Team Sass wins, then the teams are tied and we’re going to a final event that will see Matthieu and Harrison fight against each other! How exciting…. no? Louise, it is all up to you! Who will you choose as the winner?

Louise: I really don’t feel attached to either team. Let me rephrase that, I like both teams equally, so I don’t particularly want to make one of them lose right now. I chose Marjan to win, mainly because that way the tie-breaker and the determining vote won’t be up to me. I’m only sorry because Harrison and Matthieu fighting against each other is going to be a bit like watching puppies playfighting… but hey, those boys need to do something else with each other besides holding hands and acting like they’re schoolboys with a crush.

ajmkv: Ooooh, what a twist! Well, this means that Harrison and Matthieu, you two will be against each other in the final event: the Lovebirds Athletic Standoff. That’s right, you will both be doing basic exercises, such as jumping jacks and pushups, and the person who lasts the longest will be the winner! It’s another easy event, but the stakes of the whole challenge are in your hands…. will you play nice or will you be ruthless in your pursuit of glory?

Enca: I’m sure Matthieu is going to let Harrison win… I mean, he has immunity, there’s no way he’s going to be eliminated, and I think Harry means more to Matthieu than his team, so that means that Team Class is going to win! I may actually be on top this week, this is exciting!

However, while everyone is gathering on the patio once more, Todd goes inside the house and stands by himself for a while. He seems to be thinking about many things, biting his lip and looking nervous. He soon straightens, though, and gives a sly smile to the camera, almost as if he’s acknowledging the audience. He goes and joins the other contestants, and looks like he’s finally having a good day.

The other contestants will soon find out what’s on his mind.

ajmkv: And they’re off!

Enca: You can do it, Harry! We’re all depending on you, you’re the best!

Gabriel: Yeeeeeah Matt, you got this! Show the other team what you’re made of!

Kyungri: Harrison! Just think of all the money you could win, and how much you could do with it!

Todd: Harrison! Guess what! Have you heard what Matthieu’s been doing behind your back?

Everyone stops moving. Every head turns to look at Matthieu, some curiously and some looking like they’re going to kill him. Sparks are flying out of Kyungri’s eyes.

Kyungri: I’m going to kill that boy!

Harrison: What are you talking about? We’ve all been here the whole time…

Todd: Oh really? So have you heard that your precious boy toy has… wait for it… not one, but two boyfriends?

Harrison: What did you say?

Todd: You heard me, and now it seems like you’re the third. It must the dream! To be the lucky third one, isn’t it?

Harrison: You’re lying.

Todd: Just ask Matthieu who Maciej and Qykoz are… I’m sure you’ll get the whole truth!

Charlee: That idiot! He’s ruining everything! That was a low blow, and it also threw away all the dirt we had on them!

Harrison confronts Matthieu, who quickly tells him that it’s true. Before he can explain anything else, Harrison runs away, ignoring his housemates and the host calling his name. Everyone looks stunned, but Todd looks quite pleased with himself. Louise is soon called upon to determine whether Harrison’s escape counted as a forfeit and she has to agree that Matthieu has won, therefore handing the win to Team Sass. People soon start to go inside the house, shocked by what they’ve just witnessed. Todd stays outside, and a furious Charlee walks up to him, looking ready to slap him.

Charlee: Do you realize what you’ve just done?

Todd: Oh come on, everyone lives for the drama. I was just pushing it along. We all knew this would happen one day.

Charlee: No, idiot! You just threw away all of our dirt! And not only that, you did it in such an obvious and hurtful way! There are ways to sabotage your competition without being a complete dick, you know. You have to use this stuff for leverage, not for a shock moment!

Todd: But… but… our team won! We’re all going to be safe from elimination!

Charlee: Whatever. Don’t expect to be in any alliances with me from now on. You’re on your own, loose lips.

Todd: Maybe she’s right? I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I want to stand out, and everyone loves the villain, right?… I’m sure it will be fine. I don’t actually want to hurt either of those guys, but they must have known that something like this could happen, right? Right?

Gabriel: Well, I tried my best. I guess some people just have to grow up. That was so low, I hate that he did that, but maybe it will help him realize that being an asshole kind of sucks.


Tune into Part IV here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

8 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part III)

  1. Geez.. under character impressions I shouldn’t have given Todd untrustworthy. At this point I’d just call him an idiot hahaha. Since when do people like the villian? They’d tolerate and respect a classy one. What he did there just sucks. If he actually gets votes and fans from that I’d be slapping my head. Harrison deserves to know the truth, but not like that. Ofc he’s going to run away, he just found out he’s been liking a cheater and the entire world saw him give his first kiss to a guy like that. He’ll be feeling so horrible about himself now.
    On another note, I’m enjoying Enca scoring points with everyone with her public roasts. They’re good, and y’know, Charlee made her a target in i think the first episode or second, causing everyone to be biased against Enca’s starpower and image. All I see now is Enca standing up for herself against her bully.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An idiot! That’s so true, especially what you say about people not liking the villain. If you’re a fun villain, you can be iconic to viewers, but honestly someone as messy as Todd couldn’t really be fun because he had no foresight about how his actions would be taken. Charlee is much more fun than Todd because she’s delusional and… doesn’t actually do anything really bad aside from being shady and rude. But yeah, poor Harrison. This moment was so sad for him.

      You’re totally right about Enca standing up to the bully! It’s awesome to see her grow like this. Charlee saw something in her that made her become the target, but Enca has been growing and standing up for herself a lot more since Patricio left, we love to see it.


  2. Todd shouldn’t have done it like that, but Harrison did deserve to know. He moved kind of fast with Matthieu and I wish Matthieu would have told him himself before he slept with him. (That’s what happened, right?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeee well. Technically they slept together in the strictly literal sense of the word. They didn’t do anything sexual, though, and that’s stated later when Harrison’s virginity is brought up many times by the housemates…


      1. Ah, it sounded like it with the way you ended the scene. And the other housemates wouldn’t have known that they slept together. At least, I hope not. Unless someone told them. I haven’t read anyone stating Harrison was a virgin anywhere after this especially since this was the last episode we had to read. I don’t think I’ve gotten to any of that yet.


  3. Marjan is an android possessed by Aurora, who is a mermaid. No haha. Just a crazy theory.

    Todd got what he deserved with Enca. He needs to be put in his place. He’s such a sore loser and no one likes a poor sport.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow. Plus Matthieu needed to get some stuff together.

    It’s hard to do sporty stuff in the Sims so I commend you for coming up with stuff.

    Way to go Kyungri! I saw! I have a weakness for chocolate doughnuts too, Marjan. Ha! Finally something in common.

    And then Todd is just being an idiot and cruel. Definitely way beyond disliked now and no one actually roots for a villain that’s clueless and cruel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, now I want to write that story! “I Am Marjan, The Android” and it’s all about how she’s a puppet in the hands of Princess Aurora, the Mermaid Mastermind. Imagine that 😛 Maybe Marjan will bring chocolate doughnuts and she’ll win us all over (I also love chocolate doughnuts, wishing I had one right now…)

      You’re right about Todd. He’s a sore loser and is trying too hard to be the villain, but he lacks any sort of foresight about how he’ll be seen by the people who hold his fate in their hands: the viewers. Even Charlee knows that she has to rein it in at times!


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