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“The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part IV)

Later that night, Matthieu looks for Harrison all around the house. He eventually finds him in his room. He doesn’t know if he’s welcome, and he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say. He’s completely thrown by what just happened. He thought that he did the right thing by breaking up with Maciej, and even waited for everything to happen with Harrison after he had broken it off with Maciej, but it still backfired. What does he even say after something like this?

Matthieu: Hey Harry, do you have a moment?

Harrison: What do you want?

Matthieu: I just want to talk about what just happened… a-about what was just said.

Harrison: Was it all true? Am I really your third choice?

Matthieu: No! It’s nothing like that!

Harrison: So what is it like, then? I’m just a toy for you?

Matthieu: Of course not! You mean so much to me! I could never play with you like that.

Harrison: I thought this was going to be my first big romance and it all turned out to be a big joke. *crying into his hands* I don’t know why you targeted me, but I don’t want to be a part of this game anymore.

Matthieu: Please, sit down and let me explain it to you! There’s more to the story, it’s not as bad as it seems. Please!

Matthieu: And so, you see, I was only doing it for him. I never wanted to be a part of a three-person thing, I just want one person. We wanted different things but I tried so hard to make him happy… and it’s backfired. I don’t want him anymore.

Harrison: But do you love him?

Matthieu: I mean, we were together for three years! I loved him a lot, it’s the reason why I did all this! I regret making bad decisions, but that’s all over now. You taught me that there’s something else out there, someone who makes me so happy and who makes me want to be a better person!

Harrison: So why didn’t you tell me before? *sniffles* You let me flirt with you and act like a lovesick fool when you were still with him! He even came to the house a couple weeks ago, how could you be so two-faced?

Matthieu: I regret that… I’m really very sorry.

Harrison: All right. You know what, I need some time alone. I’ll see you around.

Harrison: I really don’t want to talk about it. *sniffs*


Todd is feeling guilty. He goes to the piano to play a little to release some tension… Charlee soon comes and makes him feel worse, though, so he leaves. The housemates receive the announcement that nominations and the elimination ceremony will be happening the next day, and everyone feels a little nervous. Four people have immunity, and the contestants all assume that the winning team will all be safe, so that leaves Enzo, Enca, Jessie, and Harrison feeling like they’re on the chopping block. It doesn’t seem quite fair to Enca, considering she won her event. She’s also worried about Harrison, so she goes to find him. She finds him a few minutes later, sitting outside and looking at the moon. She asks him how he’s doing and it takes him a few minutes to answer, so she just sits next to him in supportive silence.

Harrison: I just can’t believe that I was such a fool! I wanted to find love so desperately that I looked in the wrong place…

Enca: Honey, it’s all right to feel betrayed. What Matthieu didn’t say wasn’t just his secret, it was also something that directly affected you. I don’t think he did it to hurt you, though, he’s just a little… clueless. You know that boy!

Harrison: I want to believe that it’s going to be all right, but I just don’t want to let him in again only to find out something else that will hurt me…

Enca: I’m sure you just need to give it some time. It’s OK to hurt, honey, just don’t let it change the wonderful person you are.

Harrison: Thanks Enca. I… I really appreciate it all, but right now all I want to do is cry.

Enca: Shh, come to mama, honey. Sit tight next to me.



When the housemates wake up next morning, they head to the confessional room to nominate the people they would like to see leave. Each of them is allowed to nominate three people, as usual.

Charlee: You know, for once I’m not the worst villain in the house and I am loving it! I feel bad for Harrison, yeah, but I am loving seeing the house be embroiled in this drama! *cackles* Yeah, anyway, Todd, can go because he’s an idiot, Enca can go because she’s… Enca. And can you imagine if she gets put in the bottom for a fourth week in a row? That would be so amazing, she’d probably finally go home! And you know what, I think Harrison is too fragile for this competition… so he can go, too.

Matthieu: I don’t even know what to say. I am really disappointed in myself, I’m angry this is happening. I just want to say that it doesn’t matter who goes home, but I suppose I have to compete. I don’t think it’s necessary to say why I don’t like these people much, so I’ll just say that Todd, Marjan, and Charlee can be nominated. Yeah, those three.

Enca: I’m pretty upset. I nominate Todd, Charlee, and Marjan. I don’t even have anything shady to say, I just want these people to go home.

Marjan: Ooooh, I like this game. It’s like choosing which chocolates you don’t want from a big box, and just tossing them away, hehehehe. I don’t want Matthieu, Kyungri, and Enca, they’re all just OK chocolates, and I want only the sweetest. Can I go now? I want chocolate.

Enzo: I think I’m safe this week, I really do. I don’t think I’ve pissed people off, and sure, I didn’t win, but I don’t think that I’m going to be ruffling any feathers so people won’t be voting for me… I’m going to coast through this whole thing and then I’ll show up at the end like, you didn’t see me? You should have looked harder.~ Oh yeah, and I nominate Todd, Charlee, and Marjan. All three of those people are manipulative and just kind of sketchy. Todd especially, he’s gross.

Todd: I don’t want to think I’m in danger, but… I think I may have done something really bad last night. How did this all backfire on me? I just wanted the spotlight… I think I want Charlee to go, she’s probably plotting my downfall as we speak… and I don’t think Harrison is a bad guy, I just think he should go home and heal a little bit. This place isn’t for him. I’m still mad at Enca, to be honest, so she’s my third nomination.

Louise: This situation is really sad, I feel bad for everyone involved, but as everyone has been saying since the beginning, this is a competition! I don’t want to take part in the drama that’s happening but I won’t lie and say that it isn’t a benefit for me. I’ll let my competition take itself out. And honestly, Jessie, Enzo, and Matthieu are not my favorite people here, so I’ll nominate them. I’d go for Todd, but I’m sure the entire rest of the house is going to nominate him, so I’ll let them do the roasting.

Kyungri: Todd is a piece of filth, and Charlee created him. Gabriel is also so blind he can’t see that he’s caring for a child, he needs to wake up. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I have a heart under all of this plastic, and it’s hurting a little right now because of what happened….

Gabriel: I’m really just voting strategically. I don’t think Todd should go home for a small mistake, so I’m going to vote for Charlee and Marjan, as I’m sure everyone else will. Enzo, as nice as he is, is just never going to grow on me, is he? I’m kind of tired of seeing his face.

Jessie: How horrible is this? I hate all of it! I just feel so bad, poor guy. I can’t help but feel as though Todd isn’t as awful of a person as everyone thinks. I think he deserves a second chance, when I’ve spoken to him sometimes it just seems like he’s lost. So I won’t nominate him, and I’ll be nominating Charlee for being awful, Marjan for… just being strange, have you noticed? And Enca because… I don’t know, I just like other people more than I like her.

Harrison: I don’t want to be here. Can I go home?

Producer: Harrison, you have to nominate someone.

Harrison: Fine. Just send Todd, Charlee, and… and… Marjan, yeah, home. And send me home with them.


After the nominations, the housemates gather in the yard for the call-out ceremony. Nobody looks quite happy after the nominations, and it seems like everyone wants to go back inside the house and do anything else.

ajmkv: So, how has your week been, everyone? I know that some bad things have happened, but that’s just another week on reality TV! Don’t let it get you down—instead, let’s talk about this week’s twist! It’s one that I’m sure you’re all going to love… OK, maybe some of you will hate it, but hey, it’s reality TV, right? 

So, four of you have immunity: Matthieu, Louise, Kyungri, and Gabriel. You’re all safe from elimination if you somehow end up in the bottom. The rest of you… none of you are safe. Nope, not even if you won the challenge; remember, I said that the winning team will win a surprise next week, not that you’d all be safe! Instead, if you won your individual event, you will get two nomination votes removed from your tally! On the other hand, if you lost, you’ll get two nomination votes added to your score, and that’s how we’re going to determine the call-out order!

Todd: Sh*t…

Charlee: SH*T!

ajmkv: All right, so why don’t we get started? This week, a couple of you managed to get negative nominations after the event wins were added, and that’s pretty incredible! Only one of you can be called first, though, and that person is…










Girl, you’ve really been improving in the last couple of weeks, and now you’re the very best in the house! You really deserve it, so enjoy the feeling of being one step closer to the prize.~

The next name I will call out is…










You’ve also impressed, winning the Oppa Endurance Run, and just generally being a great guy. Keep it up and soon you’ll be eyeing the very top!

Next up is…










You’re staying steady, and that’s great to see. You would have been called first if the event wins didn’t subtract from the nomination tallies, as you weren’t nominated by a single one of your housemates. That’s incredible! Keep being Miss Congeniality, it is working for you!

Next, a controversial contestant…










You’re doing really well, but you only won your event on a technicality. I expect more from you next week, and I hope you continue to perform well! Congratulations, you’re safe.

The next person I am going to call is…










Congratulations, mama, this is your first time being called out in the Top 5 of the week instead of in the Bottom 3! This is a huge achievement, and I hope you feel proud. I’m looking forward to continuing to see you in the Top!

Also safe this week is…










You’re doing well, but I think you’re starting to coast a little bit. You’re quite popular, but you need to start winning some challenges in order to make it higher. Either way, congratulations!

This next person is also quite controversial…










I think your resolve is cracking, but I’m happy that you’re not in the bottom this week. You’re close to it, though, so maybe try a little harder next week? You won your event but you’re deeply unpopular, so try making some friends.

One more person is safe… 










Boy, you are lucky to be here. You could have been in the Bottom 3, but you were saved by Harrison’s refusal to complete his event. I think you could be much more successful, like during the first couple of weeks, but you’ve been coasting so much. I don’t care if you’re beautiful, you’re not going to get through to the end if you don’t turn up the motivation! Get to it!

Enca: Are you kidding me? Harrison shouldn’t be in the bottom! This is ridiculous!

Harrison: I hate to sound mopey, but… yeah. Send me home.

ajmkv: This means that the Bottom 3 and up for elimination are Charlee, Harrison, and Todd. Will Charlee extend her reign of terror over the house? Will Harribae be able to stay for another week to try to fix his burgeoning relationship with Matthieu? Or will Todd be able to redeem himself in front of his housemates… and the world? Make sure to vote and save your favorite. It’s in your hands! 

Week 5

Tune into Part V here and find out who goes home!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part IV)

  1. Oooh Todd and Charlee are in the bottom. I don’t mind either of them leaving. Btw I adore Enca’s protectiveness over Harrison. She didn’t get much screentime in previous episodes that showed her as more than her body and superficial thoughts but her relationship with Harrison explores a nurturing pleasant side of her.

    Although I can’t agree with her advice for Harrison. But of course I can understand where she’s coming from. If she can accept Patricio, she can accept Matthieu.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Enca and Harrison have a friendship that we should all aspire to have. Supportive of each other, open and vulnerable, it’s so nice. I love them as friends! And yeah, she’s also in love with a sketchy guy, so it’s understandable that she wouldn’t give the best advice to someone falling in love with someone that’s kind of shady.


  2. Harrison deserves to be saved, so I voted for him. I don’t like either Charlee or Todd, so either one leaving is fine by me although I am sure Todd is the one leaving.

    Enca was so sweet in her consoling of Harrison, aww. Her kindness is shining through.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor heartbroken Harrison. He deserved the truth and Matthieu should’ve ended things sooner with Macej but… they didn’t deserve that.
    Enca was really sweet here. Charlee is really out to see her finished. Todd, Charlee, and Marjan should be going in my mind.

    Whew! Kyungri is safe. She’s the real competitor in my mind. And Louise too… but her comments about former friends don’t earn her points in my book. And Enca, woman, hang in there. You got this! She’s grown on me so much. No to Marjan… but I’m starting to think she’s a plant. Enzo you need to bring your A game man. Ooo… tough call. Not Harrison. Quit your self deprecation boy! Charlee is devious and Todd is obnoxious… hmm….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. Regardless of whether or not Matthieu went about things the right way, he didn’t deserve to be called out like that before he was ready, and Harrison DID NOT deserve to get hurt and humiliated like that. Point blank.

      Kyungri is indeed the contestant to beat at this point! She had a rough first challenge, but honestly she’s shining and it’s a joy to see. Louise too, though I agree that she’s a little rough on some people, especially Jessie, who used to be one of her friends. Like, Jessie also was a little awkward with her but she’s stopped nominating her at this point, and Louise is still nominating Jessie… sigh. Enca is doing better! I loved seeing her be in the upper half of contestants for a change. Marjan being a plant, haha… this is definitely a good theory 😉

      Between Todd and Charlee. Which one has more of a heart? The nearsighted follower with high ambitions or the wannabe cunning manipulator? Hmmm.~


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