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“The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part V)

Welcome to the fourth elimination of Season 2 of K&GI! It’s always hard to say goodbye to someone, but we can’t let everyone win, can we? Our athletic contestants have had a difficult week, but none more than our favorite shy boy, Harrison. Before the contestants are called back to the yard for the elimination ceremony, he spends some time alone in his room, huddling under the covers and hiding from the world… and the cameras.

Harrison: I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t think of anything else… I’ve never felt like this in my life. I just wonder why he did it…

Harrison has had a long history of being too shy to make the first move in any of his budding relationships. He grew up with his mom and sister in London, and saw his dad occasionally when he went to visit him in France. He had a happy childhood and was an intelligent and popular student throughout his teenage years, but he could never really get over his feelings of insecurity. He tried for years to be self-confident, even his first girlfriends all had to ask him if he wanted to date them, and he never got to the point where he felt like he was ready to kiss someone. When he finally accepted, years later, that he wasn’t quite into girls, it was even harder for him to come out of his shell because of his concern that this would push the people he loved away. In the K&GI house, though, he couldn’t avoid his feelings for the worldly and goofy Matthieu, and he soon let him in… even got his very first kiss. After weeks of feeling like he finally was living the dream, what everyone writes and talks and fantasizes about, he’s now feeling the very cold reality that with love comes hurt. A lot of it. This turns in his head as he finally gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. Last week, Charlee had bought him a kit to get his hair back to its original color, and after a whole week of feeling like he was a new person, fiery, happy, and in bloom, Harrison knows that it’s time to come back down.

And while Harrison has another little cry under the hot stream, another one of our housemates is not feeling quite on top of the world.

Todd: I’m really not a terrible person! I just… got carried away doing what I thought would get me airtime…

Gabriel: I believe you, but there’s nothing you can really do about it now. All you can do is move on and try to make amends in whichever way that you can.

Todd: I know what I come off as. I’ve been bitchy all of my life, I make no excuses for it… I just… I just don’t want people to think I’m completely heartless, because I’m not.

Gabriel: Some people can see that in you. I can see that in you, that’s why I care about you. You remind me a lot of my older brother, you know. Sometimes you say things without thinking about the consequences, and you’re fiery and hardheaded, but you have a big heart inside. I’m not going to tell you that you didn’t do a mean thing, that you didn’t probably just break someone’s heart, but I don’t think you should beat yourself up too much about it.

Todd: I just wish I could go back and undo that…

Gabriel: You can’t. But what you can do is show people that you’re sorry, and maybe be able to move on.

Todd: I’m so going home for this… but honestly I asked for it. Hey, at least I succeeded in creating the most dramatic moment of the season, right? *Tries to laugh unconvincingly*

Gabriel: If you go home tonight, at least be happy that you got to live something as interesting as this. I’m happy I met you.

Todd: You’re such a big softie, you know that? I wouldn’t have expected that from the big daddy of the house… but I’m happy I met you, too. Thanks for supporting me even though I’m a bitch.

Todd: Hey, I did what I did, and I probably got my wish; I’ll probably make a list of TV villains somewhere, and that’s what I wanted, isn’t it? Either way, I don’t regret being catty, but I do regret hurting people that didn’t deserve it. It’s too bad I didn’t sabotage Charlee instead, I think people would have been cheering me on for that one, haha.~ I’m just hoping that I do end up staying because… I actually would like to win. But if I don’t well, hey. The fans will miss me.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Jessie is concerned about Matthieu. She knows that what was said was not completely accurate, so she’s worried about how he’s feeling. She calls him over to have a little chat, and he sits down next to her, not saying much.

Jessie: I just wanted to see how you’re feeling.

Matthieu: Honestly… like garbage.

Jessie: You know this isn’t your fault, right?

Matthieu: But it IS my fault. I should have been straightforward about my past, about my messed up relationship, from the beginning. I didn’t know I was going to like Harrison that much, but it’s been electric between us since we met and I just didn’t think about what was happening back home. I tried to be good, I knew I couldn’t make a move before figuring out the other situation, but I should have not even flirted back before dealing with my mess. And now it looks like I’ve pushed him away, and it sucks, it really sucks, because… I think I’m in love with that man.

Jessie: You’re in love with him? Do you really think so?

Matthieu: You never know exactly how love feels until it hits you in the head and knocks you out with a shy smile…

Jessie: I want to tell you to go for him, but… give him time, all right? As far as I know, you’re his first—

Matthieu: God, I really am an ass, aren’t I?

Jessie: Yeah, kind of, but if you really are in love with him, you’ll try to make it better. And if he’s in love with you, he’ll be able to forgive you. Just let him ride out his heartbreak a little, OK?

Matthieu: *squeezes her hand* I will. Thank you.


The contestants soon gather in the yard to find out who got eliminated. There are quite a few sad faces in the group, and the mood is contagious.

ajmkv: Welcome, contestants, to the fourth elimination ceremony of K&GI! I hate seeing the crowd thin out, and it seems like this cut is going to be even sadder, but we have to move forward. After all, only one of you can receive the fabulous prizes that come with winning this little competition! The winner will walk away with 1,000,000 Simoleons, a brand new home, their own TV show on SimTV, and will also be the face of SimNation Media Corp. for a whole year. So many people would do many, many things for recognition and $ucce$$ like that, and you all are so close to getting it!

Charlee: I’m NOT going home. I think Todd sealed his coffin when he handed out all of the dirt we’ve collected like it was candy. As much as I feel like I’ll be losing an ally in the house, I also feel like he deserves what is coming… just as I deserve hearing my name come out of ajmkv’s lips in 5..4..3……

ajmkv: Charlee, please step forward! I won’t make this longer and more dramatic than it should be—y’all are doing that for me without any intervention from the producers, so thanks for that.~ Anyway, Charlee, you swept the poll, with 50% of voters wanting you to remain in the house. 

Charlee: Yes! I knew it!

ajmkv: …OK. Next time, maybe a little modesty?

Charlee: Oh, sure. I’m just happy!

ajmkv: All right, Charlee, you can go back to your spot. Congratulations, you are one step closer to winning the prize!

Charlee: Damn right!

Kyungri: Is she serious with that attitude? If I was ajmkv,  I would have eliminated her on the spot! Such an ingrate, I swear…

ajmkv: Now, will Todd and Harrison please step forward?

Todd: *whispering* Hey Harrison… I’m sorry.

Harrison: ….

Todd: *whispering* I hope you stay.

ajmkv: Both of you are standing in front of me because you lost your challenges. Todd, you would have still been standing before me even if you didn’t lose challenge. Your actions in the house this week were cold and calculated, and you directly sabotaged your competition, and your housemates nominated accordingly. Almost everyone nominated you! Harrison, I know that you were hurt and I’m sorry to see you here, because your losing your challenge was kind of out of your hands. Either way, one of you has to leave us tonight, and the decision is completely in the hands of the fans… but who did they choose? The person who is safe tonight and who will be moving on in the competition is…












ajmkv: Harrison, you received 31% of the total votes, while Todd received 19%. It seems like the fans still want to see you on their screens, so congratulations! You are through to next week and are one step closer to the prize!

Todd starts weeping.

Harrison: Todd, it’s OK… I would give you my spot if I could.

Todd: Don’t be silly, Harrison. I know that I made my bed, now I have to sleep in it.

Todd wipes his eyes and goes to say goodbye to the rest of the contestants. Some of them are sympathetic, while others give him angry looks, happy that he’s leaving. Enca especially is still livid that he hurt her friend, and gives him the stiffest of hugs. Todd then goes up to Harrison, who’s still standing there, looking at his feet.

Todd: So I guess this is goodbye, then…

Harrison: Todd, you’re an asshole.

Todd: *blushes intensely* Uh…

Harrison: You’re an attention-seeking, hurtful, catty asshole, and you hurt my feelings. You hurt Matthieu’s feelings. You did it all to get the attention you wanted.

Harrison: But I know deep down you’re a good person, and that’s why I’m not angry at you. This competition makes us do things, it brings out unsavory sides of our personalities. I don’t blame you for what you did.

Todd: *taken aback* …That’s very… nice of you to say. I don’t know what to say.

Harrison: I just hope you think a little bit more next time, y’know, before you make someone feel so worthless.

Todd: I’m so sorry, Harrison.

Harrison: It’s OK. It’s water under the bridge. *chuckles* Plus, you’re going home, so I guess it kind of backfired for you…

Todd: Now, now… don’t think that just because I’m going home you’re suddenly going to become queen of sass!

Harrison gives Todd a long hug, before telling him that they had better keep in touch after the show ends. Todd is touched by the other man’s forgiveness and doesn’t quite know what to say, so he just nods. As Todd walks away, Gabriel comes up and pulls him into another hug.

Gabriel: You really blew it, didn’t you? I’m going to miss you here, you know.

Todd: What can I say… I wanted to be messy and I succeeded!

Gabriel: Yeah, well, it happens, right? I don’t doubt for a second that you’ll bounce back soon enough and I’ll see you again stirring up some drama on another show.

Todd: I think… I’m done chasing fame for the moment. I’m going to be like all the other messy gays and just keep the drama on social media.

Gabriel: *laughs* You call me as soon as I win this and I can go home, you hear?

Todd: Yes, papi. I have a man to go home to now, so if you don’t mind… say hi to your wife and kids for me, I’ll make sure to drop in for a barbecue sometime.~

Todd: Well, I done messed up, but that’s OK. There’s nowhere to go but up after this… in addition to my inclusion in a list of biggest reality TV fails, of course. *laughs* Honestly, this experience was a little harder than I thought it would be. I let it get to me, and now I’m going home. I don’t know how Hudson did it last season, but hey, he’s waiting for me in the penthouse he won, and he’s all mine. I have that, at least. I’m a winner in my eyes. Plus, y’all will miss me, I just know it. I’ll see you again sometime.~


Matthieu: Harrison? Is it OK if I sit here?

Harrison: Sure, go ahead.

Matthieu: I don’t even know where to begin…

Harrison: Did you mean it? When you said you only want me?

Matthieu: I only have eyes for you. I don’t want anyone else.

Harrison: You hurt me, Matthieu.

Matthieu: I’ll never forgive myself for that. I know I’ve ruined everything, but I understand if you—

Harrison: Stop. You did a bad thing, but I’m not blind. I can see that you tried to do the right thing. I also know I have a lot of growing up to do, and if you don’t mind I’d like to do some of it with you.

Matthieu: You are… incredible.

Harrison: Would you stop that and just turn around?

Harrison: I really do like you. A lot. I now know you have an interesting past, but that’s not enough to keep me away.

Matthieu: Key word: past. It’s all behind me now, you’re my present. Unless you want to cool it down for a little, just to adjust and everything.

Harrison: Does it look like I want to cool it down?

Matthieu: Good to know. *moving closer* I like what you’ve done to your hair… you look the same as you did when I first fell in love with you…

Harrison: …in love? 


And that’s it! Another drama-filled episode of K&GI has wrapped, and boy was it a doozy. Unfortunately we’ve had to say goodbye to Todd and his endless amounts of sass, but things will only get more dramatic from here on out as the Top 10 contestants continue to battle it out for the ultimate prizes. Will Matthison continue to mend? Will Charlee indeed continue her path of sneaky destruction? Will Kyungri get her perfectly manicured hands on the money? Is Marjan heading for an absolute breakdown? Make sure to tune in soon for another episode of K&GI to find out!



Make sure to catch up with Todd after his elimination in his special K&GM Episode!

Tune into Episode 6 of K&GI, Season 2, here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

14 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Ruins Everything” (Part V)

  1. OK, I’m fine with the elimination but Todd was actually not that bad this time, he was sweet. Gabriel stole the show for me, he was such a softie! The last scene with Matthison was beautiful, it gives me hope for them! I also hope we get to see this slightly more aggressive side of Harrison come out more often 😉 Charlee deserves a good talking-to!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Although Todd absolutely F***ed it up with this whole episode, I do think there’s much more to him that we never got to see behind, as Harrison put it, that “attention-seeking, hurtful, catty asshole” edit he got towards the end. If there was every a Kev & Get Back (Allstars) season, I would like to see him return so he could have some kind of redemption arc honestly.

    Harrison showing FIRE in this episode was really the beginning of his rude awakening into adulthood huh? The rainclouds did belie the storm that doth approach…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I completely agree. I like to think that the competition got to Todd and he didn’t quite know how to deal (also, considering he’s dating the first winner of K&GI, he probably thought he’d be much more popular/untouchable). I wrote his K&GM episode to kind of give a glimpse into his regret and to give him a little redemption arc that could influence his next appearance on K&GI. (All-Stars: Early Boots & Losers?) hahaha

      I loved the image of Harrison’s hair in the last couple of episodes. Bright red when his love was growing strong, and then back to the regular old brown when the illusion of the first love was shattered. One of the reasons why I enjoy writing something with an important visual element.♥


  3. Ok I’m annoyed at a lot of people here.
    Gabriel to Todd: “I’m not going to tell you that you didn’t do a mean thing, that you didn’t probably just break someone’s heart, but I don’t think you should beat yourself up too much about it.”
    Jessie to Matthieu: ”You know this isn’t your fault, right?”
    These people need to understand that Todd and Matthieu deserves to feel like shit about each other because people need to feel negative to CHANGE. Being nice is good but if they keep up with this sugar coating and wrapping offenders in bubble wrap, Todd and Matthieu are never going to change. Let them feel like crap so they actually self-reflect and vow to become responsible people when it comes to handling emotions. I’m so glad this is fiction because if it were real life there’s a huge possibility that people like this are going to continue living in denial of their actions and never learn from their mistakes.
    And finally that ending of Matthieu and Harrison getting back together. Jesus. Harrison. This comment is supposed to be longer but I need to go drink some wine.

    Btw I really love what Harrison said to Todd in the end. It shows a mature side of him in contrast to his featured hopelessly in love shy school boy persona and I’m digging it. Despite his shyness he’s a pretty level-headed guy. I like that. I’d change my one word answer if I read this. But despite how mature he is. Him getting back with Matthieu in a day is just.. No. Matthieu can claim all he wants that he loves Harrison. The story can be written in a way that shows Matthieu as a loyal person who is true to Harrison and I’d still not be able to forgive him. Here is a man who dumped his 3 year relationship and only felt guilty about that for one day, immediately hops onto the Harrison train, gets called out and for some reason Jessie thinks its not his fault, then claims he loves Harrison. Nop. Works in fiction, not real life.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES YES. I totally agree with all this! I think both Gabriel and Jessie see that Todd and Matthieu are feeling awful about their indiscretions, and so they try to bring them up when they’re down, but I completely agree that they should just let them feel bad about it, because what they did was BAD. But I suppose they don’t want to fall into the trap of “you were mean to someone when they were down” and maybe thought they’d get brownie points if they were nice? Both Jess and Gabz are nice people… but yeah, maybe they should have just not said anything.

      Eeeek, I’m sorry you didn’t like Harrison forgiving Matthieu at the end! The way I see it is, Harrison doesn’t quite know what to do and since this is his first love he’s more willing to forgive because he has this idea that love should overcome. After this, though, let’s hope that he can be a little more mature about it.

      Yekfkgjlk my feelings when reading what you say about Matthieu! All true, of course. Just to play devil’s advocate here, Matthieu has expressed he was uncomfortable in his relationship with Maciej and wanted to break up with him, both after Maciej cheated on him and also when Maciej proposed a throuple. But Matthieu couldn’t find the courage to move on, and I think Harrison made him realize that he could move past that relationship he wasn’t happy with. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he should be forgiven for moving on so quickly after that, and hopefully he’ll realize that he can’t just be passive about the things in his life because he ends up hurting people. I obviously have a lot of love for Matthieu, but I can completely understand why you can’t forgive him!


    1. Yeah! Harrison is a really nice person, and I think he forgives easily because he just doesn’t have the heart to hold grudges. Todd did apologize to him, and I think Harrison, even though he was sad, could see that Todd really did feel bad, and so he forgave him.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Although… I think Harrison forgave Matthieu a little too quickly. Matthieu needs time to heal, reflect, and change. It’s all a bit unrealistic to just suddenly be ok since it’s “love.” Real love is doing the right thing and that takes time and effort to be sustainable. And everyone keeps sugarcoating things for Todd and Matthieu and I don’t think that’s fair. They need to learn they can’t treat people like garbage and think it’s all ok. And maybe I’m being harsh to Matthieu but he really shouldn’t be playing around with others before he got his house in order and let himself grieve the loss of a 3 year long relationship. Harrison does not want to be a rebound.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 100% I also think Harrison forgave Matthieu really quickly, but I’m chalking it up to Harrison not really knowing how relationships work yet—this is his very first, after all. I think he’s still just excited to navigate this new adventure and as such is more willing to overlook things he wouldn’t if he had more experience. But hey, Matthieu does love him, so hopefully he’ll take this as a learning experience and he should thank his lucky stars that Harrison was so forgiving, so fast. I completely agree that Matthieu really needed to deal with his break up and sadness before he even considered starting something else. It’s interesting to think about how Matthison’s relationship could have gone if Matthieu had been a bit more sensible.


    2. It’s so funny to me to see Charlee, who everyone wants to see go home, actually be the more palatable option in this elimination. Todd really screwed up if he went home against Charlee!


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