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“The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 6

Previously, on Kev & Get It: To the surprise of her housemates, Marjan continued to spiral into a bizarre breakdown, and no one knew quite what to make of it. Kyungri, Jessie, and Enzo discussed ways to excel in the competition, and didn’t come up with anything. Enca vowed to make up for her poor showing in the past weeks, and Louise enjoyed being the winner while Charlee seethed at her near-win. Bitter about his loss the week before, Todd launched an ill-advised plan that soon put him at odds with the rest of the house, except for Gabriel who, after revealing a big and devastating secret, remained firmly on his side. After many weeks of flirting, Harrison and Matthieu finally decided to get together, which meant that Matthieu had to make a phone call to an important person from his past. The new couple shared their first kiss and everything seemed perfect until an intense athletic challenge brought out the competitive side in our contestants, who were divided into teams and pitted against each other. Rivalries flared up and many people found each other against their biggest enemies in the house. Kyungri’s eventual win was overshadowed, though, by Todd’s intense revelation, which ended up causing a rift between Matthison and, ultimately, directly influencing Todd’s elimination. In the end, regret proved not to be enough to save him and he was sent home. 10 contestants remain: who will be eliminated tonight?Fadeout 5

Emotions are running high after the last elimination. With certain exceptions, most of the contestants feel like they’re not safe from elimination, and tensions mount when they return to the house after the ceremony.

Jessie: I didn’t like the vibe in the room. Honestly, I don’t really gel with silent negativity, so I suggested that we have a soirée to calm our spirits. I mean, what’s better for sulking reality TV contestants than high tension, copious amounts of booze, and constantly running cameras?…

Louise: So we were all sitting and talking, having a few drinks, and laughing, and then THAT happened… no one saw it coming, I couldn’t believe it! I don’t know where this came from, who knew that there was such fire inside such a tiny thing?

Marjan: And that’s for being such a jerk to Harry! You think you’re such hot stuff, but let me tell you this: you’re not!

Matthieu: What are you talking about? Ow!

Charlee: GET HIM, GIRL!

Marjan: I don’t have to explain myself to anyone or anything.

Marjan runs off to the bathroom, laughing to herself as everyone stares at her. Matthieu rubs his face, and then goes off to get a drink. Charlee can’t stop laughing, but she also looks like she’s spooked by this sudden disconcerting outburst of emotion. Jessie sits back down, with a small, concerned smile on her face.

Matthieu: What did I do to her? She’s off in her own world! She wouldn’t even notice anything happening in the house if it weren’t for the producers constantly whispering things in her ear to make sure that she’s up to speed…

Things soon calm down, though, and the night continues. The contestants seem to relax after the tense day, and everyone appears to be having a good time. Marjan returns from the bathroom, and sits with Charlee and Jessie, who look at her as if she’s a new person. They don’t hint at it, but they are hesitant to engage in conversation with her.

Charlee: So, er, Marjan, what’s been up with you? You seem like you’ve been tired.

Marjan: Honestly, yes, you know? It’s like when a hummingbird stops drinking sweet nectar and it just drops dead, its little body exhausted and flopping onto the ground, only to be swept away by the strong winds and carried into oblivion.

Charlee: That’s… vivid. Do you need anything?

Marjan: I need nectar. I NEED IT.

Jessie: Have you tried this drink here? It’s quite sweet, perfect for you!

Marjan: Thanks, Jessica. You’re cute.

Jessie: You’re… welcome?

Enca: *whispering* Are you hearing this? What even is happening?

Matthieu: I think she’s just tired.

Kyungri: Tired? I say she’s ready to go home! This is not the attitude of a winner!

Matthieu: I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing her go home… she’s rubbing me the wrong way.

Enca: Hitting you the wrong way, you mean *giggles*. But yeah, she’s gone from bad to worse recently, I feel bad for her but if she leaves it means that’s another week I can skate through!

Kyungri: You’ve been skating through every week regardless! Girl, please.

Enca: Bitch, and I will keep skating right over your ass, you just watch me! *giggles*

Meanwhile, Gabriel and Enzo don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye over the results of their athletic face-off the week before. Enzo especially seems to be threatened by the results of the event, and has been annoying Gabriel with promises of a rematch.

Gabriel: Ennie boy, listen, you don’t need to prove anything to me! I get it, you’re strong, blah blah blah.

Enzo: Stop calling me that! Ugh, I just really want to prove to the people watching that I’m just as good as you are, last week was a fluke.

Gabriel: You don’t need to prove anything to anyone but yourself! Who cares who’s watching? Strive to be better for yourself.

Enzo: You don’t get it.

Harrison: God, who even cares? They’re arguing about this stuff like it actually means something. It’s a not-so subtle penis length measuring competition and it’s driving me crazy. I wish they’d shut up.

Harrison, though, is lost in his thoughts most of the evening. He is thinking about what happened earlier with Matthieu. After the elimination and their conversation, the two of them took advantage of the silence in the house and went off to take a shower together, to “relax after the stress of the week.”

Though Harrison didn’t go farther than he was comfortable with, he feels slightly ashamed that he let himself be taken over by his sad state. He needed comfort after the emotionally heavy last couple of days he had had, and he just let Matthieu shower him in physical attention and affection. Now, a few hours later, Harrison feels like he’s letting things go too quickly. He doesn’t want to just let this man feel like he can have all of him quite yet, and though he knows that Matthieu isn’t a bad person even after the things he heard from Todd, he is hesitant to let himself be that easy. He just wants to guard his heart—this IS reality TV after all, and every emotion is fair game to the cameras.

He soon tires of sitting there listening to the silly drunken squabbling happening all around him and heads to bed. Once alone in his room, he just stand there for a bit, lost in his thoughts and seemingly upset. He soon opens his eyes, though, and sighs. He shakes his shoulders, as if shaking off a feeling, undresses, and gets into bed.

In another part of the house, Louise is also feeling like she doesn’t want to deal with everyone else’s dramatic antics. She’s had a few drinks—sneaking one here and there when she thought people weren’t watching—so she’s feeling dizzy and irritable. She collapses into bed without even getting undressed.


Tune into Part II here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

10 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part I)

  1. SWEET.

    This episode had a lot of little details I had completely forgotten: Marjan actually physically attacking Matthieu out of nowhere, Enzo & Jessie going from low-key side characters to major pot-stirrers, Gabriel being in an actually healthy open marriage (and having now had sex on camera three times!!!), that Enca choreo shade, Jessie somehow getting a FCO despite actually inadvertently making the least amiable game playing decision thus far, THAT shower scene, …

    I still get a scream and a kick out of how eternally messsssyyy you were with the guest characters you invited. Qykoz came off really well in this I thought and I hope he finds someone that’s not a sloppy bttm trainwreck like Maciej. Dr Kim being the sass queen of shade to rival even Kyungri (a match made in plastic heaven?). Manon being RUTHLESS and putting Charlee’s snarling in its place (when can her and Kyungri become high society besties?)… This was full of drama and certainly way more in a fun way than last episode’s more dramatic and mood-dampening reveal.

    SCREECH of the Episode:
    Charlee: how do they even live with the fact that they’re both shallower than a tidal pool full of crabs? – The image. It’s TOO MUCH.

    Liked by 1 person

      *Marjan voice* I. NEED. IT.

      Yikes, yes! I had forgotten that Marjan got physically aggressive at one point, but this is actually important and might come up again… 😉
      Jessie and Enzo have been consistently doing fine in the competition (and both have now had a FCO!) so I just had to flesh them out a little. Enzo being jealous of Gabriel has always made me giggle a little, but honestly, poor guy. Jessie was such a sneaky sneaky sausage with her little stunt, but hey, she got a FCO out of it, so…

      Yesssss, the shower scene. Ummmmm…. Matthison really DID get pretty physical, didn’t they? And eek, so did Gabz. I mean, 3 ladies in 6 episodes? He’s really playing the Latin Papi character very well! (I love it… because honestly Gabz has always been a good guy and his slutaciousness isn’t sleazy at all. We stan.)

      I loved writing all of these guest characters! Yeeesh, they were truly iconique, weren’t they? Qykoz (kii, his name still makes me cringe but it’s been immortalized now and I can’t quite change it, can I?…) would be better off with someone else, yeah, but I’m interested in maybe exploring his relationship with Maciej. Maybe a K&GM focused on Qyciej? (Makoz? I love coming up with these ship names, haha). Dr. Kim… I LOVE him. Later on you’ll get to see him interacting with Kyungri a little bit more, and I LOVE their dynamic. He treats her like the true work of art she is. And Manon, WELL. She’s EXACTLY what Charlee wishes she was. Throwing her drink on Charlee’s face, yesssssss mami.

      And again: Charlee has such fun lines! She might actually get the “best quips” award at the finale, imagine a compilation of all her one-liners 😛
      Some of my faves from this episode:
      About Aurora: “Sweet Jesus, can they please just shut up? It’s like they invited that girl over here just to amplify the shrill screeching coming from Marjan’s beak. Like, can they just shut it? I need a drink, God.”
      To Jessie: “What crawled up your punani and rotted, huh? Take it easy and just enjoy this laugh at the expense of the lessers, honey!”
      And and! This exchange between Mastress Kyungrine and Charl Ee. Cheese’s:
      “Kyungri: Ma’am, I’d love a mimosa. And make sure that the oranges are freshly squeezed, and that the champagne is of the finest quality. Oh! And I’d love a platter of your best cheeses and fruit.
      Charlee: *under her breath* I’ll stick those cheeses right up your fake nose, you snarky witch.”

      I.con.ique. I mean, THAT WHOLE EXCHANGE was hilarious and even though I wrote it, I can’t help but cackle. This episode was so, so much fun to write! (And yikes, sorry for that W O R D Y response!)


  2. Kyungri can GIGGLE? That’s it. Now I’ve seen it all. xD

    Poor Enca. She deserves better than the likes of Patricio. He’s so obviously there for the camera attention. And flirting right in front of her too – the disrespect! I’m glad to see she finally dumped his worthless behind on the curb, where it belongs.

    Hahaha, I love how furious Charlee is with it all XD serves you right for losing last time, and being such a muppet to everyone.

    Ehh… Marjan. Marjan? Too much detail, honey. WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL.

    Oooooooh this was all Jessie’s idea?! Talk about devious! I underestimated her. That’s some mastermind-level cunning right there. And I love how she’s calling you out at the end, haha.

    Wait wait, what’s that about a deal between Marjan and Aurora? What consequences? Nooooo, now I wanna know!

    My gods, the drama in this episode was fantastic. From the moment those people walked through the door, I knew that it was going to be a complete mess XD Now to see who ends up eliminated in the next round. None are my favourites, though it would be a bit of a shame to see Marjan go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss, even Kyungri can giggle! If you can just imagine the sound of it… it’s like a high-pitched robot wheezing 😛 haha

      Enca and Patty Cake were doomed from the start with his lustin’ ways. It was satisfying to write a comeuppance for him! And Charlee, well, it’s hilarious to see her down so low after her whole idea of being the mastermind of the season has burned down to the ground.

      Jessie coming up with the plan was exactly the kind of stunt that Charlee would love to pull! I was happy to have Jessie playing the game a bit. And! Make sure to remember Aurora and this little exchange, because you might find out more about it later 😉

      Thank you! I loved having this dramatic episode, it was so much fun to write. Manon was one of my favorites, she was also exactly what Charlee wants to be but fails at.


  3. Marjan snapped. What possessed her to smack Matthieu of all people? I wasn’t happy about his treatment of Harrison but… that was so bizarre coming from Marjan of all people. Her hummingbird description was so off kilter. She’s a robotic honeybee alien… nectar!

    I do feel badly for Enzo. He lost his wife and kids? to Gabriel who was sleeping around. I actually like him but good looks isn’t enough to skate on. And Gabe is right about one thing. Do it for yourself, Enzo.

    And I’m glad Harrison is weighing things. I feel bad for him too. More so than Enzo. He deserves better. And it’s all happening so fast. Sometimes the hormones override the head and they need to put the brakes on and get to know each other better and rebuild trust. It is hard though when the one person who is your rock and comfort is also the one who hurt you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always thought of Marjan as a sort of robot who’s starting to glitch. Like, people said Kyungri was a fembot but it’s seeming that Marjan was more appropriate for that title. Her hitting Matthieu was completely surprising even to me, but the game gets wild sometimes and I just have to roll with it. It’s fun!

      I think we’re seeing that Enzo, like others in the house, is actually rather insecure even though he’s at the top of his career and has millions of adoring fans. All his success and good looks weren’t enough to keep his family, so that’s gotta hurt. Even more so when the man who indirectly ended Enzo’s marriage is constantly around! I’d feel like beating him at everything, too.

      Yes, exactly! As I mentioned before, Harrison is navigating a relationship for the first time, and emotions are important, but he’s also never had that sort of physical attention and affection, so it’s hard to deal with BOTH of those aspects in a wise way when things are happening so quickly. Poor Harrison.


  4. I wonder whats up with Harrison. He’s sad about something. There’s a lot to be sad about yes but I can’t wait to find out.
    Lol Enca and Kyungri. Don’t get mad at each other. I like you guys equally i won’t be able to choose if you get into a cat fight xD
    I’m with Harrison. Why are they fighting about that. There’s nothing worthy to fight about lol. I get competitive myself but it’s no good to be a sore loser about it.


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