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“The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part II)

The party slowly dies down, most people feeling too drunk and tired to stay up late, and soon everyone heads to bed, as well. The only person who doesn’t make it to her room is Marjan who, after sipping on various sweet drinks all night, falls asleep in the living room amidst all of the empty glasses and bottles. She dreams about many things during the night, as she tosses and turns and keeps murmuring to herself.

She’s not woken by the sunlight streaming in through the windows in the morning, and continues to sleep while two other people sneak out of the house, not seen by anyone. Enzo and Jessie take a walk in the backyard, talking in hushed tones. Jessie looks animated; Enzo, slightly worried.

Enzo: We should really be including Kyungri in this, you know… she won’t be happy when she finds out that we’ve been doing things behind her back.

Jessie: Don’t worry about it! We’re not plotting against her or anything, we’re just… taking advantage of opportunities.

Enzo: Yeah, but it’s kind of messed up…

Jessie: What is?

Enzo: Y’know… just sneaking around like this and talking about these things where no one else can hear, I feel like I’m doing something bad.

Jessie: What are you talking about? We’re just doing what we should do to move on, and you know it!

Enzo: I’m not sure about her. She’s definitely a lot sneakier than I thought. I don’t think her plan will work out, it just seems like she’s setting herself up for a lot of problems…

While this is happening, another housemate is up early.

Last night, after a few drinks, Kyungri and Matthieu both started asking Enca about Patricio, and whether she’s happy with him. They mention that he always had eyes for Marjan, and that they don’t think that he can be trusted. Today, Enca is thinking a lot about what they said—why would they lie?—so she turns on the computer, using her limited computer allowance time, and checks out the few gossip websites that they’re allowed to visit. Surely, after his elimination, Patricio will have made the promotional rounds and he’ll have said something… no? What Enca soon reads, though, makes her stomach drop.

Enca: He’s been seen around the city with my roommate? Jennie? Holding hands? I plan on getting to the bottom of this, this isn’t over! If he’s cheated on me while I’m stuck in this place, then he has one coming.


A few hours later, Charlee is minding her own business for once when she hears the doorbell. She’s bored, so she goes downstairs to see who’s at the door, and she soon wishes she had stayed upstairs.

Charlee: What the hell is going on here?

K&GI ajmkv mail

ajmkv: That’s right, contestants! You all have special guests this week, here to cheer on the winners of last week’s challenge events! You may have remembered that we had surprises for y’all and this is it! If you won the challenge last week, you have a special visitor here to keep you company!

On top of that, if you won your event last week, you’ll be getting a super special treat this tomorrow: the losers of the challenge last week will all be your waiters and waitresses during an afternoon cocktail party tomorrow! That’s right, if you’re a loser you will not only NOT be receiving a special visitor, but you’ll also be waiting on the winners. It just goes to show that you must try to win, no matter what!

This week’s challenge is to make sure that you do a great job during this cocktail party… you never know WHO you have to impress, so make sure that you’re charming, no matter if you’re a winner or a loser, because someone is watching, and WILL judge you on your efforts! So make sure to have fun, and to be as gracious as you can.

Now, let’s meet our special guests!

ajmkv: You’ll remember Aurora from Season 1, where she came in fourth place. She’s here to bring some light into Marjan’s gloom. Next up we have Dr. Kim, here to visit Kyungri and maybe touch up some of that plastic in her body. Next is Patricio, here to put all of his love on Enca’s body! Manon is here to visit Gabriel, and make sure to show him how much he’s missed at home. And finally, we have Qykoz, someone who is very close to Matthieu. Make sure to welcome our guests and make them feel at home!

Jessie: Oooooh, the drama of it all! This is going to be a complete train wreck and I can’t WAIT to see what happens!

Matthieu: What the f*ck? What is this?

Matthieu is too shocked to say anything at first, and Enca looks like she’s going to stab Patricio when she first sees him, but everyone else seems very excited and happy to see their guests. Kyungri especially seems overjoyed to see her beloved Dr. Kim here at the K&GI house, and she smiles from ear to ear when she greets him.

Kyungri: It is so great to see you here, Dr. Kim. You couldn’t even imagine how much work it is to stay beautiful for the cameras.

Dr. Kim: Have you been keeping up with the regime, Kyungri? You know we can’t have any of these parts of your beautiful body looking less than perfect.

Kyungri: I sure have! You would be so proud of me, looking like a shiny pearl every day.

Dr. Kim: Yes, indeed. You are looking radiant, my pet.

Kyungri: *actually giggles*

And while Kyungri is acting like an excited child on Christmas morning, Gabriel is also quite pleased to see his wife, Manon. It has been a while since he last saw her, since she works a lot, and he’s had to take many trips across the world with the volleyball team that he coaches.

Gabriel: I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon! I’m so happy that you’re here!

Manon: Me too, sweetheart, I’ve missed you so much!

Gabriel: How’s Andrés? And Laura? Are they doing all right in school?

Manon: They’re great! They’ve loved watching you on TV, you know!

Gabriel: Oh gosh, I hope that they only watch the good parts of the show…

Manon: Oh, you know… I let them watch the highlights show and kind of call them to the kitchen when they show your “adventures”.

Gabriel: I should have probably explained this before, but you see, me and Manon have this arrangement. Sure, we’re married, but we’re a modern-day couple. I see other people, and she sees other people. It works for us, and we’re happy! Every time we come together, it’s like we’re seeing each other for the first time; our marriage remains fresh because of this! It’s a win/win, honestly.

Louise: Isn’t Manon Enzo’s ex-wife? As if Enzo needed more reasons to feel like Gabriel is his rival… this is going to be a mess!

Enca, meanwhile, is not happy to see Patricio, but she is looking forward to getting some answers from him. He doesn’t even notice her icy demeanor, though, and this makes her even angrier.

Enca: Yes… the whole truth will come out. He thinks he can play me, but he hasn’t seen anything yet. Did y’all see my music video for Dreq? You KNOW what happens when you think you can double-cross the King. King Enca.

Patricio: So, mami, how’s it going? It’s been a hot minute!

Enca: *yawns*

Patricio: So, you know that talk-show guy on TV? The one who interviews famous people?

Enca: You could be talking about anyone, genius.

Patricio: You know the one. ANYWAY, he wants me to go on his show to talk about my life! I think that I’m finally making it!

Enca: Oh really? He’s going to ask you about Jennie?

Patricio: Jennie? Oh, that. Listen, these are all stories. How could I possibly want someone else? Plus, your roommate is frumpy, how could I even go for her?

Enca: Oh, so if she was a gorgeous model, you’d go for her?

Patricio: Of course not!… I would never!…

Enca and Patricio continue their argument, but Enca eventually gives up and just nods along to whatever Patricio is saying. Patricio seems to love being in front of the camera again, as he’s hamming it up like never before. And while this is happening, Aurora and Marjan are outside, ecstatic about their reunion, both all smiles as they giggle and talk about what’s happened in the house since the last time they spoke.

Marjan: And he was all cute and everything but he had to go, you know? I had to survive, it was written in the sand!

Aurora: You mean the stars?… Never mind, whatever. You’re totally right, sis, you always have to make sure that you’re getting ahead no matter what! Do you think that I let myself get down after I was in the Bottom Three in the very first elimination? Hell no!

Marjan: Hell no!

Aurora: Here, let’s take a pic to show our fans that we’re still here, we’re winning at life, and we’re gorgeous! Cameraman! Come here, take a picture for our adoring fans!

Marjan: #gorgina #princesses #blessed

Marjan and Aurora continue to chatter on, their enthusiasm infectious, but Matthieu is not feeling any of it. He’s avoiding talking to Qykoz, refusing to look him in the eye. It isn’t until Qykoz grabs his shoulder and pulls him over to a quiet spot to talk that he even says anything. Matthieu is angry at the production team, and he gives multiple angry looks at the camera.

Qykoz: Listen, I didn’t come here to cause you any grief or anything. I was just invited and thought it would be nice to see you. We haven’t seen each other since… this whole thing happened.

Matthieu: That sounds about right.

Qykoz: I know that this whole situation wasn’t ideal, but it’s over now! Why are you so angry?

Matthieu: *sighs* You’re right. I don’t know why I’m so angry. None of this was even your fault… it’s just, I know how this is going to look to other people.

Qykoz: And why is that important?

Matthieu: Well, because… because I’m seeing someone new.

Qykoz: You really didn’t lose any time, did you?

Harrison: I know I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t feel confident knowing that that guy is around, why was he even invited? He’s supposed to be a prize for Matthieu, so maybe he wanted him here? I don’t even know what to think right now… Aaaaarrgghhhhhhh!

Upstairs, another couple is not wasting any time in getting reacquainted. Manon quickly invites Gabriel to his room, and they stay in bed for a long time. She’s happy to see him, and seems sweet enough. Gabriel, meanwhile, is very pleased that they’ve invited his wife to the show.

Manon: Did you expect to see me here so soon? I thought I’d have to wait until you won to see you!

Gabriel: I mean, I’m sure that the production team is arranging for all this happen to make some sort of drama happen, as I’m sure you’ll remember that I haven’t been a very good boy here.

Manon: But what did they know? Our marriage is stronger than ever, and all the Chinas and Charlees in the world couldn’t change that!

Gabriel: Isn’t that right…

They soon get dressed and grab some dinner in the kitchen. Afterwards, they head to the terrace, where they sit and drink a couple cocktails. They seem completely blissful in each other’s presence, and they can’t take their eyes off each other.

There’s someone who doesn’t seem quite happy about these developments, though, and even though the couple doesn’t notice, Enzo is standing at a distance, watching the loving pair bask in each other’s presence. Enzo’s frown deepens as Gabriel leans in to whisper something in Manon’s ear, only to grab her and kiss her immediately after.

Enzo: I’m not jealous or anything, but… OK, maybe I am a little. I’m happily remarried now, obviously, but one thing that has always bothered me is that Manon never really gave me a reason for the divorce. Laura even chose to live with her! Why? What’s wrong with me? And now, here she is, looking like she’s a smitten teenager when Gabriel treats her like trash, banging every girl in this house… I just don’t get it!

Aurora: And so I told him, hey, if it’s not gold, I’m not interested! And do you know what he said to that?

Marjan: Oh my God, tell me right now!

Aurora: He said, well, my heart is made of gold and it’s all for you…

Marjan: HE DIDN’T!

Aurora: And I was like, well, emotions can’t buy me pretty things, so unless you actually have a golden heart, then it’s time to go, Johnny.

Marjan: You total bitch! I can’t believe it!

Aurora: Oh, believe it! And that’s how a princess of the throne does it, you better believe I make myself a hot commodity. Can’t be handing out all the candy in the jar or every loser with a dream will be knocking at your door!

Marjan: I have so much to learn!

Charlee: Sweet Jesus, can they please just shut up? It’s like they invited that girl over here just to amplify the shrill screeching coming from Marjan’s beak. Like, can they just shut it? I need a drink, God.

Charlee: Do you hear this horrible garbage? How do they even live with the fact that they’re both shallower than a tidal pool full of crabs?

Louise: *laughing* You’re awful!

Jessie: Ugh, Charlee, you’re unbearable!

Charlee: More than those two? Is that even humanly possible?

Jessie: Oh, you do your damnedest.

Charlee: What crawled up your punani and rotted, huh? Take it easy and just enjoy this laugh at the expense of the lessers, honey!

Jessie: *sigh* Fine.

Jessie: I fully intend on laughing this week… but right now is not the time. You’ll see…


Tune into Part III here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part II)

  1. Jessie stirring things up. Who knew the girl had it in her? I feel bad for Enca. But Patricio always had a wandering eye. It’s not a real secret. Enca was blinded by her love… or lust, no?

    Whoa… those special guests. Stirring up the drama. Train wreck indeed, Jessie. Kyungri and Dr. Kim were kinda weird.

    Manon and Gabriel in an open marriage? Didn’t see that coming. Huh? If they are two consenting adults with other consenting adults… I guess. It still feels icky but okay, what works for you.

    Okay Aurora is not possessing Marjan but… still weird.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes. I always intended Jessie to have a little bit of a sneaky streak in her, so it was nice she lasted this long and I was able to actually see it play out! Not that she’s malicious or anything, but she’s been on another reality TV competition and she knows better than most that she has to be pulling the strings or she’ll be cut! And yeah, Enca is going to go through some heartbreak that she could have avoided if she was a little more in tune with Patricio’s true intentions, but it’s a relief to see her finally realizing all this.

      Kyungri and Dr. Kim have a long history together! He’s kind of creepy, haha, but Kyungri loves him. Manon and Gabriel’s open marriage is something I should have maybe mentioned before since it would have made Gabriel’s trysts a little less icky to read about, but at least it’s out in the open now. He wasn’t actually cheating… and this is what China was getting at in Episode 3, when she said she “does her research”, haha. China wouldn’t ever be a mistress, but she allowed herself to sleep with Gabriel because he was allowed to do so. Open relationships aren’t… quite my thing, haha, but if Manon and Gabriel consider one to be what they want for themselves and they both agree, then go for it, you two.

      Aurora finally makes an appearance! (In this season; when I publish Season 1, you’ll see a LOT more of her.) She and Marjan are hilarious together, but gosh. What a pair.


    1. It’s kind of sad that it took Enca THIS long to grow tired of Patricio’s shady antics, but honestly it’s good to finally see her confronting him.

      Yesss, Charlee is rude and mostly awful BUT she does have some of my favorite lines from the show. Hilariously bitchy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Woahh what is going on here?! Jessie the ‘nice girl’ is planning something! I quite like that actually. She’s been overshadowed this whole time! Can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve.
    Haha Marjan and Charlee are just two veery different people its funny to see them clash. They’re not even clashing yet actually lol. I’m super into the backstory between Manon, Gabriel and Enzo. That sounds like a mess in itself already.


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