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“The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part III)

The next morning, the contestants all get ready for their day. The winners and their guests all dress up, some more than others, and head over to the bar café venue in a limousine, while the losers all have to head over there in a small car, and dress up in the same service staff uniform.

Charlee: I did NOT sign up for this! This is ridiculous, nowhere did it say that I’d have to be waiting on my competition. How is this even fair? I’m going to have a word with the producers, this is straight up discrimination.

At the bar, the winning contestants and their guests sit together, and are dutifully served by the losers. The conversations are soon flowing, and most people are enjoying themselves, with the exception of Enca, who is not having any of Patricio’s small talk and won’t even look him in the eye while he’s talking. Matthieu is also having a hard time opening up to his ex-boyfriend, and sits silently for a little while.

Matthieu: Like, what do they want me to say to him? “Thank you for coming, now please go before my new boyfriend gets angry?” I like Qykoz just fine, but right now is probably the worst possible time for him to be here. Harrison just forgave me! Plus, I don’t even know if I’ve come to terms with the way that my relationship with Maciej ended, I don’t want to be reminded of it by the exact person who drove us apart!

But as the afternoon continues, Matthieu thaws and opens up a little to his guest.

Matthieu: So you see, I had to end it with Maciej.

Qykoz: Yeah, I get it.

Matthieu: It was nothing about you, honest! I just didn’t feel comfortable being in a three-way relationship with someone I don’t know very well. No offense! I don’t want to be a throuple with anyone, really. It doesn’t matter who the third person is.

Qykoz: Yeah, that’s all right. Maciej and I have since moved in together, did you know?

Matthieu: I’m really happy for you! I wish you both the best, truly.

Qykoz: And you? You’ll have to tell me all about this beautiful new man of yours!

Marjan: And so I told him that he could go and put it there!

Aurora: THERE there?

Marjan: Exactly! And when he did, it was like, I don’t know…

Aurora: Like you were the juiciest peach in the orchard?

Marjan: EXACTLY! My juices were like sweet nectar dripping down fresh ripened fruit in the hot summer sun…

Aurora: Oh my God!

Louise: I went to wait on their table and heard… that… get help, please. Actually vomit-inducing. Bye.

Kyungri: And have you seen the other ladies here? There are some pretty ladies, but gosh, have you seen the noses?

Dr. Kim: You mean like that harpy, Charlee?

Kyungri: Exactly! How do you live with something like that on your face?

Dr. Kim: I mean, maybe that’s why her eyebrows are so horrible. She’s trying to divert your attention from her nose?

Kyungri: *laughs* Oh, that’s so good!

Kyungri: I’ve missed Dr. Kim so much! He really keeps me sane when I feel like I’m going crazy. You could say he’s my rock. Plus, he keeps my body as solid as a rock, too, so you could say that I’m a spoiled girl.

Patricio: And that’s it! That’s how I managed to make it to the cover of that magazine!

Enca: By sweet-talking the editor-in-chief? How classy, Patricio.

Patricio: Come on, mami, you know that it works that way sometimes! Plus, if it gets me attention, it’s all good for our careers. We have to make sure to be in the spotlight all the time!

Enca: Whatever.

Patricio: Come on, let’s go dance! I’ve been dying to see that beautiful body in motion. I’ve missed you!

Enca: *sighs* Fine, fine… I’ve missed you, too.

Patricio: You’re going to show me your new moves, eh?

Enca: Oh boy, trust me, I’ve perfected my swaying while tossing my hair from side to side. It’s definitely a sight to see!

Patricio: I’m going to love this!

Gabriel: I’ve missed you, you know. You’re so beautiful.

Manon: Oh, you think so? Thank you, honey! I’ve missed you too, so much!

Gabriel: I wish you didn’t have to leave tonight!

Manon: I’m sure that next time we see each other, it will be wonderful, just as it has always been.

Gabriel: I can’t wait! But until then, let’s enjoy these moments…

Enzo: I’m trying very hard not to seem bitter or anything, but I haven’t even let Manon see me. I don’t know if I can face her, there are just too many unanswered questions and I’m not sure this is the place to talk about them. I’ll just continue to make myself as invisible as possible.


After another hour or so, people still seem to be having fun. Even Enca is loosening up and enjoying her time with Patricio. However, this is cut short by the arrival of Aurora and Marjan on the dancefloor. Patricio immediately stops paying attention to Enca and does his best to impress the two pretty girls that just walked up.

Aurora: Oh, so you’re from Mexico, too? Whereabouts?

Patricio: The best beach in the country, obviously! And you, guapa?

Aurora: From Monterrey!

Patricio: Well, you’re welcome at my place anytime! You would definitely have a great time.

Enca is not having any of this. She looks angrier and angrier as Patricio’s feeble attempts at being suave become more obvious to anyone standing there. She looks at him with obvious displeasure, and has completely stopped dancing.

Enca: I have reached my limit. This has gone on for far too long. The complete and utter shamelessness of it all, I can’t even believe it!

Enca storms off and Patricio follows her, though it takes him a minute before he does so since he’s getting Aurora’s phone number. While he’s following her, though, another person looks pretty upset.

Harrison: I have to go and serve them now? I’m sure that guy loves this, making sure that I’m in my place. He’s sitting there getting waited on by the new boyfriend, but sure, I’m sure Matthieu is going to say there’s nothing going on and everything is fine. Ugh, I really don’t like any of this.

Harrison: Can I get you anything… Matthieu?

Qykoz: Sure! I’d love one of those bright green cocktails that Marjan was having, please!

Harrison: And you are…?

Matthieu: Harrison, this is Qykoz… you know, the guy I told you about.

Qykoz: Nice to meet you, Harrison! I’ve heard a lot of very good things about you!

Harrison: I’m charmed.

Matthieu: So, yeah… can you get us a couple of those drinks, babe?

Harrison: Coming right up, sir…

Harrison walks away, looking very annoyed. He’s not having a good time today, filled with thoughts of insecurity. When he’s feeling insecure, it usually manifests as sadness, but today he’s being snippy and rude, almost as if he’s put up a wall around himself. It’s sad to see, but not a lot of people are paying attention to him, not even Enca… but she has her own issues. Kyungri, however, is having a magnificent day, and she makes sure that she’s spreading the enjoyment out as much as she can.

Kyungri: Waitress! Can you come here, please?… Charlee! Waitress! Over here, ma’am!

Charlee: YES?!

Kyungri: Ma’am, I’d love a mimosa. And make sure that the oranges are freshly squeezed, and that the champagne is of the finest quality. Oh! And I’d love a platter of your best cheeses and fruit.

Charlee: *under her breath* I’ll stick those cheeses right up your fake nose, you snarky witch.

Kyungri: Excuse me? Ma’am, that’s hardly the way to behave! What would your superiors think? Actually, in fact, I AM your superior and I am appalled at this behavior! I expect you to act in a better way, is that understood?

Charlee: *balling her fists* Yes.

Kyungri: Excuse me? Yes, what?

Charlee: Yes… Miss Kyungri.

Kyungri: Much better. Run along now, and make sure that the champagne has been chilled for at least 4 hours!

Kyungri: Oh, I could get used to this…

Charlee: If this wasn’t a challenge, I’d have ripped her weave out, track by track, and stuffed it right up her shriveled up crone mouth.

Louise and Jessie take advantage of everyone being busy and walk off for a while to take a breather. They discuss why they’ve been feeling weird about each other, and after a while they patch things up and turn to talking about the challenge. They’re not particularly bothered about waiting on the other people, as they feel like they don’t have anything against the people that won. Jessie is looking particularly pleased with herself, and Louise just has to ask.

Louise: Girl, what’s up? You look like you’ve been really enjoying this!

Jessie: Well… can I tell you a secret?

Louise: Of course! Tell me now!

Jessie: It was me who suggested this challenge to the producers.

Louise: YOU WHAT??

Jessie: Yes, girl! What better way to sow the seeds of discontent than by bringing in the people who will make the most drama and will distract our competition? Um, I mean, you have Aurora, who’s going to drag Marjan further into her weird homesick downward spiral; there’s Patricio, who’s going to distract Enca from the competition AGAIN… same as Manon with Gabriel, PLUS it’s going to piss Charlee off because I’m sure she’s not going to be happy to see Gabriel with his wife knowing that she slept with him… and Kyungri has Dr. Kim because she’s in my alliance and I wanted to make her happy.

Louise: You’re savage! Why would you invite Qykoz knowing what just happened?

Jessie: Actually, he was the only one that I didn’t think of, I feel bad that they invited him. I’m sure Harrison isn’t happy.

Louise: This is… a lot. Wow. You’re so much sneakier than I thought!

Jessie: It’s all in good fun! But if this results in Charlee or Marjan’s elimination… I’m OK with that.

Jessie: I’m usually not this sneaky, but honestly the producers came to me first, asking me about ideas for a challenge. It’s like they’ve run out of ideas and we’re not even halfway through? Anyway, I mentioned this as a fun but silly challenge and they loved it! And then I chose some dramatic pairings and voilà… honestly I’m sure nothing will come of it, but boy am I getting a good laugh out of all of this.

Yikes… forget about what she said about the producers, eh? Um… anyway.


Tune into Part IV here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part III)

    1. I love that Jessie has taken things into her own hands! She’s been on another reality TV competition, so she knows that she can’t just coast along, so her working with the producers to create drama is understandable, even if it is a bit devious.

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  1. Woaaah Jessie you mastermind. I like this. Yay! She’s not as nice as I thought. I remember telling you in one of my first comments that Jessie’s bio resonated with me. Nice to know she can take care of herself and be vicious if she wants to. Well, she’s on a tv show after all she has to be. I do like this chapter. Everything is going south for everyone. But it also highlights each character so well. We only know people’s true colors when we put them in the deep end, so each pairing and un-pairing, despite how icky they are, tells me clearly what their motivations, desires or flaws are. I like this chapter. What a telling challenge. I’m glad for it.


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