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“The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part IV)

While Louise and Jessie continue to talk in the yard, Gabriel has a favor to ask of Manon.

Gabriel: Listen, honey, I think you have to…

Manon: Yes, dear? I’m all ears.

Gabriel: You should talk to Enzo… he’s been sulking the whole day, and I know that you have things to talk about. I’m sure it would be good for him to hear from you.

Manon: All right, darling, I’ll do that. You’re so kind, to think of him!

Gabriel: Hey, he’s an all right guy! I’m raising his daughter, so it’s the least I could do, really.

Gabriel: A true gentleman is always gracious with his competition, is he not? Plus, Enzo has looked like a kicked puppy all day, I’m sure it will be good to talk to Manon, at least to ask about his daughter, right?

Marjan and Aurora have spent the whole afternoon giggling, but Marjan drops a bombshell at one point and Aurora’s face goes stony.

Marjan: And so I was thinking of going home, you know! It’s just been exhausting here, it’s like I’m a hummingbird—

Aurora: Excuse me? What did you say?

Marjan: Oh, I might just quit! It’s just too much, y’know, I want to be at home with you and China!

Aurora: Marjan. You know the conditions of the deal. You cannot back out.

Marjan: I knowwwwwww, but I just can’t seem to keep going! It’s hard!

Aurora: Marjan Viljoen, you will continue on in this competition or there will be consequences. Do you hear me? Do I make myself clear?

Marjan: I suppose…

Marjan: I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to strap on some Eveready batteries or something, because I have to keep going…

Producer: What do you mean, Marjan?

Marjan: You can’t even imagine…


Patricio finds Enca in the garden, looking like she’s going to cry in frustration. Oblivious to her inner turmoil, he asks her if she’s having a good time and suddenly it’s like someone has flipped a switch inside of her.

Enca: Am I having fun? Seriously? Patricio, you’re an asshole.

Patricio: What are you talking about?

Enca: You’ve been flirting with that hussy all afternoon. I’m sick of it!

Patricio: It’s just friendly banter! Her parents must be in the cartel or something, she’s from the north of Mexico, and I’m just getting on her good side.

Enca: That’s the most ridiculous and stereotypical thing I’ve heard, even coming from you. I’m so sick of you!

Enca: I’m just surprised that it took me this long to see…

Patricio: See what? What are you even talking about?

Enca: To see that you’re a horny, freeloading, classless loser!

Patricio: What did you say to me?

Enca: You heard me! I’m done with the cheating, the lying, the constant flirting with other girls… I’m done with you, Patricio! Go back to your beach and stay there!

Patricio: You’re dumping me?

Patricio: But… I love you, mami. What will I do without you?

Enca: I’m sure you’ll find some famous girl dumb enough to carry you on her back for a while. You’re a hot guy, I’m sure it will be no problem for you.

Patricio: But this was so good! I only want you…

Enca: I wish I could believe that, but honestly, boy, that’s the biggest pile of horsesh*t I’ve ever heard. Go screw yourself.

Enca: That felt so good! Why didn’t I do it before? Good riddance to that fool, this peach isn’t about to lower herself to that level of classlessness. I’m much better on my own, anyway!

Enca walks away and Patricio is left completely alone, looking thunderstruck. No one expected this, and the people that witnessed this happen look shocked. It’s almost like they’ve never seen Enca display so much passion, and they speak in hushed tones about how impressed they are. Matthieu, however, is too distracted telling Qykoz about Harrison.

Matthieu: Oh gosh, he’s just so sweet. Everything is brand new for him, and exploring a relationship with him is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever lived.

Qykoz: He’s never had a boyfriend before, then?

Matthieu: No! And I was his first kiss, even! It’s all so beautiful, I love it. He has such a bright outlook and such a bashful strength, it’s been an amazing influence on me. I finally feel like I’m on the right path again!

Qykoz: And you’re sure he feels the same way about you? I don’t know, he’s 23 and only falling in love for the first time? Are you sure this will last?

Matthieu: All I have to do is look into his eyes and I melt. And even better, he melts, too. The looks he gives me, they’re beautiful. It’s like I can see right into his soul, and I’m loving everything I’m seeing.

Qykoz: That sounds… lovely, actually.

Matthieu: I really like him.

Qykoz: So why are you sitting here with me? Go find him!

Matthieu: Thanks, Qykoz… I will! You know, you’re a really great guy. I wish you the best with Maciej, I hope he makes you happy.

Matthieu walks off, looking for Harrison. He passes Enzo, who’s sitting at the bar, looking morose. He stops to pat him on the shoulder, but walks off when he sees Manon coming, looking for Enzo.

Enzo: Oh hey, Manon… how are you doing these days?

Manon: I’m all right, pretty happy with my life!

Enzo: And how’s Laura?

Manon: She misses you, you know. You should come and visit more often… she’d love to see her dad.

Enzo: I’ll do that…

Manon: Listen, Enzo… I’m sorry we never spoke about this, but you’ve got to stop beating yourself up about the end of our marriage.

Enzo: I just never understood why…

Manon: Do you know anything about my marriage with Gabriel?

Enzo: I know you look like you love each other more than anything else in the world.

Manon: We look like that because we’re allowed to see other people, Enzo.

Enzo: You what?!

Manon: So, you see… in the end, you were too nice for me. I was looking for something… else.

Enzo: So… you wanted to sleep with other people and that’s why you dumped me? When we had a daughter together?

Manon: It was for the best, wasn’t it? Your career boomed afterwards, and now you’re married, to a MAN I might add, and have two more kids!

Enzo: Yes, but you caused me so much grief! It would have been so much better to know all of these things from the beginning.

Manon: I’m truly sorry, Enzo. I never wanted to hurt you, we were just young and immature. I regret making you feel bad, I truly do. I’m here for you if you want to talk.

Enzo: Thanks… I guess.

Enzo: I feel worse…

Matthieu finds Harrison sitting on a rock outside the bar, and he goes to sit next to him. Harrison sees him coming but doesn’t say anything, just continues to sit and look at the ocean in the distance.

Matthieu: Are you all right, chéri?

Harrison: I’m fine, Matt.

Matthieu: Are you sure? Because you look like you’re—

Harrison: Seriously, I’m fine. You can go back to your hunky guest now.

Matthieu: Are you worried about him? Harrison, you know I’m not with him anymore, and I don’t want to be…

Harrison: This situation is just a little bit too complicated for my liking.

Matthieu: Come on… I know that it’s hard, but I just want to make you happy. You’re the guy I want, and you know it.

Harrison: But I can’t deal with these feelings, and I’d rather not…

Matthieu: You have nothing to be insecure about. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Harrison: I know, and I trust you… but… I’m scared, Matt.

Matthieu: It’s OK to be scared. I’m scared, too, but with you everything seems easier and more beautiful.

Harrison: *brightens* It does?

Matthieu: Of course it does! You’re my one. So what do you say?

Harrison: My one?… Well… I’m going to be careful, but honestly, how could I say no to that? I do really like him, but if he has another of his exes show up, I’ll probably attack them. *giggles* I’m really into him…


As the afternoon wraps up, Charlee heads to the bathroom to freshen up. She’s had a long day, and she’s ready to go back to the house and spend the rest of the day not talking to anyone. She’s in a horrible mood, but she calms down as she splashes water onto her face. Her pulse soon quickens, though, when she sees someone holding a drink coming down the stairs.

Charlee: YOU!

Manon: Excuse me? Is there something wrong?

Charlee: I’ve seen you all day, acting like you’re just the frosting on a sweet cake. I recognize fake when I see it, you’re not fooling me!

Manon: I have no clue what you’re talking about!

Charlee: So did you know that your husband has been sleeping around? And acting like he can get away with it? You did know, didn’t you? I can see it in your eyes!

Manon: Oh, that silly thing. It’s nothing! Men will be men.

Charlee: You’re infuriating! You’re spineless, hopeless, and weak, and yet you feel like you can do whatever you want wherever you go. Well, not in my house!

Manon looks genuinely shocked, but soon composes herself and stands there, looking at herself in the mirror. She picks up her drink and is fingering the rim of the glass, just thinking, when suddenly…

Manon: Whoops! Oh dearie, what a shame! Your basic waitress outfit is now drenched and stained!

Charlee: You did that on purpose, you bitch!

Manon: Weak, you say? Spineless? Hopeless? Bitch, you don’t know who you’re messing with. And you’ve got one coming if you think you can mess with me. Yes, I saw you throw yourself on my husband. Yes, I saw the desperation on your face, and yes, I’ve seen how much of a miserable bitch you are on this show. But for every basic cow like you, there’s a ruthless and beautiful snake like me, so watch out, sweetie, because I WILL end you if you mess with me again. You have been warned, now move out of the way before I skull drag you by that raggedy mess you call hair.

Charlee stares at Manon in shock as she walks away. The red drink drips down Charlee’s drink as she is frozen in her spot, flabbergasted at what she has just witnessed.


The contestants return home, where they say goodbye to their guests. Some people look happy to say goodbye, while others are sad. Afterwards, everyone is called to the stage for a special announcement. The host takes a while to arrive, so the contestants amuse themselves, just fooling around, taking advantage of the copious amounts of alcohol available to them, and dancing with each other. You’d never guess that most of them are angry; it seems that the alcohol has done its trick.

ajmkv: Hello housemates! I’m happy to see that you’re all enjoying yourselves, and each other’s company! I hope you’ve had a couple of those drinks, because what I’m about to tell you is a doozy.

Kyungri: Bring it on. This week has already been incredible, so I wouldn’t mind seeing some more meltdowns in here.

ajmkv: Remember how I told you that your challenge was to make your best effort to put your best face forward because you were going to be judged by some important people? Well, I hope for your sake that you managed to do so because this week… your votes will be determining who will be up for elimination. That’s right, people: you yourselves are the judges.


ajmkv: Our usual filmed nominations will be replaced with an urn, in which you’ll place your votes for the three people to leave. In order to maximize the drama in this already dramatic episode, we want the votes to be completely secret to everyone, including the audience, so that the results are much more unexpected. So, housemates, in just a few minutes you’ll be submitting your ballots and then, later on tonight, I’ll be calling you back here to announce the results!

Jessie: Oooooh, this is going to be good!


After the housemates have all voted, ajmkv calls them all back to announce the results.

ajmkv: Well, well, well… the results aren’t quite what I expected, but honestly you can’t predict anything in reality TV, can you? Let’s get right to them, because I’m sure you’re all gagging to find out!

Well, the first person I’m going to call out, with zero votes and a magnificent performance this week is…










Girl, you were amazing this week, sweet as always but with a secret. I hope you enjoyed helping us plan this challenge, you did a great job!

Enca: Excuse me, what?

ajmkv: The next person I am going to call out also received zero votes and was quite lovely this week. It’s not surprising to see you this high…










Louise, you’re continuing to make a great impression on your housemates. You’re well-liked and it shows! Keep it up!

The next name I’m going to call is…










Boy, you received a single vote, so you’re in the clear for now. It’s good to see you here after your rough last week!

Next up is…










Matthieu, you also only received one vote. You’re popular amongst your housemates, so keep being warm and lovely! You are also the challenge winner, as determined by the producers, since your demeanor and attitude toward everyone was especially lovely this week. You’ve won a visit to a spa of your choice in the next year, courtesy of Nimble Fingers, Clear Mind, Inc. Well done!

Matthieu: And to think I could have messed it all up by staying angry at Qykoz. I’m proud of myself!

ajmkv: Three contestants are safe… and three will be put up for elimination. The next name I will call is…










Enzo, we’re sorry you had a rough week, but you’re also well-liked, as you only received two votes. Keep it up and you’ll be making it much farther!

The next person that is safe is…










Girl, you’ve also had a rough week and you seemed to rub some of your housemates the wrong way, since you’ve received four votes. You could have been nominated, but we’ve determined that you performed better than the other contestants left, so congratulations! You are still in the running.

One name left… the last person who is SAFE from elimination this week is…










From the top all the way here… Kyungri, you really need to work on your people skills, as you also received 4 votes. However, we’re confident that you can improve on this next week, so you’re safe.

Now, Gabriel, Charlee, and Marjan, can you please step forward? Gabriel, you received 4 votes, but one ballot had you on there as a “fourth choice” and we’ve decided that that will fly, and so we’re putting you up for elimination. Marjan and Charlee… you’ve both received SEVEN votes from your housemates. You’re deeply unpopular, so if you survive to next week, I recommend being nicer…


Now it’s up to you, the viewers at home! Vote to save your favorite contestant, and maybe they’ll remain in the competition! Will Gabriel live to see another day in his rivalry with Enzo? Will Charlee continue her reign of terror in the house? Or will Marjan strap on those Eveready batteries and survive to give us another week of cryptic statements? Find out soon in the elimination special!

Week 6

Tune into Part V here and find out who goes home!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer” (Part IV)

  1. Ooo bossy Aurora! She is pushing Marjan into this competition? Wow… what a dense little sheep you are, Marjan. No wonder she cracked. She’s still an android… I’m convinced. She’s the real plastic one.

    Enca! There’s the fire! You go girl! You deserve better. And she’s absolutely right about Patricio. He needed to be gone.

    Wow… Manon… laid on the truth too thick. Enzo looks crushed. Wait… darn… I remembered he’s married… and gay. 😬

    Charlee had that coming … she did. But I don’t know about Manon. I don’t like her.

    Jessie killed it. Literally killed her competition. I’m floored. I feel like Louise keeps just skating by. She’s likable but she doesn’t stand out. At least Jessie took matters into her own hands.

    Ooo tough one. Charlee is the obvious bitch and she knows it, but Marjan needs put out of her misery. And she’s creepy. Buuuuut… Goodbye Charlee… please. I want to know what’s going on with Marjan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some of the secret gets revealed! But really, the mystery only gets deeper… why is Aurora pushing Marjan into the competition? Why did Marjan agree? Hmm… (Behind-the-scenes tidbit: before writing the episodes, I envisioned Marjan as filler, but as she SOMEHOW lasted longer and longer, I had to develop her character more, and making her a mystery turned into my favorite storyline in the end, haha. Honestly my favorite thing about writing this story! Having you all vote each week and losing/keeping characters I didn’t expect keeps me on my toes and I love it.) I agree that Marjan’s mystery is more worth keeping than Charlee’s failed mastermind plot at this point…

      Hehehe, well, Enzo is indeed married, and to a hunk, too! All my Sims seems to be bi, haha. When I played his family and Manon dumped him, Enzo was really sad, but a few days later he met a hot guy playing guitar and suddenly they’re flirting with each other and I’m like 😐 OK Enzo! But they’re married now and also have two adorable kids.

      Manon’s verbal smackdown of Charlee was… everything. Manon being a future villain at some point confirmed? 😉


  2. Ouch, ajmkv screwing Jessie over by telling everyone she thought of this challenge. 😂 I don’t think that helps her likability.

    My vote was apparently unpopular. I wanted to keep in Charlee. I didn’t even think of Marjan. Oh, well, I’m sure it will be interesting enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why keep secrets when revealing them can stir up some drama? 😉 ehehe

      Even though it seems like at this point I’m also rooting for Charlee to go, I honestly adore writing her character and bitchy quips, so I also want her to stay…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woah That Manon Charlee bit was wild. I’m surprised they didn’t fight there and then. I bet if they were off screen they would. Jessie is an incredible force although yeah.. the producers shouldn’t have announced her. Jessie wanted to keep her mates safe and she did! Thats amazing.
    I’m so glad Enca and Patricio have broken up *standing ovation* What a beautiful day. Made my day really. And I am so glad to see Kyungri’s name at the top. She and Kim though.. Woooah… they’re meant for each other lolol.


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