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“The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part II)

ajmkv: *voice message* Good afternoon, Enca. I am writing to you because I’ve been caught up in an emergency at home. Let’s just say that no one wants to do the cleaning and it seems like I’m always the one to do it and I don’t even get thanked for it and then I have to spend my whole day doing it and not hosting my own show, but noooo, no thanks from anyone, just me on my knees scrubbing the—oh, whoops. Damn.

Enca: What the hell?…

ajmkv: I’m sorry, I was rambling… anyway, Enca, I’m trusting you with the news of this week’s challenge and the instructions. Are you ready for them?… Oh, wait, this is a message and I can’t actually hear you. 

Enca: *shakes her head in amused exasperation*

ajmkv: Anyway yes—ow, f*ck! Who left these toys lying around? Ughhhhhh… Wow, I’m sorry Enca, maybe I should have called you later. Too late now. Anyway, yes, here are the instructions for this week. You all will be submitting your nominations in secret, once more, BEFORE the challenge. I don’t want anyone to know who’s being nominated, because it’s better like that. I think. It’s more dramatic…

Enca: *under her breath* I swear, if he doesn’t get to the point soon…

ajmkv: …and yes, THEN you’ll be going into the challenge. I’ve split you up into three groups: Team Cool, made up of Harrison, Louise, and Jessie; Team Sexy, comprised of Gabriel, Marjan, and Kyungri; and Team Classy, which is you, Matthieu, and Enzo. Your task this week is to promote the new K&GI fragrance line. In your teams, you’ll take the word you’ve been assigned and create a billboard-worthy advertisement. You can pose anywhere, in whatever outfits you like, and use whatever you’d like in the ad. Make sure you represent your team’s word well, and look amazing, because your ads will be displayed as billboards in the city!

Enca: Oh, piece of cake!

ajmkv: And afterwards, you’ll do a meet and greet with some of your biggest fans. You’ve got to impress not only myself and the producers, but also the fans. I’ll drop in sometime later to see how you’re doing. Good luck on your task and—*the line cuts off*

Enca: Oh, he must have gone over the time limit for messages. I should go tell the others!

Enzo: When Enca told us about the challenge, I was thrilled. I mean, first I get a surprise visit from my husband, and then I get told that the challenge is another modeling task? I mean, I don’t want to sound like I’m full of myself or anything, but I won the last modeling challenge and I’m ready to win this one, too. Bring it on, I say!

After submitting their anonymous nomination ballots, the contestants split up into their teams later on in the evening, and they go off to different spots in the house to discuss their plans for the photoshoot. While they’re waiting for Harrison to arrive, Jessie and Louise sit together and talk about something that’s been on the latter’s mind.

Jessie: You what? Excuse me?

Louise: I know, I know, it’s totally crazy but I feel like it’s right.

Jessie: That’s crazy! You know that that’s probably going to lead to a great big mess, don’t you?

Louise: But it feels right to me! I just get the feeling that it’d turn out OK, and it would make me super happy, you know. I can’t stop thinking about it!

Jessie: I just can’t see why you would do that to yourself. You could spend your time doing other things! You’ve got so much to give, I don’t want to see you chasing an uncertain destiny…

Louise: But would you support me if I did? I need advice and you’re the only person here that actually knows me…

Jessie: I mean, of course, but… be careful, Lou. I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Harrison: You all right, girls? Ready to win this challenge?

Louise: *snaps out of her thoughtful daze* Of course! We’re Team Cool, and there is no one cooler than us!

Jessie: You couldn’t have sounded more uncool than that. *giggles*

Harrison: Yeah… I don’t feel very cool.

Jessie: Any ideas?

Louise: You know, I was thinking we do black and white. That’s cool, right?

Jessie: *rolling her eyes* Yeah, this is true. We also need cool outfits and everything…

After a lengthy discussion, Team Cool decide on their outfits, and on the concept, and soon go off to get their picture taken. They’re in high spirits, and their photoshoot goes without a hitch.

Harrison: This came out so well! I’m so proud of us, guys.

Jessie: You know what, for a trio of dorks we did pretty great. Good job, everyone!

Louise: Dorks? *imitating Kyungri* Honey, what are you talking about? I am here to win all the money, and if I want to attract it, I have to look like it. Expensive. And I can’t wear a coin costume, so this designer outfit will have to do. The money flows through my veins, and soon will flow right into my designer purse.

Jessie: STOP, you’re scaring me.

Harrison: Uncanny! I’m terrified.


Team Classy meets up in the basement.

Enzo: OK, so for something like Classy, people will be expecting suits and cocktail dresses. I don’t think we need them!

Enca: I know, right? I think classy and chic can be attained even when your kiwis are out and shining.

Matthieu: Oh, I agree, but do you always have to call them that? I mean, kiwis are brown and hairy…

Enca: And luscious and juicy, so yes.

Enzo: Guys, focus. I suggest we go with a subdued palette, nothing too flashy… muted tones, and the like. I love this couch, so let’s use it, as well!

Enca: I like the way you think. With your keen fashion eye and my stunning looks and Matthieu’s… appeal… we’ll kill this challenge!

Matthieu: Excuse me? “Appeal”? I’ll mop the floor with all of you!

Enzo: You mean, we’ll mop the floor… together.

Enca: Boys, the only person mopping right now is ajmkv, at his house. We’re slaying.

Enzo: Yeeees, these photos look great! I think we have this challenge in the bag. No other team will be able to interpret their concept as well as we did ours!

Enca: Plus, if the challenge is to sell something, what better than to have the professional model and the diva superstar singer… and the other guy…, on one team!

Matthieu: Enca, I swear…

Enca: *giggles* I’m sorry, Matt, I’m just kidding! You did great… for a newbie.~


Team Sexy meets in the study.

Kyungri: You all know what we have to do for this challenge, don’t you?

Gabriel: I’ve been on a team with you before, Kyungri. I’m going to have to take my clothes off, aren’t I?

Kyungri: Exactly.

Marjan: Oooooooh, like naked naked? Like, are we going to be pixelated on TV?

Kyungri: Not quite. This is for a perfume, not a porno. I was thinking… lingerie.

Marjan: Oooooh, I love the Italian!

Gabriel: What? Oh, never mind. You know what? I trust you. You took charge in the last challenge like this and we won, so I trust in your judgment.

Kyungri: As you should! You’ll be praising ajmkv and the producers for having placed you on a team with me, you’ll see!

They soon head back to their rooms to get changed for their photoshoot. Kyungri comes out first, and calls out to the others, who seem to be taking a long time.

Kyungri: Come out, everyone! You know you’re going to look gorgeous, I picked out your outfits myself. Do you not trust my eye? The whole world wants to see you in your magnificent, naked glory! Attract the eyes of the world and the world will reward you, you will see!

Gabriel: *calling out* I’m coming… 

Kyungri: What could possibly be taking you so long? You’re wearing a single item of clothing!

Gabriel: It’s just taking a while to… secure everything.

Kyungri: Oh, dear God.

Marjan: At first, I thought, “I shouldn’t be showing all of this skin, who knows what’s going to happen, will the sun come in and steal the shine from my skin cells?” but then I thought, “come on, Marjan, you’re inside! The greedy sun won’t be able to steal anything from you in here!”, plus I look amazing, so I’m ready for this challenge. I’m going to shine so much that the people looking at the picture will get third-degree burns in their eyes!

Producer: Um, Marjan… that’s bleak.

Marjan: You’re right. I’ll burn holes in their heads with my radiant heat! *giggles and claps*

Kyungri: Wow, Marjan, you look like a million bucks! Maybe not a billion, that’s me, but you still look like the net worth of an up-and-coming tycoon!

Marjan: I look like a shiny penny and I know it. Let me send a snap to all of my loyal followers so they can go to their local Kinkos and print out poster-sized copies of my beautiful self!

Kyungri: *sighs* You do that. You show the world what it’s missing. *calls out* Gabriel! Where in Shaman Unnie’s name are you? What exactly is taking you so long?

Gabriel: Coming!

Gabriel: Sooo? What do you think, ladies? Am I going to be someone’s fantasy tonight?

Marjan: OH MY GOD, you’re like a Max Steel come to life! It reminds me of when I used to sneak into my brother’s room when he was at school and steal his Max Steels. I dressed them up in my dolls’ clothes all the time. It was perfect!

Gabriel: Thanks! Coming from you, that’s a real compliment.

Kyungri: Yes, yes, Gabriel, you look good enough to put on a platter and serve to the Queen of the richest country in the world. Absolutely scrumptious, yadda yadda. Now, can we please get to this photoshoot?

Gabriel: *flexing his muscles* Let me feel my fantasy a little bit more…

Gabriel: That photoshoot went so well! We all looked incredible, and I really pulled off the coy look. I was working that camera like a professional. If stripping down is what I have to do to succeed here, I will do it for me and for my team. We worked so well together, too! I’m starting to change my mind about those two, I really had a lot of fun with them and I’m growing to like them a lot. It’s a good thing we’re winning this challenge, because I’m looking forward to spending more time with them.


Tune into Part III here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

5 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part II)

  1. I had to snicker a little at the names. I mean… Harrison, Jessie, and Louise don’t particularly strike me as “cool.” Okay, maybe Jessie because she’s nice. And Classy… yes, I agree that Enzo and Enca are probably the classier of those on the show… maybe Jessie would fit that too. But Matthieu’s indecisiveness and reluctance to break up with his bf’s knocked him outta classy-vile for me. And sexy… maybe yes Kyungri and def Gabriel, but Marjan… naw man. Don’t see it. That weird waif thing she’s got going on kills all the sexy.

    That phone message to Enca though was absolutely hilarious! I loved it!

    I wonder what Louise is talking about, but I’m nervous for her based on what Jessie implied. Oh girl… don’t go getting hurt. Please. I do like you Louise, even if I’ve called you a wallflower. Her impression of Kyungri was a little funny too.

    Not sure about these photo shoots though… hmm..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to laugh at your comment. Poor Louise and Harrison, not cool? ehehehehe whoops! I do agree that not all of the contestants fit the team names (especially Marjan… at this point she’s not really sexy, nor classy, nor cool… but there’s no Team Shrill and Weird so I guess I had to make do :P).

      Yeah, Louise (as you probably know by now!) has a secret and it’s not going to be pretty revealing it. Oh man, but she’s young like Harrison (even younger!) and she’s feeling things she probably shouldn’t…

      Hehe, I also thought the photo shoots were awkward but the final shots turned out cute!


  2. Louise is being incredibly mysterious. Come on girl, spit it out! I don’t know if it was on purpose by the way, but you used the same picture twice in that scene.

    I expected some sexier lingerie when Kyungri suggested it. It’s good they’re keeping it somewhat classy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Louise has a little secret 😉 And yeah, I saw! I replaced the duplicate with the correct picture, thank you!

      Honestly I was going to have them do reeeeeeally sexy lingerie but I thought the classier look would go better with the ad, haha. I like how it turned out!


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