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“The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part IV)

The next day, the housemates all gather in the living room to hear about the results of the challenge. They’re all excited to see their ads and their billboards, and they anxiously wait for ajmkv to show up.

K&GI ajmkv mail

ajmkv: Hello, my lovelies! I’m so happy to see you here, and I’m thrilled to be back after a little setback!

Enca: Little setback, eh? I’m sure that it involved a lot of cleaning products and some elbow grease…

ajmkv: You’ve all done really well in your challenge. I love every single one of your ads, and they’ve been a great success! We’ve had a lot of feedback from the fans in the city and at your meet and greet, and let me tell you that they loved everything you did! Not only that, but you also had a paparazzi taking secret pictures of each of you during the day, and you’ll be taking a peek at those today!

The winner of this secret mini-challenge will be determined by the fans watching the show and the prize will be revealed next week. I hope each of you got a magnificent picture because you don’t want to miss out on this prize! Now, I’ll be calling each team up and I’ll be revealing each member’s photo and then the ad. First up is Team Cool; Harrison, Jessie, and Louise!

ajmkv: Harrison, you seemed to be distracted during the meet and greet. You have lots of fans, but you didn’t interact too much with any of them. You need to pay attention to the fans, boy, no matter how much you want to stare at the hot man next to you! Your fans are the ones who will have your back in this competition, so remember to give them a little attention every once in a while. In terms of the photo, I think you look handsome, as usual. I wish you had been looking forward instead of to the side and at your man, but I do like this photo. You look like your usual dreamy self and it comes through in the picture.

ajmkv: Jessie, you also failed at interacting with your fans. I don’t know what it was about you but you came off as uninterested and a bit cold. I wish you had made more of an effort because you looked beautiful and you’re well loved by the audience. I wanted so much more from you this week but you didn’t do a good job at the meet and greet and your photo, though it is a nice one and it shows off your cool look and your beauty, is not very interesting. I hope you’re able to stay for another week because I know you can do much better than this.

ajmkv: Louise, I think your picture is gorgeous. You look soft and pretty, and I think that the outfit that you’re wearing is very flattering. You came into the competition looking a little bit frumpy but you’ve blossomed into a chic young woman and I’m happy to see it. However, you also weren’t the best in your interactions with the fans. All three of you failed, though I think you, Louise, were the best in the group. You at least put in a little effort. It wasn’t enough though; you always have to be ready to smile and greet your fans!

Now, for the group ad and the billboard…

ajmkv: I just… I can’t. It’s beautiful! It really does look cool. You did an amazing job at interpreting the theme, and each of you looks fantastic. The fans also loved this; when people saw this billboard, they all said that you look fantastic. They wish you had given a little bit more intensity in the eyes, but other than that they loved the ad. There aren’t really negative comments from me; you really come off as the group that is too cool to even sit up straight on the couch when posing for a photo, and I love it. Louise, I have to commend you for this look. You really went for it and I think you did the absolute best in the ad. You’re shining in this and it’s very, very good. You all should be proud of producing something like this. I know I’m proud!

Now, can Team Classy please come up?

ajmkv: Enca, you really killed it at the challenge. You were on 100% of the time, posing for the photographer the second you arrived. The fans all adored you. You got the biggest reception and you gave all of them what they wanted. I wish you had interacted with them instead of basically performing for them, but hey, they loved it so I can’t complain. Your photo, however… I’m not sure. I want to love it, but I feel like you’ve done this pose so many times. I’m kind of bored. You look gorgeous, and I love this toned-back makeup, but… yeah, I’m kind of bored. Next time, I wish you would shake things up a bit!

ajmkv: Enzo, you look fantastic! You’re radiant and glowing, and I love seeing that. I know you’ve had a good week, and it really shows! That smile, the little twinkle in your eye, your casual pose; it all works. This is one of my favorite photos because it expresses your feelings quite well. You also did a great job at interacting with the fans and making sure that you took your time with all of them. I’m proud of you! I know you haven’t been having the best time, but you rose above it and delivered a great performance this week. Great job!

ajmkv: Matthieu… can I just say that this is my favorite photo of the bunch? It’s just so perfect. All of the people around you can’t distract from your sly smile and your dashing good looks. You’re the true star of this and it’s just so, so good. I wish that I looked this good in all of my pictures! You’re on team Classy, but honestly you look so damn cool here. On top of that, you did a good job with the fans, as well, so I’m pretty sure that you’re going to be called high for this. I just can’t stop staring at that picture!

And now, for your ad and the billboard… I can’t wait!

ajmkv: Another amazing ad. I really like your choice of colors, it’s really pleasant to look at. I think you did a good job at representing your word, too. It’s almost a mix of classy and cool, though. I think your expressions are great, they’re almost daring the viewer to say that they aren’t classy. Your outfits are great, I really like that you didn’t go with traditional cocktail party attire and instead went with classy-casual. It’s more accessible, and I think our audience will appreciate that more. I think you’ve done a great job! The fans agree, though they think you’re not doing classy 100%. Still, they were impressed with the billboard and the ad, so good job!

Finally, let’s bring up Team Sexy.

ajmkv: Marjan, you’re so gorgeous, it’s sinful. Your fans love that you’re a classic beauty with a bite. Kind of like the roses on your top, you have a thorn, though, and that’s what keeps me and the fans coming. And come they did! Your fans at the meet and greet were smitten; they all left with huge smiles on their faces, and how could they help it? You were charming, funny, and gorgeous, and that shows in this picture. I never expected you would last this long, but I see a bright future for you in this show now, and it’s so much fun to see your development.

ajmkv: Gabriel, you’re a fan-favorite. Your rugged charm is only matched by your incredible good looks. I love that green shirt on you, it matches your skin tone and your plentiful body hair perfectly. I love that you wore it to the event, it’s such a good look. Your picture is simple, but you look very good. I’m sure many of your fans, both female and male, left the event feeling like they had been blessed because man, you really turned the charm on 100%! So many people had great things to say about you (and your muscles!) Keep it up, you’re doing great.

ajmkv: Kyungri, Kyungri, Kyungri… what are we going to do with you? You’re just so effortlessly killing this competition! I adore your picture, I think it shows off your looks perfectly. You look confident, sassy, and beautiful in this picture. Sure, maybe some people will say that you look plastic, as well, but I say plastic is fantastic if you manage to look this good! A thank you card to Dr. Kim best be on its way, because your fans are worshiping the ground you walk on. You’re a phenomenon, and it showed at the meet and greet. I was blown away at the ease with which you communicated with fans. You’re the one to look out for!

And now, for the ad and billboard, which I imagine will be incredible…

ajmkv: Just… wow. I’m actually speechless… give me a sec. Marjan, you look like a beautiful princess in her boudoir… I’ve never seen you look so sultry. Kyungri, I’m used to seeing you in sexy outfits and positions, but you’ve really hit it out of the park this time. That booty… I’m salivating. And Gabriel… Oh, good God, you look delicious. That skimpy underwear is everything, your pose is everything, and that expression! That expression is magnificent. Coy, naughty, teasing, all at the same time. You’re a saucy minx, even more so than your teammates, and that’s no small feat! I’m getting sweaty just looking at this. I love that y’all did Sexy, because I think you succeeded incredibly. This is sexy but not slutty, and it’s perfect for the fragrance. Your fans adored this, called it the best of the ads, and proceeded to snap lots of pictures to take home with them. This is what an ad should be, a means to stay in the minds of people. I love, love, love this ad. It’s just so good!

Now, everyone, feel free to take a break while the producers and I tally up everyone’s results. We’ll be back shortly to announce the winning team and the callout order!

Jessie: Well, I didn’t do too well. I’m not sure I’ll be safe from the bottom this week, but honestly I’m just happy that I’ve made it this far! I want to continue, but yeah, I didn’t really put in a huge effort this week…

Matthieu: Did you hear what ajmkv said? If my photo was his favorite, there’s no way he’d let me go this week! If anything, that should hold a lot of weight when it comes to the deliberation! Plus, it really was a good picture. I’m proud of myself!

Kyungri: Is anyone surprised? No? Good. Because this is what I deserve: all the praise. All of it. When I look this delicious, do you think I’m going to accept anything less than glowing compliments? Definitely not!


ajmkv: So, housemates, I am back with the news! First, let me tell you that you’ve all done an admirable job this week. I want to say I’m surprised, but honestly I really am not. I knew you all had this in you, and I’m very proud to have you as ambassadors for the K&GI fragrance brand. It will be amazing with you as the faces!

Now, here’s how this week’s eliminations will go. We’ve taken into account the fan’s opinion and our own thoughts on your performances, but since everyone has done so well, we’ve decided that we’re going to put it in your hands as well. Do you remember how you were all asked to anonymously nominate each other for elimination earlier this week? Well, those votes are going to be the basis for the elimination. Then, the members of the winning team will have 6 votes discounted from their totals. The members of the second place team will have 3 votes discounted from their totals, and the members of the third place team will have no votes discounted, and their totals will remain the same. If you’re in the losing team, let’s hope that your housemates really like you because otherwise…

Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that the winners of this challenge are Team Sexy! Kyungri, Gabriel, and Marjan, you all will have 6 votes discounted from your totals. In second place is Team Classy, which means that Enca, Enzo, and Matthieu, you each will have 3 votes removed from your totals. I’m sorry, Team Cool, that means that none of you will have votes discounted. Let’s hope you do well in the nominations so you don’t find yourselves in the bottom 3!

The first name I will call is…










Gabriel, congratulations! Your hard work this week has paid off… or was it your stripping? Either way, the fans love you and that has saved you. Your 3 nomination votes became -3 and you’re waaay ahead of the pack. Great job!

Gabriel: Well, well, well… I wasn’t really expecting to be called first, but I knew I was going to do great. I guess all this work toning this body really does bring benefits! I’m so happy.

ajmkv: The next name I will call, who went from 2 nomination votes to -1, is…










Congratulations! I loved your photo, and the fans also loved you. Keep it up!

The next person I will call, is…










Girl, you went from 5 nomination votes to -1… you better start making friends soon because your looks won’t save you every time! However, I’m proud to see you up here. Great job!

The next person to be safe this week is…










You’re on thin ice, Kyungri. You went from 6 nomination votes, the most of any contestant, to 0. Your win was instrumental to your success, but honey, please make sure you’re sweeter to your housemates next week! Congratulations!

Next up we have…










Enzo, you went from 3 to 0. You’ve been doing a great job so far, keep it up.

Another person with zero votes and the last one to be safe…










You’re the only person to actually receive 0 nomination votes. You’re safe because all your housemates like you! Just put in a little more effort next week, OK?

Which means that the Bottom 3 this week is Louise, with 1 vote, Jessie, with 2, and Enca, whose 5 nomination votes were reduced to 2.

Enca: This is absolute garbage. I do well and this is how I’m rewarded? I’m not going to entertain this any longer. I can’t believe I’m down here… again. What am I doing wrong? *sighs*


So that’s it! Another exciting episode of K&GI is soon wrapping up. Are you surprised with the Bottom 3? Who will you vote for? Will you save Enca from her fourth time in the bottom? Or will you save Jessie or Louise from their very first appearances in the bottom? Make sure to vote for your favorite and save them from elimination!

Make sure to also vote for your favorite picture so that the contestant can receive a special prize next week. It will be worth it!

Week 7

Tune into Part V here and find out who goes home!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

5 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part IV)

  1. Harrison does look dreamy. Day dreamy… haha. I don’t want him neglecting everything and everyone for Matthieu, but that is par for the course in a new relationship. *sigh*

    Jessie is beautiful in her picture but she does seem distracted.

    I couldn’t agree more about Louise. Gorgeous in that lighting. Soft. Pretty. Blossoming into a chic young woman. Love it! And she rocked the perfume ad. Did she ever rock it? 😍 I actually really liked the billboard.

    Enca really is a performer. I did like her toned back makeup. Her pose looks like she was caught in mid sentence though.

    I’m so proud of Enco. I love 😉everything about him here and he looks genuinely happy. Sexy twinkle. 🤩

    Matthieu is cute here. That cunning little smile.

    Liked the classy billboard too. Especially Enca’s pose. Almost bordered on cool too.

    I just don’t see it with Marjan. I’m unimpressed and find her fake and forced. About to crack.

    Gabriel really does pull off rugged handsome.

    Kudos to Kyungri.

    Wow that billboard is hot and Gabriel looks like one lucky guy, but honestly it was a bit much for me. Dammmm Kyungri… your pose though. Fantastique!

    I still liked team Cool’s the best because it was the most accessible and really surprised me. But they’re mostly at the bottom. Wow… not who I expected would be in the bottom 3. Eek!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Louise, even though she’s in the bottom this week (how? Even I’m surprised), has been really blooming! She was just kind of “there” for the first few episodes but she’s really become a contender as time goes along. Plus, everyone likes her, so her improving in the challenges will only make her even stronger.

      Enca, haha. Another blank sexy stare with her finger in her mouth? Tsk tsk. But I also thought she shouldn’t be in the bottom, tbh. I think a bottom 3 of Jessie, Harrison, and maybe Enzo would have been more effective, but honestly everyone did well this week and the bottom was decided by the nominations…

      Kyungri and Gabz really turned on the sex appeal! I always chuckle when I see Gabriel’s expression, it’s hilarious.


    1. Enca 😦 In the bottom again! I really didn’t think she deserved it, but with the rules I set out for this episode, there was no escaping the bottom for her.

      I really liked how the pictures turned out! Even though my personal favorite was Team Sexy, Team Cool was only a smidge behind them because it’s such a good picture!

      Liked by 1 person

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