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“The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part V)

It’s been another long week for the housemates, but they have a whole day off before their elimination tomorrow, so each of them goes off to unwind in different parts of the house. The atmosphere is calm, and no one seems to be upset at the results of the challenge. In fact, it seems to be that Charlee took all the negativity with her, as everyone is getting along. Marjan and Jessie spend some time together as Jessie checks her social media and Marjan cleans up.

Marjan: So do you think you’re going home? It’s the first time you’re in the bottom! *Sprays the door handle, then wipes it down.*

Jessie: I mean, I really want to stay, and I know that the audience can see that…

Marjan: *Sprays the back of Jessie’s chair* Are you sure? It always seems to me that you’re just chilling.

Jessie: Do I really come off that way?

Marjan: *sprays the desk next to Jessie* Sweetie, on a scale from Patricio to Kyungri, you’re a 3.639.

Jessie: What… what is that even supposed to mean?

Marjan: It means that I’m not sure you’ve been proving yourself in the competition, girl. Your time is limited! Just like the barnacles on a sea turtle’s shell… *sprays the air with the cleaner and walks away, giggling.*

Jessie: She’s right. I don’t want to just be the “cool” one that breezes through. It won’t work here. I need to show the fans that I really want this… because I do! I really, really do. I hope I make it through this week because I have so much to show!

Matthieu: *voiceover* I think it’s great that we’re given time off because I’ve been feeling like I just want to relax. We don’t do thaaat much, truthfully, but the attention we receive is a little exhausting, and I’ve been so tired recently. I love where my life is going and all the opportunities this show has given me but… golly, sharing every detail is draining! So for now I’m just going to watch this badly produced TV show and just stand here, pretending to not have anything going on.

Kyungri is close by, and she’s spending the afternoon thinking about her successes. She knows deep inside that she wanted that First Call-out but she’s satisfied that she orchestrated her team’s stunning victory.

Kyungri: *voiceover* It takes a seriously driven mind to make everything come together. You have to picture success, and you have to picture victory; you have to picture money. If those three things aren’t motivating you in a competition like this, then nothing will. I can feel the prize racing to my fingers and my bank account, and I will welcome it with open arms.

Enzo has been feeling much better after his husband’s visit. His bad mood and insecurity are gone, and he basks in the glow of his newfound satisfaction. He’s been doing rather well in the competition; he’s been called first once, and has been consistently toward the top of the pack. Even better, he’s now the only contestant to not have been up for elimination at any point, so he’s feeling extra confident with this distinction in mind.

Enzo: I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m the only person left that hasn’t been in the bottom. Jessie and Louise, who are both lovely people and stiff competition, both fell this week, which means I’m top dog now! I’m excited to see if I can keep this streak going. I feel like my golden age is coming!

Meanwhile, Louise isn’t saying anything to anyone. She’s not particularly upset about being in the bottom, since she believes in herself and that the audience likes her enough to keep her. She loves the person she’s become since she’s been on the show, and smiles when she catches glimpses of herself in the mirror. She’s worried about what she said to Gabriel earlier, though, and a concerned frown flashes across her face at points during the afternoon.

Gabriel is also troubled. He doesn’t want to make Louise feel bad, but he’s just not sure about what he feels.

Gabriel: It’s not that I don’t like her, or that I don’t find her attractive, because she is, but it’s like… she’s 12 years younger than I am. She has so much more to live for and to live through. I’m not the guy she should think will make that time worthwhile. I’m not good enough for her!

But even though he seems to have his mind made up, Gabriel is lost in his thoughts the whole day. Even his win and his success in the competition don’t seem to shake him from his thoughts.


Harrison: I’ve been taking the day off to catch up on some of my reading. I’ve missed just relaxing with a good book! I’m happy that I’m not up for elimination because that would just stress me out so much, and right now, on this couch and with this book in my hand, I feel just so good. I’m happy!

But Harrison’s time off with his book doesn’t last long. Enca, in need of some support, comes to look for him and they both head out to her favorite spot in the house: by the pool.

Enca: I just don’t know what’s going wrong! I’ve been trying my best!

Harrison: Sometimes your best isn’t to everyone’s taste… though it should be!

Enca: Oh, you don’t have to sugarcoat it, honey. I know I’ve flopped in this competition. I don’t think I should continue to drag it out…

Harrison: But just think! You’ve been saved every single time you’ve been in the bottom: once by the judges themselves, and twice by an overwhelmingly positive fan vote. You’re loved!

Enca: Hmm, sure, but then again I flopped this week even though my challenge was literally to serve face for the camera and ham it up for the fans. If I failed at that, how can I show my face to anyone? It’s my week, I just know it.

Later on in the day, Enca heads out to the dock and hums while she thinks intensely about something. It seems like she’s trying to make up her mind about something. She frowns, laughs, and gestures while she looks around. She’s also wearing high heels in the sand, so she must be really distracted or just really committed to her looks since that can’t possibly be comfortable.

But what could be on her mind? She doesn’t let a single word slip, and soon goes back to the house to get ready for the elimination ceremony.


ajmkv: Hello, and welcome to the sixth elimination ceremony! I am just shaking in anticipation of today’s elimination. I just don’t know how to contain myself! Someone hold me! Anyway, today we will be saying goodbye to another one of you, which means that only eight of you will continue on in the competition, and trust me, next week’s challenge is going to be amazing. Whoever goes home is going to be missing out! Let me remind you of our prizes: the winner will walk away with 1,000,000 Simoleons, a brand new home, their own TV show on SimTV, and will also be the face of SimNation Media Corp. for a whole year. You don’t want to lose if these are the prizes!

Now, before we find out who is safe, and who is going home, let me announce the winner of the candid photo mini-challenge! Remember, the fans voted for the contestant who had the best candid paparazzi shot from the meet and greet. The winner, I can now reveal, will not only receive immunity next week, oh no: they’ll be receiving the power to super-nominate one of their housemates. That’s right: whoever the winner super-nominates next week is immediately up for elimination!

Matthieu: How very dramatic of them. Did anyone expect anything else? But also… if this show is as rigged as it’s supposed to be, I think I may have this in the bag! After all, ajmkv expressed his preference for my shot, so… fingers crossed!

ajmkv: And so… the winner of the mini challenge is…






Marjan: Wait, for real? Oh my turtle!

ajmkv: Congratulations Marjan! The fans really liked your picture, and voted you as the best in the mini challenge. You beat everyone else, no competition! Great job, girl.

Marjan: This is good, this is very good! Thank you fans, you’re the brightest rays of starlight in my expansive universe, I love you so much!

Marjan: I just love my fans so much! They make me so happy, like a tadpole that just found another tadpole in a puddle in the trash dump. Just so happy! Plus, this mini-challenge win is very… convenient… 

Producer: For what, Marjan?

Marjan: Oh… oh… you’ll have to wait and see, you sneaky sausage. *looks into the camera and winks.*


ajmkv: Anyway, now that that business is out of the way, let’s get back to eliminatin’! But first, one of you can stop fretting now: Louise, can you please step forward?

ajmkv: Louise, darling, I’m happy you’re safe. You won the fan vote, with a sizeable percentage of the vote. However, I feel like you have so much more to give. Your potential is endless! Please turn it up a little bit more next week. Your housemates already love you, so just make sure you don’t trip.

Louise: Thanks everyone! I promise to be much better next week!

ajmkv: Thanks Louise. You can go back to your spot. Now, will the bottom 2 please step forward?

Enca: I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it.

ajmkv: Enca, honey, can you please step forward?

Enca: I can step forward, sure.

Enca doesn’t move.

ajmkv: Uh… so can you please come here?

Enca: *breathing fast* I am coming.

Enca: I can step forward, and Jessie, you can go back, because you’re not needed here. I can step forward and say that I am quitting the competition, right now.

Matthieu: WHAT?!

Enzo: Enca, what are you doing?

Louise: Oh, lord…

ajmkv: What are you saying?

Enca: You all have ears. You heard me perfectly. Jessie, please stay over there because you aren’t going home tonight.

Jessie: Enca, you don’t have to do this!

Enca: But I do! I have to do this! You all don’t understand. I’m doing this for myself!

Enca: I haven’t been myself in this competition. I’ve been showing a watered-down version of myself to the audience, and all because I came on here thinking that everything was going to be handed to me like peaches on a silver platter. But it’s not like that. I made a fool of myself with that idiot Patricio, I failed in dancing, modeling, and fan interaction challenges, and I’ve been in the bottom FOUR times! This is not who I want to present to the world, and not who I am at all. I’m a winner, and I’m not showing a winner to the audience. I can’t keep going if I don’t feel satisfied with myself, and I’m not.

Enca: *lets out a long sigh and looks at the sky* It feels good to say all of this. It is my choice to leave, and I’m going to leave today. I’m sorry if I’m letting some of you down. Guys, ajmkv, my fans… I really do love you all but I need to go home and take a long, hard look at who I’ve become and see where I’ve made mistakes. I owe it to myself.

ajmkv: Enca… are you positive?

Enca: Yes. Yes I am.

Louise: Oh my God, was anyone expecting that? I sure wasn’t! I’ve never really said this to Enca, but damn, you go girl! Taking your fate into your own hands and giving inspiring speeches, that’s what I want to see in celebrities! I didn’t think she had it in her, but it’s lovely to see that she does. I’m Team Enca now!

ajmkv: Well then… I’m truly sorry to see you go under these circumstances, but if you really want to go, there’s nothing else I can tell you. Except for: ciao queen. Your fruit basket has kept us well fed. We’ll miss you and all the love on your body!

Enca: Thanks, boo.

ajmkv: All right… go say goodbye to your friends now.

Enca: Harrison, sweetie, I’ll miss you the most. You’re such a beautiful person.

Harrison: *sniffles* Enca, do you really have to go?

Enca: I’ll be OK, boy. This competition was just a step in my career, but I’m happy it brought me to you.

Harrison wipes away some tears.

Harrison: I just wanted to tell you that you’re so much more than what people think about you! You’ve been a real inspiration to me, way beyond your celebrity and your success. You’re warm, you’re smart, you’re funny, and you accepted me for who I am. You welcomed me with open arms, treated me like family, and that’s something people that look at you on TV won’t see as easily. You’re a truly wonderful person and I’ll miss you so much! *sniffles again*

Enca: *pulls him into a tight hug* You’ll always be special to me, you know there’s a big heart under these luscious kiwis *everyone laughs* and you have your own spot in there. I love you, boy. And to everyone else…

Enca: It’s been such a pleasure meeting you all. This show has been a bizarre experience, but it has helped me realize so many things about myself, and you’ve all been instrumental in this. Each of you is lovely, and I want all of you to have lots of success. You’ll all be excellent! Make sure to shine, reveal your kiwis and your peaches to the world, make everyone else bow down, and have fun while doing it! I’m rooting for all of you!

Enca: So, my time here is up! It hasn’t been exactly what I expected, but that doesn’t make it bad. I’ll just take what I’ve learned and hopefully I’ll be back soon with a stronger version of myself! To my fans out there, I’m so happy that I’ve been able to let you into my world for a little bit. Remember, be yourselves and reach for the stars! I was once a failure in a TV talent show and now I’m here, succeeding in my career *laughs*, elimination from this show notwithstanding! You can do anything you set your mind to. I love you all! Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on social media and listen to my new single, Dua, very soon! Mwah! Ciao!


And there we have it! Enca has decided to walk off the show, leaving many broken hearts behind. But, between me and you, she was third in the fan vote, so she was going to go home anyway… we just won’t tell her that! How do you feel about her surprise exit? Are you happy she’s gone or are you going to miss her fruit salad every episode? Let me know in the comments, and tune in very soon for another episode of K&GI, Season 2!


Tune into Episode 8 of K&GI, Season 2, here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

17 thoughts on ““The Boy Who Strips Down” (Part V)

  1. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me post this on the last episode page but here’s my thoughts on Episode 7:

    My internet connection (I assume?) being so slow robbed me of seeing all the beautiful paparazzi shots and perfume ads and i remember them being STUNNING *sobs*. It’s an interesting crossroads episode as you said in your reply comment last time Ajmkv because it’s the first one all the shade, scheming and sass is firmly out of the equation and aimed squarely at your hosting messery and the production team (that phonecall with Enca dialling out because you ran out minutes still ends me!).

    NOT the frisky sauna scene. Kev & Get (softcore) Porn here we commmeee… haha i’m just kidding, but I had forgotten THAT also happened as well as the shower scene an episode or two ago. But hey, it appears that the way to go on K&GI is if you’ve got the sexy, then flaunt the sexy (but don’t actually have sex lol). Kyungri being in charge of team sexy again and Gabriel knowing what’s up, feeling his spicy papi Avena all over and over again (with good reason, and a deserved FCO that kinda backhanded that opening Enzo can win another challenge edit hint at the beginning haha).

    BANTER of the Week:
    Oh god too many funny moments of banter but I near up spluttered at Enca sidelining Matthieu on Team Classy:
    Enca: I like the way you think. With your keen fashion eye and my stunning looks and Matthieu’s… appeal… we’ll kill this challenge!
    Enca: Plus, if the challenge is to sell something, what better than to have the professional model and the diva superstar singer… and the other guy.., on one team!

    She wrecked him here. Poor Matthieu, at least he has Harrison to soothe those burns….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh nooooo, I’m going to be updating the images to a smaller file size so WordPress doesn’t freak out loading them each time. They’re essential to the story! And well, what can I expect from my little housemates when I’ve been holding them hostage for so long and taking aaaages to finish the story 😛

      K&GNaked is truly underway! I’m also shocked at how steamy Matthison got at certain points. And it’s not over, oh no~~ haha. This episode was so much fun with all the steamy moments and Enzo losing the photo challenge. Enzo, daddy, you thought. YOU THOUGHT.

      Matthieu has slowly become one of the easiest targets and it’s such a kii to see. Especially coming from Enca, really girl?


  2. Also, Ensaaaaaah’s decision to bow out kiwis held high was quite the moment and so well-written. I really felt like she hit a full arc when in the show (even if maybe she didn’t deserve the bottom this week) and could leave proudly rather than getting Roxxxy Andrew-ed through each and every jacuzzi pool of an episode pouting with her finger in ha mouth. I’ll miss her and Harribae’s (Enarrica? Harencason?) tight, besties friendship. It’s one of my favourite pairings in this season for sure. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think Enca could have gone out any other way. She truly is the goddess, we all bow down. (But even when she’s not, she still gags us.) She and Harrison are indeed one of the best things to come out of this season, you’ll see a few more Harencason (that pairing name is the most extra and I love it 😛 ) sweet moments later on.♥


    1. Thank you! I confess that I had thought Enca would quit for a while now, so it was nice to see her leave on such a positive note. We love you, Kiwi Kween!♥


  3. Marjan ugh. I don’t know why I have so much dislike for her. Haha. I should probably lighten up. I just wanna know her deal. Airheaded pawn? Or master manipulator?

    I’m sorry to see Enca go but her speech and sacrifice was admirable. I agree with Harrison. There’s so much more to her than people see. She really did leave on a high note. Classy lady! Just like her ad. I still will miss her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s natural to dislike Marjan at this point, she’s so sneaky and is obviously hiding something major, but is it malicious? I hope you’re satisfied with her resolution… when it comes 😛

      I’m so happy you’re on Team Enca! I think she could easily come back to an All-Stars season and do really well with all she’s learned. I miss her.


    1. Yeah, I knew her elimination was imminent, but I wanted to give her an appropriate exit. She deserves so much more than just being eliminated! Her going out on her own terms was one of my favorite parts of this season to write. I love Enca♥

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Woah i did not expect that of her. But I did like that she did it of her own then let herself be handed her fate. That was lovely. Such a contrast from Charlee’s elimination. I shouldn’t compare. But that’s fresh in my memory so i bet that’s fresh in her fans’ memories too so she’ll go far. 😊 im sure she’ll do fine outside this competition. I hope she sings at Harrison’s wedding!


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