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“The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part III)

The next day, all the contestants wake up feeling energized and ready for the challenge. Regardless of what happened the night before, everyone feels like they want to make sure to perform at their very best in order to continue in the competition. The energy is apparent as the housemates get dressed and meet up with their partners. Even though the partners are randomly assigned, everyone seems to be paired with people they had made connections with…

The first pair consists of Gabriel and Jennie.

Gabriel: I didn’t really know what to think of Jennie. She didn’t say much to anyone last night, and she seems to be really shy. Her name also sounds very familiar, I’m sure I’ve heard of her somewhere before…

Gabriel: Are you ready to kill this challenge?

Jennie: I think so! Do you have any ideas about which way to go?

Gabriel: Well, I’m sure this whole compound is surrounded by a fence so we won’t get hopelessly lost. We could try to follow the fence until we get to a building and then follow that to the center?

Jennie: That seems like a good idea. Do you want to lead the way?

Gabriel: Just follow me!

Jennie: He seems awfully confident but I’ll trust him for now. I’m kind of over the whole Latin papi thing right now but he seems harmless enough. We’ll see how this turns out.


Next up are Jessie and Perry.

Perry: We’re trying to get to the beach, so we have to find our way downhill. I’m sure that’ll lead us to the center since all of the main buildings seem to be close to the beach!

Jessie: That’s a great idea! Good thinking.

Perry: We’ll be a great team, I’m sure!

Jessie: Hey Perry, do you think we can see each other once we’re back home? I like your ideas and it’d be cool to collaborate sometime!

Jessie: *voiceover* I cringed a little when I was that straightforward, but I’m kind of really liking this guy and what he does. It doesn’t sound too cheeky of me, right? I mean, to basically be asking him out when we’ve barely met? Whatever, he’ll either go for it or he won’t, no need to get riled up about it.


Harrison and Russ are the next pair.

Russ: I’m happy we get to spend more time together! This is going to be a cool challenge.

Harrison: Unless we get uselessly lost…

Russ: That won’t happen! We just have to listen to the sounds of the forest. I’m sure we’ll be able to hear something that will lead us to the center.

Harrison: I was just kidding! I’m feeling very good about this challenge. You and I will do a great job!

Russ: Yeeeeah, just watch us win this thing!

Harrison: Us two, we make a great team.  I’m feeling very confident about the challenge for the first time ever. I think this might be my week! Everything is just going so well, and I’m feeling so relaxed and ready for everything. I have this in the bag! We crossed Kyungri a little while ago and she’s not looking too hot, though. I wonder what has her so upset?


Kyungri is not happy with her partner, Tyler.

Tyler: Well, I was just suggesting something to her and she really didn’t seem to like it. She liked none of my ideas, maybe I’m not being aggressive enough for her? It makes me laugh a little, because it seems like she’s just nervous about wandering around in this forest and is taking it out on me. She’s like a princess stepping outside of her castle for the first time…

Kyungri: Why are you so spineless? You have to be more assertive when you’re with me! That’s the way to be!

Tyler: You haven’t liked anything I’ve said so I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here.

Kyungri: You’re not fighting anything! You’re like a helpless puppy! Aarrggghhhh, we’re never going to get out of this forest and it’s all your fault!

Tyler: We’ll figure out a way if you just trust me! I’ve done things like this before.

Kyungri: Trust you? Do I have a choice? Ughh….. of all the partners I could have had…

Ayaka: We walked by them and they were just having the worst time. That Kyungri is hopeless! I’ve never seen a more spoiled idiot in my life! Poor thing.


Matthieu and Lara hit it off immediately.

Matthieu: This wilderness is just so beautiful… I don’t know how I’m going to take it all in!

Lara: I know, right? All of these beautiful colors, the deep and lush foliage, the stunning people…

Matthieu: I could just get lost in all of this and never come out! It’s so revitalizing.

Lara: …the stunning landscape, the gorgeous weather, the sweet animals…

Matthieu: Look at that magnificent tree!

Lara: …the delicious food from nature, the great company, everything! I’m in love!

Lara: Just SO much to feast your eyes on. And did you see Matthieu’s beautiful legs? I could eat them up, they’re scrumptious. I’m going to go crazy here with all of this beauty surrounding me! It’s all so delicious!


Louise and Branden are the next pair, and they seem to be getting along very well.

Branden: Yeah, it’s going great! We decided to just follow this creek we found, thinking it would get to the beach eventually. Plus, she’s a smart and funny girl, I dig that!

Louise: I’m actually taking a gap year! I want to see more of the world before I decide what to do with my life.

Branden: And how’s that treating you? You learning more about life?

Louise: It’s been an intense experience, and that’s an understatement.

Branden: You’ll get far, no worries. A clever and pretty girl like you? Doors will be opening everywhere for you!

Louise: Wow, um… thanks, Branden! That’s sweet of you to say.


Enzo and Ayaka are having some issues.

Enzo: …and that’s what we should do, don’t you think?

Ayaka: *giggles* Honey, did you think that was going to help?

Enzo: Oh, er… yeah?

Ayaka: Listen to me, boy. You’re going to follow my instructions and we’ll get out of here as soon as possible, is that clear? I don’t have time to be playing around.

Enzo: I, um, yeah… sure. That sounds OK.

Ayaka: Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t want to win that challenge. You’re lucky you have such a great partner.

Enzo: That girl is insufferable. Why did I get placed with her again? This is going to be a horrible challenge. She’s stuck up and just awful. Let’s cross our fingers that I don’t just run away from her and find the center by myself.


Marjan and Cielo are paired together.

Marjan: I knew it was her. And I know who sent her.

Cielo: I don’t know why she’s so angry to see me! I’m so thrilled I get to see her again, this is a beautiful reunion in paradise! Me getting paired with her was just SUCH a coincidence, I was SO surprised.

Marjan: You.

Cielo: Me? Of course it’s me! You should have been expecting this, Marjan.

Marjan: Please leave.

Cielo: You listen to me, you silly girl. We’ve been more than accommodating to you but you’ve been nothing but a blabbering idiot. You should be thankful that we’re still letting you continue.

Marjan: I’ve done my best and I don’t deserve any of your slander.

Cielo: Oh, my words are nothing compared to what you and… well, you know who… are going to receive if you don’t go through with what you promised. With what you OWE us.

Marjan: I’m so over this.

Cielo: Oh, are you now? I think you’ll regret saying that.


Russ: Do you hear that? I think that’s noise from the main area! There’s definitely human voices coming from somewhere in that direction. Someone fighting?

Harrison: I think so, too! We should go that way, I think we’ll get to the center in just a little while.

Russ: And in record time, too! We’ve barely been out and we’re already going to be back.

Harrison: This is awesome!

Russ: Dream team, am I right?

Russ: We are going to win this and it’s all thanks to our great team. We work great together and I really like Harrison! I definitely want to spend some time with him after the competition is over, that would be cool.


Perry: Does Kyungri get off on making that guy feel bad? I don’t like it, she’s being very extra and not in a good way. She’s insufferable. Anyway, they’re doing a horrible job, not really moving or anything, but Jessie and I are doing OK! We’re talking a lot, though, we’ve really clicked. This might get in the way of our completing the challenge in good time, but it’s fun!


Lara: This tree looks exactly like the one we passed before! I think we’re going in circles…

Matthieu: But who cares if they’re the most beautiful and scenic circles in the world, am I right?

Lara: Oh, definitely! This path is just soooooo gorgeous, I don’t ever want to leave! And all the sights are scrumptious.

Matthieu: I agree!

Lara: *looks at Matthieu’s ass and licks her lips* Aaaaaaaaaall the sights…

Matthieu: *voiceover* At this point we’re definitely lost and I think Lara has been looking a little too much at me and I’m not sure how to feel about that… but the place really is gorgeous and I’m enjoying the environment enough not to care! We’ll find our way back eventually, right?… It’s not like the place is too far away from us…


Jennie: Matthieu and Lara are doing soooo bad. Enzo and Ayaka bumped into us but quickly walked away and didn’t say anything, maybe we should have followed them? Ugh, also, Louise and Branden keep flirting with each other so I don’t know how they’ll manage to get to the finish line, and Gabriel saw them together and immediately stopped speaking, so now I’m having to lead us to the center? Since when was this an individual challenge? I don’t even have anything to win! Ugh…


Cielo: Does anyone know anything? You’ve been so careless!

Marjan: Well, I feel like I kind of let my façade crack a little last night, and…

Cielo: And what?! Who did you tell?

Marjan: I didn’t exactly say anything, but I think that someone suspects something is off about me, and I don’t know how to play it off.

Cielo: Just one person? Hard to believe… Anyway, get rid of him. Now.

Marjan: What are you talking about? I can’t do that!

Cielo: Of course you can. You have the power to get rid of him. Do it.

Marjan: No, you listen to me, you miserable bitch! I’m done with doing what you order all the time. These people are my friends and I’m not about to throw anyone under the bus just because you tell me so!

Cielo: So that’s how it’s going to be, then? Are you sure you want to play it that way?

Marjan: Yeah, well… yeah.

Cielo: Remember that we just have to make a call and you’ll lose it all… so are you sure you want to mess with that?

Marjan: I, um… I…


Russ: We made it!

Harrison: This is awesome, thank you so much, Russ! You’re the best.

Russ: D’aww, I had a great time with you! You’re great.

Harrison: Thanks to you, I think I may finally win a challenge!

Harrison: It’s been really great getting to know you. I hope we can see each other again soon!

Russ: Anytime! Remember what I said about giving me your number after you win, eh?

Harrison: Of course I will!

Russ: I had a great time with Harrison! I’m sure we’ll see each other again sometime, and it will be just as fun. This challenge was excellent, and he did a great job. I give him a 10, he really kicked it out of the park with this one; he’s charming, sweet, and smart, and very cute, too! He’s a great guy.


Marjan: So we arrived at the center after a while because Cielo had a shortcut or something and got us there quickly. I don’t know, I’m just happy we finished quickly because I never want to see her again after this. I’m done.

Cielo: Oh, I just looooooved seeing my sis! She’s just as lovely as always, and she’s looking radiant. I loved our little chats, and look! We made it back so quickly. I’m sure she’s going to win this week because she’s perfect. And because she’s perfect, I’m giving her a 10! It’s what she deserves… *narrows her eyes* it’s what. She. Deserves.


Tune into Part IV here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part III)

  1. Gabriel is awfully confident, but I’m okay with it for once.

    Wait what? We don’t get to hear Perry’s reply to Jessie? Aww I hope he says yes.

    Kyungri is really frustrated here. Tyler says he’s done it before though so… has he been on the show before? Is he a guide or a local or something?

    Lara is a little odd. But it is beautiful manscape. I mean… landscape. 😊

    Branden and Louise are sweet together too.

    Ayaka doesn’t seem to like our boy Enzo. 😑

    I’m intrigued about Cielo and Marjan. Whoa! Unexpected… or not… I knew it was coming, but not like this. Sisters? Like blood sisters? Half sisters? Step sisters?
    Or ‘sisters’ of the crazy cult!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautiful manscape indeed 😛 hehehehe I laughed hard at that one!

      I liked having Louise get to know someone new outside of the house, she’s been so preoccupied with Gabriel that she’s been feeling down and it’s nice for her to get distracted for a bit!

      I love your theories about Marjan and Cielo! The story gets even weirder now, with three ladies involved in this plot. Marjan, Aurora, and now Cielo… what could be the plan?


  2. Woah I’m intrigued by Marjan’s interesting talk with Cielo there. Though none the wiser. I hope Marjan doesn’t get rid of Enzo. That would suck.

    Lara confuses me. A lot. I’m glad Louise and Branden are hitting it off. He seems genuinely into her.


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