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“The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part IV)

After Harrison and Marjan’s teams both reach the finish line, others slowly trickle in.

Ayaka: Well, we’re here. It’s been a pleasure, Enzo, truly.

Enzo: Yeah, Ayaka, you too. Thanks for helping out.

Ayaka: Enzo, actually… do you mind meeting me for a drink later tonight? There’s something I should talk to you about.

Enzo: *taken aback* Oh, well, sure! I can meet you as soon as I can.

Ayaka: Excellent. You better not make me wait or you’ll be sorry.

Ayaka: Ugh, this was just a silly challenge. I’m angry that my boss made me come here, but honestly… it’s whatever now. I’m pleased with Enzo, though. He’s a nice enough guy and didn’t really make it worse for me. I’m going to give him a 7 because he could have actually made a few of the decisions, you know, fight me for control. I wanted to see that. But yeah, he did OK! *to the cameraman* Can I please go now, the mosquitoes are biting!


Louise: I think we’re here!

Branden: Yeah, this is totally it. Let’s run over and see if we can beat the other pairs!

Louise: Wait up!

Branden: No worries, I think we’re safe. Phew! Good job!

Louise: Yeah, you did so well! Thank you so much for being an awesome partner.

Branden: It was my pleasure, really. You’re a cool girl, Louise!

Louise: Um, Branden… would you maybe want to meet up later tonight? We don’t have anything to do and I would love to get to know you a little better… I mean, only if you want.

Branden: That sounds great, Louise. I’ll meet you later then!

Branden: Louise gets a 10 from me! She’s been nothing but chill with me and did a good job. She didn’t complain about anything and was a good companion during this challenge, so yeh, she gets full marks! I’m looking forward to seeing her tonight.


Jennie: So, we’re here. You can run along now, if you want.

Gabriel: Wait, Jennie… I’m really sorry that I’ve been so quiet today. I don’t want you to think that I don’t like you or anything, I just have a lot on my mind.

Jennie: Cheer up, it’s OK. I don’t really care.

Gabriel: No, really. You’re a nice person and you deserved better.

Jennie: *warming up* Well… thanks for that. You’re also a good person, just, you know, maybe make a girl feel appreciated next time?

Gabriel: *chuckles* Good advice. Thanks, Jennie!

Jennie: OK, so we had a rocky start… I was originally going to give him a 3, but I’m going to bump that up to a 6 because he was gracious at the end, and I can appreciate a good apology. Everyone has their off days, I guess! I wish him luck.


Jessie: Perry, thanks! This has been such a lovely day with you. I know it was a challenge, but I just had a great time getting to know you.

Perry: Right back atcha. Please call me anytime, I’d love to discuss some of my upcoming projects with you!

Perry: What can I say? We hit it off right away and continued to talk the whole time. I’ll give her a 9 because I spent a great day with her. In fact, I think I’ll just spend the rest of the day with her. Why not? It’s not like they’re going to ask us to do anything else, right?

Jessie: *voiceover* He came back, and we talked so much, for hours. It was a perfect way to end my day and I hope that we’re able to keep in touch. He reminds me of the kind of people I love to surround myself with. He’s bright and lovely. I really like him!


Lara: Oh, finally! I see the sign!

Matthieu: It only took us what, like 4 hours?

Lara: That’s OK, we did find that one bird that was injured and helped it out, so it was worth it!

Matthieu: You’re so right. I don’t even mind that it took us this long! Life is made to be enjoyed to the fullest and, come on, when am I ever going to be back in this place? I want to enjoy it!

Lara: Amen.

Lara: I’m going to give Matthieu a 7. We had a fun day and I absolutely adored looking at his body, but I feel like he could have done better. I’m sure he’ll be all right, he seems like he’s the kind of guy to hold it together. He’ll make it farther in this competition for sure—and thank heavens for that. He’s some luscious eye candy and I’m going to be tuning in every week to see a lil’ bit of that *giggles*.


Kyungri: You stupid fool! We took so long because you’re an idiot! Get out of my sight, I never want to see you again. Leave!

Tyler: With great pleasure.

Tyler: Y’all would have to be crazy if you expect me to give her more than a 0, right? This was the biggest trainwreck I’ve seen in my life and I’m so happy to be out of her presence. I hope she goes home this week, she’s not a real competitor if she’s not willing to put in a little bit of work, and frankly… good riddance.


After the challenge is finally over, everyone is tired out. Kyungri, feeling awful, immediately heads to bed, and lies down without even changing out of her clothes. She’s crushed and disappointed in herself.

Kyungri: *voiceover* I had an awful day. I let my dislike of the wilderness really get to me, and I took it out on that poor boy… he didn’t deserve any of that, it was just my fear of failure really manifesting and making me look like a fool. *sigh* I really hope this doesn’t affect me too much, but I think it’s looking like I’m going to be up for elimination this week and I would not be surprised in the slightest. I’m such a fool!

Gabriel continues to think about what’s been going on. He knows he needs to find Louise to talk, but he cannot find her anywhere. He also wants to find Enzo, because he has a couple things to say to him.

Gabriel: I need to make things right with everyone. I’ve been coming off as someone I’m not. It’s never too late to say these things, right? I remember that the night before my brother had his accident, the last things we said to each other… they weren’t nice. I don’t want to feel that ever again. I need to make sure the people I appreciate know so.

He goes off to find Enzo, but takes a while. Enzo is off to see Ayaka at one of the local bars, and after having a couple of drinks to unwind, she finally lets him know what’s going on.

Ayaka: Enzo, you know I’m on this show as a favor to the producers, right? I wouldn’t have come on here if I had the choice.

Enzo: Yeah, I know. You could have been nicer about it, though!

Ayaka: OK, let’s just let bygones be bygones, shall we? I have an interesting proposition for you and I want to know what you think.

Enzo: Oh?

Ayaka: I work in a movie studio, recruiting talent. I know you’re a pretty successful model, and I love your look. I wanted to offer you a potential three movie contract if you come audition for the studio.

Enzo: Are you for real?!

Ayaka: Yes! I think you’d fit perfectly in some of the upcoming movies we have. But you need to work quickly, because this offer won’t be on the table for very long. There are movies to make and many, many other pretty boys out there.

Enzo: *voiceover* I’m speechless. I’ve been looking to get into acting for a long time but I’ve never managed to meet the right people. This could be an excellent opportunity for me! Who would have thought that Ayaka of all people would bring up this opportunity?!

While Enzo sits and contemplates his future, Gabriel finds him and invites him for a dip in the hot tub. Enzo accepts and follows him, wary of what they’re going to talk about.

Enzo: So what’s up? What do you want to talk about?

Gabriel: Listen, Enzo, I need to apologize to you. I’ve know you feel threatened by me because I married your ex-wife and because it seems like she’s happier with me than she ever was with you—

Enzo: Please get to the point.

Gabriel: What I mean is… that I never meant to make you feel like I’m trying to eclipse you or anything. You’re a great guy and I would like us to be friends, not rivals.

Enzo: Listen, Gabriel. I’ve always liked you and looked up to you. Yeah, I’ve been a little jealous because you’re just perfect, my daughter loves you and sees you more often than she sees me, my ex-wife is so in love with you when I couldn’t give her all she needed, and you’ve been making more of an impact in this competition than me, but… you’re right. I want to be friends.

Gabriel: I would really like that.

Enzo: Then let’s make it happen! Deal?

Gabriel: Deal!

Enzo: Now, let’s talk about something else. You wanna hear some good news?…


Back in the villa, Marjan is feeling a sense of dread in her stomach.

Marjan: *voiceover*I have to make up my mind… I know what I have to do but I don’t want to do it… it’s just so hard to do this! I don’t deserve it, they don’t deserve it. Just… ugh. I almost wish I could quit.

She continues to pace around her room, looking more and more worried until she finally turns off the light, gets in bed, and goes to sleep. She doesn’t sleep well that night.

In the room next door, Harrison hears a knock.

Harrison: Come in!

Matthieu: Hey, you.

Harrison: Oh, hey! I’m happy you’re here!

Matthieu: I’ve been wanting to see you all day. Can you talk?

Harrison: Sure! What’s on your mind?

Matthieu: I didn’t actually end up telling him anything. I just needed to feel him against me. I don’t want to be jealous of anyone but I heard that he and Russ got along really well and I’m… yeah, I’m jealous. I know I shouldn’t be, at all. Especially given what I’ve already made him feel with my messy exes. But… *sighs* why do I feel like the tables have turned?

Matthieu: *voiceover* …I just need him in my arms and nowhere else. He belongs here, and with no one else. We belong together. I trust him. But right now, I just need to feel how much he wants me. I need to know that my fears are unfounded…


Louise: You came!

Branden: Of course I did! I couldn’t wait to see you again.

Louise: *laughs* I left you wanting more, then?

Branden: How could I help myself? You’re irresistible…

Louise: *blushes* Branden, I’ve actually had terrible luck with guys, so I can’t really read the signs.

Branden: Then let me tell you straight up: I would really like to kiss you now.

Louise: I’d like that.


The next morning, the tension in the air is thick. The contestants were each called to submit their nominations for elimination, and then they were called to the living room to await the results of the challenge.

Kyungri: I’m not excited to hear about the results of this challenge, but I’m going to hold my head high and accept the results with the poise of a goddess. I can’t let the world see me be anything but stoic.

ajmkv: Hello housemates! I’m sure you’re all excited to find out the results of the challenge, so I won’t delay much more. Here’s how we calculated the results: we’ve taken your completion time and assigned a score to it, combined that with the scores that your partners assigned you—oh yeah, they totally did!—and then added your nomination scores in, and averaged them to get your scores. On top of that, we’ve taken into consideration Marjan’s super nomination *Marjan gulps audibly* and included that in the callout order.

Now, I’m going to call you out one by one in order of your performance! First up, let’s hear it for our challenge winner and first callout…










Boy, congratulations! You have a PERFECT score of 10. You were the first to arrive, your partner, Russ, gave you a score of 10, and no one nominated you this week. You did an excellent job and it’s so amazing to finally see you here! You’ve won a special photo spread in Vista Magazine, and you are 100% safe and through to next week. Again, congratulations!

Harrison: I’m ecstatic! I’ve never been called first, so this is amazing! I’m so happy I had Russ as a partner, it was just such a great week for me! I love this.

ajmkv: The next person I’m going to call also did an excellent job, with a score of 9…










Marjan, this streak you have going on is incredible. You arrived second, were given a 10 by your partner, Cielo *Marjan gasps*, and were only nominated by two people! You are truly rising. Congratulations!

The next person to be safe, is…










I’m happy to see you rebound. You arrived fourth, but you received a score of 8.67 after Branden gave you a 10 and you were only nominated once. Great job!

The next person has a score of 6.33, a rather large drop from third place…










Even though you arrived in sixth place, and received 5 nominations, Perry gave you a score of 9, which saved you from the bottom. Try a little harder next week, but congratulations on making it through.

The last person to be safe… and who wasn’t going to be safe until Marjan submitted her super nomination… and who also has a score of 6.33…










Gabriel, you arrived in fifth place, were nominated by 3 people, and received a 6 from Jennie. It’s not your best week, and it’s sad to see you here after your triumphant challenge win and first callout last week, but you can thank your lucky stars that Marjan super nominated the person who was originally in fourth place, bumping both you and Jessie up a spot.

Now, can the remaining contestants please step forward? Enzo, Matthieu, and Kyungri, you are the Bottom 3 this week and up for elimination. Matthieu, you arrived in 7th place and received 5 nomination votes, and Lara only gave you a 7, so your score is a sad 5.33. Kyungri, you’re even lower than that, since you were in dead last, received 3 nomination votes, and… ready for this? You received a ZERO from Tyler. What did you do to him? You have the miserable score of 3.33, the absolute lowest score and a horrible dark mark upon your mostly flawless record.

Kyungri: I deserve it, but… really? That score is abysmal. I have to pray to Shaman Unnie, even though she’s in jail by now, that I get through. I have to. I HAVE TO. This is my goal, and I’ve visualized it for so long, I can’t… I just can’t lose now….

ajmkv: Now, Enzo… I’m sorry to say this, but you were originally in 4th place with a score of 6.67, higher than both Jessie and Gabriel. Marjan has super nominated you, though, which means that you’re immediately up for elimination, and Gabriel has taken your spot. I’m so sorry.

Enzo: Are you serious right now?! Marjan chose me???? After I was so nice to her?

Marjan: I had to, I just had to. She was right. I can’t let anyone know, and… I just can’t. There’s too much riding on this and I had to make sure that I won’t be exposed… because, you know, getting exposed is like a poor lizard in the middle of the desert, and the… and the… the… *turns to producer* can I please just go now? I’m not feeling well…

Gabriel: Well, there goes my friendship with Enzo. I took his spot? He’s never going to forgive me for that, even though it wasn’t my fault. It’s symbolic…


And there you have it! Another thrilling episode of K&GI, Season 2, is coming to a close. Are you surprised with the Bottom 3? And who do you want to save? Will you choose Enzo, the wronged victim of a cruel twist? Or will you choose Matthieu, the passionate lover showing a jealous side? Or will you choose Kyungri, the shining star who has taken a huge tumble? Vote for your favorite below and choose their fate!

Week 8.png

And also: which one of the guests did you like the best? Who would you like to see in a future season?


If you’re thirsting for more, make sure to read Harrison and Matthieu’s interview with Vista Magazine in their special K&GM episode!

Tune into Part V here and find out who goes home!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part IV)

  1. Louise is moving up in my book. I like her more and more. Only a 9 though Perry? Bummer. I thought Jessie was a solid 10.

    Injured bird? Matthieu could you get any nicer?

    Kyungri kinda deserves that 0. She was so mean.

    Oh Ayaka’s comments made me wonder if this group of folks is part of the crew of Kev & Get It or… at least they work in the same industry or maybe the same studio. Her offer to Enzo is nice. And yay he and Gabriel made peace. I’m kinda wondering why now from Gabriel? Is it a strategy to win or does he mean it? I hope the latter and dread the former. 😬

    I’m so curious. Marjan… what the blazes are you into woman?

    Matthieu’s feeling insecure and I wish he had said something.

    Louise is so cute here.

    Congrats Harrison! That was well deserved.

    Louise deserves that score too.

    Noooooo Enzo! Marjan you need to go. I’m sorry but you are a bitch. I don’t care what your deal is. I’m so fearful for his position.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree with all your thoughts. It’s super sad to see Enzo in the bottom because he was basically a victim to a reality tv twist, especially since he’s been doing so well throughout the whole competition. Marjan had her reasons to super nominate him, but… I’m also upset with her for doing it.

      I’m so happy you love Louise! Louise is my girl♥ (Honestly, I love everyone in the cast but Louise is such a darling.)


  2. Aww, Jessie en Perry were so cute. I hope they do meet up after the show.

    Enzo did not deserve the super nomination. I voted for him to go through, but I also want Kyungri to be saved. So I do hope Matthieu is the one that leaves. I don’t care for him much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I really like Jessie and Perry together! I’m excited to play with them in the game. 🙂

      Totally true that Enzo did not deserve to be in the bottom with the super nomination, but Marjan was too afraid of Cielo to go against her. Poor Matthieu! I agree, though, that out of the 8 contestants left he has the least left to give.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol Kyungri’s score is not surprising, but I cringed a little for her. And Marjan caved! I wonder what Cielo has on her to get her to acquiese to her whims, Louise’s love is blossoming! Always nice to see couples forming. Hopefully its a good one. Welp there’s Enzo and Gabriel’s rocky relationshiop and if Enzo gets saved he’s going to be quite the force against Marjan.


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