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K&GMore: Matthison’s Paradise

Note from the editor

When we offered a spread and interview to the winner of the latest challenge on the current season of Kev & Get It, we had hoped it would be Harrison. The enigmatic young man who has captured the heart of the nation, that’s who we wanted to feature in our magazine. You can imagine our immense pleasure when he won the prize and we won the privilege to have him grace our pages, but we were in for a surprise: Harrison asked if he could bring his dashing boyfriend, Matthieu, along for the shoot. We couldn’t believe our luck; TV’s new power couple giving their first joint interview to us? We were over the moon! Now, we’re delighted to take you into Matthison’s paradise to witness them at their most tender and intimate, while they open up and share their feelings for the very first time. Just be careful to not be too smitten with these two! Til the next time~


Matthieu. Harrison. Matthison. The romantic sensation that has broken the internet. You’ve seen them everywhere on TV, and you’ve fallen in love with them as much as they’re in love with each other. We’ve followed every step in their relationship so far, it’s almost like we’re there with them, feeling everything happen. When Harrison swooned, we swooned with him. When Matthieu sighed in contentment, we felt our stomachs flip. And their first kiss? We were on the floor underneath them, melted into a happy puddle.

It hasn’t always been perfect for these two, as we’ve seen on the second season of Kev & Get It. Though sparks flew immediately after they met, they’ve had to deal with complicated past relationships, petty housemates, and of course, the stress of having every detail of their lives together broadcast to an enormous audience. It seems, though, that they haven’t cracked under the pressure and are as happy as can be with each other. But is there more to learn about them and their story?

Today, I was lucky enough to be with them here in their lush tropical getaway. Being a superfan, I was nervous to get to know them in person—this is Matthison in the flesh, after all!—but they were even nicer in person than on TV. Matthieu has a warm and inviting laugh, and piercing eyes that seem to gaze into your deepest corners. Harrison is more reserved, but he tends to break out into the most genuine and beautiful smiles when he is happy, and boy did he look happy as he held Matthieu’s hand during the entire interview. Both of them welcomed me with tight hugs and we sat down for a chat by the gorgeous coastline. While sipping ice-cold cocktails and progressively getting tipsier and tipsier, Matthieu, Harrison, and I talked about fame, TV, and the things that make them love each other. Hint: there are a lot of them and they’re all adorable.

Vista Magazine: You can’t even begin to imagine how excited I am to be interviewing you two. You’re the biggest sensation to hit TV in a long time, and now you’re here, in the flesh!

Matthieu: Yes. [Laughing] Believe it or not, we’re real!

Harrison: You better believe it.

VM: So, Harrison, this was originally going to be a solo interview and photoshoot, but you decided to bring Matthieu along. What made you switch things up?

H: Well, to be honest I didn’t feel like it would be fair to do this on my own. I was feeling so good about the challenge and everything, but it’s been Matthieu that has kept me going in the competition so it was only appropriate that I bring him with me. This is his success as much as it is mine!

VM: That’s lovely to hear! So you think that you would have already gone home if you didn’t have Matthieu there to support you?

H: It’s hard to tell, but I think so. It’s, like, I’m sure there’s so much more to learn but I’m already so happy with what I’ve lived on Kev & Get It. I went on the show to loosen up, to find myself, because I’ve always been so shy and sheltered, and in the end I found so much more than that. [Laughs] I had never even been kissed before! I’m just so, so thrilled.

M: That was so hard for me to believe! There I was, thinking that such a sweet guy was out of reach, and it turns out that I was actually his first kiss. I still love thinking about that moment.

VM: Ah, yes. The famous first kiss, the one that happened right as millions of pairs of eyes watched eagerly. Did you both feel the chemistry from the beginning or did it slowly grow between you?

M: Honestly, I was sold from the moment we met [Harrison smiles and blushes]. The night of the first party, I just felt that there was something there, and you know how that turned out—they even named the second episode after our little stargazing moment!

H: I saw Matthieu when I walked in and I swear, I had never felt the sensation I got when our eyes met for the first time. It’s something I’ll never forget! I didn’t realize I was in love until later, but boy did I feel it.

VM: And what made you act upon those feelings?

H: I hadn’t come out to my parents or even my sister before the show aired. I was always scared of what they’d think; heck, I still am! But, you know… I’ve been holding everything back for years, thinking that there’s always a better time to do things. I didn’t want it to be like that this time. I’m happy I let myself go with the flow for once!

VM: And Matthieu, you also had some trouble accepting your feelings, didn’t you?

M: Honestly, no. I knew I wanted to be with him since very early on. I mean, come on. It’s like, I look at him and think to myself, wow. So many good feelings pop up and there are just no words. But of course, we all know there was a lot to figure out about my ex…es. [Laughs] That was just the worst thing ever, especially since it was all televised! I can’t imagine what the viewers must have thought.

VM: But it all turned out well in the end! Even though you had to go through that weird breakup, you’re here now and you seem ecstatic. I have to ask, though: have you ever thought that this relationship and the audience’s fascination with it are what’s keeping both of you in the competition?

H: I don’t doubt for a second that there are people voting to save us because they want to see if there’s going to be drama between us, and there are even more that vote because they want to see if we finally do it. [Chuckles] I’m 100% sure!

VM: Wait, wait… you guys haven’t done it? Like, it?

M: I didn’t want to rush Harrison into anything! I mean, gosh, I would love to do everything and anything with him but he’s not just a hook-up, I can wait as long as he needs to go all the way.

VM: Well, well! And here I was, assuming that the producers were just being coy, not showing us the juiciest bits of the action!

H: Do you really think they would keep that from the audience? The show’s ratings would probably skyrocket! They’d sell the episode as “The Boy Who Took Harrison’s Virginity” or something like that…

VM: “Humping Harribae”?

M: [Roars with laughter] That would certainly be worth it!

VM: And, spill now, do you sometimes play up the romance to get more screentime? I know other housemates like Charlee definitely didn’t hesitate to use romance as a way to nab some exposure.

H: Our first kiss was on TV, but there have been so many more since, and they’ve all been honest, genuine kisses. If they were captured by the cameras and broadcast, giving us more time on people’s screens, well hey! That’s OK! But I don’t care about that, because every kiss has meant something much more than just added seconds of screentime…

VM: That’s honestly lovely. I want to hear more about the competition, though. Tell me more about your housemates!

M: I don’t really dislike anyone but I grew very close to Kyungri during the show. She has this icy exterior, or plastic as some people would say [laughs], but she’s fiercely loyal and protective. She’s a great friend, always there to share a good moment or give some advice.

H: I feel like Enca was harshly judged by the other housemates. She was the kindest person to me and she truly wanted me to feel accepted and loved. Everyone had her pegged as this superficial bimbo but she was a lot deeper than people thought and had a heart of gold. I love her!

VM: Ooh, I love this! It’s always nice to hear that there are genuine connections in the house. But really, did you like everyone?

M: Well, Charlee had her moments of… decency… but she was a little hard to love. I overheard her saying that Harrison and I were simply a showmance, only together so that we could get more focus from the producers, and that rubbed me the wrong way, especially since she tried to get with Gabriel so early on for the exact same reason.

VM: Pot, kettle, yeah? Though it must have been hard to hear that, no?

M: Yeah, but criticism from people like Charlee usually comes from a place of insecurity so I never took it too seriously. Is this a showmance? Girl, please. Even if it was, could you blame us? I mean, just look at us! We are hot. We are young, we are in love. What’s not to love? [Laughs] I’m kidding, of course.

H: I’m not, though! I think we’re a good example of a loving couple, and if that makes us a showmance, then that’s OK with me!

VM: Well, you know that I agree with everything you say, especially if you look at me with those dreamy eyes! But, boys, come on. There must be dark clouds over paradise sometimes…

H: There’s not much, honest! Besides my jealousy when Matthieu’s ex stopped by, there hasn’t been anything to make us upset.

VM: Oh really? Matthieu, what about Russ, the guest on the latest episode?

H: Russ? He was such a nice guy and helped me out so much! What about him?

M: Sure, I was jealous but it didn’t create tension or anything.

H: [Turns to look at Matthieu] You were jealous?

M: As I said, there wasn’t any tension because I know that there’s nothing to be afraid of! We’re open with each other and it’s the best. At the end of the day, we’re very much in love. That’s what matters to us, and no one else can interfere with that.

VM: I’m so happy to hear that! You know, you have lots of fans who love you and who would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to your relationship.

H: Good thing we’re here to stay!

VM: Do you have anything you’d like to say to them? Your fans, I mean.

M: It’s crazy to think that there are fans out there, cheering us on. What we have is magical, and it’s a natural and wonderful experience. To know that so many people send us positive vibes is humbling, and I send all that love right back to them.

H: A few months ago, I used to prefer to stay in my room, away from other people. I loved my family, and my friends, but I was so shy and terrified of the idea of putting myself out there. Today, I’m here in a tropical paradise, being interviewed by a magazine, with actual fans, and best of all, holding the hand of the most beautiful man I’ve met. If I can do it, you can. And I’m so grateful for everyone’s support; that means everything to someone like me. So, thank you.

VM: That’s lovely, thank you! As much as I’d like to be able to continue asking you for juicy tidbits, I can see you two are dying to get out there together, so… I am so, so grateful for your time! It’s been amazing getting to know you, you’re even better in person!

H: Aw, thank you! It’s been lovely to share my thoughts with you.

M: Indeed, it’s been fantastic.

VM: Boys, we wish you so much love, luck, and success! You’re two wonderful people, and everyone loves you. Matthison forever!

M: [Kisses Harrison on the cheek] Matthison forever!

H: [Laughs] Oh God, is that what they’re calling us?


Matthison is full of love, that much is clear. But will it be clear skies all the way to the finish line and beyond? It remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this already iconic couple are in it for the long run. As we can see, they’re in love and we can’t help but to be in love with them, too. Long live Matthison! #matthison4life


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

5 thoughts on “K&GMore: Matthison’s Paradise

  1. I LOVED THIS! Please do more things like this!! It’s such a nice change of pace and it’s so awesome to see more of our faves. Loved the photoshoot and the cover, everything’s so pretty! #matthison4ever!♥♥♥♥


    1. Thank you! I love playing around with different formats like this, it’s fun! And yeah, Harrison hasn’t really been aware of how much the fans are going crazy over Matthison, to the point where he wasn’t even aware of their ship name. Distracted by some things… haha.


  2. These two… are cute! I would love to see more interviews like this. I thought it was funny he didn’t know his own ship name. However, I remember at this stage in their relationship I was worried it is a distraction and it’ll affect judgment. They are soaring on popularity now but will they continue skating?


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