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K&GMore: Harrison’s Review

Looking for the hottest gossip? The best stories? The cutest host? Well, look no further, because The Low-Down is here! I’m your host, Harrison, or Harribae for all you naughty naughty fans. Yes, I’ve seen your fan art and fanfiction, and it’s quite… entertaining. Let me just say, I’ve never seen myself drawn in quite as many… physically challenging positions before, and it’s been an interesting experience overall.

But enough about me and my hidden gymnastic abilities! Let me welcome you to my new show, where I’ll be talking about all the best stories from Kev & Get It and beyond. I mean, have you ever asked yourself where the contestants are now? Or maybe you’ve found yourself thinking about how your favorite ship from the show is doing? I’m here to talk about all that, and even more. On top of that, I have a lot of insider information that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, so this is the source that you need to follow.

Now, before we get really into things, let me remind you that the finale of Season 2 of Kev & Get It is coming up very soon! It’s been a long, looooong time since this season began—trust me, I would know better than most—but we’re finally reaching the end! I’m one of the contestants still in the running, but there are three other wonderful women competing alongside me, and I have to say that I’m so ready for the end. Really, I’m very ready for the end, can this end already? But yeah, it has been a privilege to compete along all these wonderful people, and all you have to do to help us out is make sure to tune into the next episode and vote for your favorite! Every vote means the world to us and will help us determine the winner of the season.

Now, after all this talk about the end of the season and the eventual two losers to come out of the finale, let’s talk about the first loser of this season!

According to my sources, Patricio has been cast on Paloma De Pasiones! I mean, I haven’t seen him on set or anything so I’m not sure where my sources are getting that from, but it’s nice to know that he can still find work after his tragic showing on K&GI. It seems to me that he’s decided to tone down his bro persona and really try to be nice, but that remains to be seen…

Oh wait! I’ve just received a text message from Enca! As you know, we’ve become very good friends, so we text each other all the time… oh, she’s telling me she and Patricio are back together? Well, that’s… something I wasn’t expecting. Oh, look, she’s sent me an interesting text… um.

…um. Right, I think maybe we’ll let this piece of news be? Yeah, that sounds good to me. Anyway, best of luck to Patricio and Enca! Make sure to follow them on their joint Simstagram page, @patrenca. And I’ll just… yeah. Anyway!

Speaking about all the hottest gossip, let’s discuss Hellsøn. As you may know, he’s the editor of a certain trash magazine, Gunoi! And, well, he’s been running his mouth and editing pictures of me and Matthieu on the cover and everything… yikes. I’m sorry for that, it’s kind of unbecoming of me to talk like that.

Well, anyway. Hellsøn has announced his bid for a spot on K&GI in a recent editor’s note in Gunoi! Here’s what he has to say, I’m sure it’s going to be riveting:

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying: screw you, Hellsøn, you basic, awful, bitter wannabe. You think I’m basic, let’s discuss you and your “oh-so edgy” attempt to belittle the production of K&GI and my role on the show, you little piece of—


I’m so sorry for that everyone, it’s quite unusual for me to react this strongly to something, but let me just say that there’s no love lost between me and Hellsøn. I’m… going to say, I wish him all the best of luck if he manages to get on K&GI, and we’ll see where he goes from there. He’s really going to… fill the void Charlee left behind, which I can’t say is anything anyone anywhere ever asked for, but we never know. We never know! So best of luck to his bitter, hating, ass…. sorry.

And speaking of Charlee…

According to my sources, Charlee has been discovered stalking the SimTV and K&GI studios recently! I’m honestly not surprised. There seems to be a photograph floating around of her getting a little too close to the cameras in the studio? I have no idea what she thought she was achieving, but she’s certainly serving a look.

Charlee also released a statement about the drama, but I’m not going to read the whole thing as it rambled a little too much for my taste. Nah, but I will say a couple things about what she said. She says that she was treated unfairly in the show but that she’s moved on from the whole experience and won’t be holding a grudge? It seems to me that she hasn’t quite moved on if she’s, um, snooping in the main offices of the network. Also, I just have to say something: Charlee, we support you, we really do. It’s not easy being miserable on television for the whole world to see, so whenever you want to be a decent human being again, give me a call! I don’t hold grudges.

Oooh, also, maybe, um, get another photoshoot out there quickly? I think the latest photos of you aren’t the most flattering. I’m dying over here, have you all seen the things they’ve edited into this? It’s awful…

But now, moving on from a villain to a hero, let’s check in on Hudson!

Hudson was everyone’s favorite on K&GI, Season 1, and let me tell you: he is just as awesome in real life! We’ve become quite close after working on Paloma De Pasiones and K&GI, and he’s just such a great guy. The latest scandal, though, is that he’s gotten some work done? He was seen hanging out with Dr. Kim, who you all know as Kyungri’s plastic surgeon… or, as she likes to call him, the “sculptor of her beauty.”

Anyway, what’s wrong with some plastic surgery? I highly doubt that Hudson has gotten any, but even if he did, what’s the problem with that? I’m sure Hellsøn would say something shady about the situation (and I’m sure there are already many photoshopped “reveal” photos being printed in Gunoi! as we speak…), but really, Kyungri has taught us that even the most shiny plastic exteriors can hide big hearts, so what’s the big deal? Personally, I’d love to maybe get some someday… maybe. I’m sure my, what did the fans call it? Booty like a shelf? (Yeah, I haven’t forgotten that from Episode 3 of K&GI…) Yeah, the shelf-like booty could probably be plumped up some more, no?

So Hudson, if you got plastic surgery, who cares? You’re still our beloved winner, and, er, the original H-son, I suppose. We all love you!

All right, moving on. Who’s ready for some juicy details about one of our favorite couples? Who’s up for some Loubriel?

Gabriel and Louise haven’t quite announced that they will be getting together for sure, but it seems like Gabriel’s divorce is certainly in the works! He was seen leaving the civil registry office the other day, and he seemed to be in a good mood. So, in anticipation of a truly official confirmation of #Loubriel for the fans, we asked you to give us your opinions! Here are some of my favorites.

@cutiecutie69 says, “I think Loubriel is the goal! They’re the best relationship to come out of this show, and not just because Gabriel is an ultimate daddy, but also because they both had hangups they needed to get past, and they did! So healthy.” Um, that’s an interesting opinion… I’m not sure I’d say exactly the same thing, but it’s nice nonetheless. And that’s a nice handle, cutiecutie. @charlee4everxx seems to have intense opinions: “Charlee should have ended up with Gabriel! I mean, who could resist her? Remember when they hooked up in the bathroom in like the second episode? That was hot! I don’t know why the footage is wonky but it was still hot! #Gablee for the win!” Er, I don’t know what’s more shocking about this… the fact that someone wants Gabriel to not be with Louise, or the fact that Charlee has ride-or-die stans?! Or is that Charlee herself, running a fan page? Charlee, if that was you, let us know! We’d love to find out…

Well, we shall see if Loubriel makes it in the end. Opinions seem to be divided, but no one can deny that they’re adorable together! And maybe Louise will win K&GI and the pair will be the royal couple of the show? (Although honestly, Matthieu and I probably hold that title… what? I’m just being self-aware…) Regardless, now that the finale of K&GI is coming up, I have to give a shout-out to my pick to win!

Oh, did you think I was going to say myself? Nah; as much as I’d love to win, I think Mastress Kyungri has this one in the bag! I know that she’d be a fantastic winner. I mean, just look at her! She’s glowing in every picture, she has been slaying the competition up to this point (a few times in the bottom don’t even count, do they? They don’t.)

It’s interesting for me to see where Kyungri has ended up, and I have to say that it just goes to show that you can never truly anticipate what will happen on shows like this. Her followers are pretty much obsessed with her, and aren’t we all? I don’t really have any gossip to spill about her, but I really wanted to mention her… she’s an inspiration for us all! And also, all of you better vote in the finale soon! Have I reminded you enough yet?

Now, let’s talk about some interesting developments in the K&GI universe.

It seems like Season 1 of K&GI is going to be getting a re-release on SimTV soon! And who could blame the network, after the stunning success of Season 2, it would be silly not to capitalize on all this attention by presenting all the drama from the first season again. I mean, besides the winner and the drama between Louise’s father and the popstar, does anyone really remember anything from that season? Let me tell you, the re-release of the season is going to be amazing! I, for one, am really looking forward to be seeing this season with fresh eyes. It’s going to be fantastic!

But looking to the future… here is the biggest and juiciest piece of news that we have!

Remember how I said Charlee was found stalking and snooping around the network offices? Well, it makes sense to me now, because someone has leaked the cast of Season 3 all over the internet! And even better, a blurry photo of what seems to be the cast picture for the season was also in that package, and let me tell you: it looks LUSH! I’m excited.

Is this the final picture? Who knows? But it looks amazing, and it also looks like they’re moving to a more urban location for this season if my eyes serve me right. The cast is also… amazing. I’m contractually obligated to not reveal anything concrete, but I can say… stan this cast! They are all amazing, and there are some familiar faces here and there. But no spoilers! Definitely don’t visit the K&GI wiki, there’s nothing to see there. Nothing at all, no promo pictures or nothing. Definitely not! No names, or nothing…

So what do you think this upcoming season could surprise us with? What cast members will we fall in love with? Make sure to let me know and maybe I will read off some of your comments in the next episode! I’ll be keeping you up to date! But in the meantime, let’s read a fan question for me, Harrison.

Let’s see: an anonymous fan asks: “Harribae, how is Matthison these days? I’ve noticed you don’t talk much about him since he went home, are you OK?” And, ooh! They attached their favorite picture of us, let’s bring it up on the screen.

Oh, um… er… yeah, this is quite the photo. I mean, it’s beautiful, um, yeah. Lord, is this really what I did on screen? Goodness, it seems like I really got carried away. And why are you all saving these pictures, anyway? Um… it’s… something.

Anyway, yes! Thank you, anonymous fan, for this question. Let me just say: Matthieu and I are doing perfectly fine. In fact, it’s been wonderful to talk to him from time to time. As you know, I’m still in the K&GI house after all this time, so we haven’t seen each other since he went home, but we miss each other and can’t wait to see each other. We’re doing great! It’s amazing, how you can meet someone who is so good for you during something like K&GI, it really changes lives!

Matthieu, if you’re watching: I miss you! And I’m sure all you Matthison shippers love that I just said that, so you’re welcome. Um, it’s so wonderful to have my relationship develop in front of so many adoring fans!…

Anyway, that’s all the time we have! I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Low-Down, and hopefully you’ll join me, Harrison, for more! And remember, vote in the K&GI finale, and don’t be like Charlee! Because that would be really bad…

And I mean, really bad. Like, really really bad. Anyhoo! This has been me, Harrison, with The Low-Down! Stay safe, everyone, and tune in for more very soon! And please, don’t keep making Matthison or Harribae fan art… or tone it down, please! It’s… a little much. I love you all!


Editor’s note: This is Harrison’s Top 4 pilot episode pitch. Make sure to tune into Episode 12 of K&GI, Season 2, to see how the judges react to Harrison’s show!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

10 thoughts on “K&GMore: Harrison’s Review

  1. This was so cute!! I loved it, more Harribae is always a good thing xD Can’t wait for Louise and Marjan’s episodes :))

    And poor Charlee xD all the shade directed at her!

    AND AND Season 3’s promos are leaking??! this is incredible news!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not a huge fan of this one. These comments seem out-of-character for Harrison, being petty and hurtful towards his fellow contestants. I don’t think Harrison is going to win based on this.


  3. Relying on a text for his first “story” didn’t impress me and felt gimmicky. Still not thrilled with Enca + Patricio. And could you call that news? It was kinda expected and already known right?

    Then Hellson? For reals? Okay that’s news but first of all, what really? Second, Harrison be the bigger man. You sound like a whiny dog. Yes. I know reality TV has changed you but you honestly sounded like you were just pissed off instead of crafting a clever or witty response. Bring it Hellson. Don’t be intimidated, Harrison. And you know you love the Matthison love. Even fake stories about Matthison love. Just saying.

    Charlee… stalking? That kinda surprises me unless she’s back for some sweet Kyungri love and they’re in a weird tryst with Dr. Kim. Mwahahaha! And I felt like Harrison was rambling. Oof! And dying over here with the edits? Yeah Harrison you’re not helping yourself with these statements.

    His plastic surgery comments… I can’t even. You call this gossip? Harrison you need to step up your game, dude.

    Distracted by the handle? Cutiecutie isn’t very original. Whoa! I realize I’m sounding real harsh! 😅 I guess I’m really invested in your characters.

    Ooo season 3… now that be interesting news. Finally! Honestly, I hate to say it to baby faced Harrison but I’m kinda over Matthison. I know. I know. Hold your pitchforks please. But I feel like both men could shine on their own and right now Harrison is meh.


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