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K&GMore: Louise’s Intervention

It’s been a long time since Louise has seen her father. They haven’t spoken since their last big fight, when Christophe, her father, told her that he was going to be spending some time with his lover in another country. Louise didn’t even ask which country, and she stormed out of the room, angrily choking back tears.

Why was Louise so angry? In her mind, she had been a well-behaved, intelligent, and lovable daughter. Had she done something to push her father away? And worse, had her mother, always loving but sometimes distant… had she done something, too? What had caused this? Louise cared about protecting her younger siblings from the truth, but they also found out. Obviously, since their father’s affair had been plastered all over the television on a cheap reality show.

So what was Louise to do? She couldn’t stay home, and she couldn’t bear to go back to her university program with all the turmoil distracting her from her studies. So she took a gap year, and signed on to the very show her father had been on in hopes of clearing her family’s name. After all, the Meuniers were a proud, hard-working family and Christophe had carelessly brought them into disrepute.

But now, on the cusp on winning the very show that ruined her family, Louise has the opportunity to reunite with the person that led her to take this unexpected path. Will she be able to keep her cool after all this time or will she, once again, fall victim to her unresolved anger? Join us as we follow Louise in her long-awaited reunion.

Christophe and Andreea began their relationship on the first season of Kev & Get It, and it quickly developed into something neither of them could deny or keep from the cameras. Both were married and had kids, but the pressure of the high-stakes competition wasn’t conducive to wise decision-making, and they began their tryst. It ruined everything: their chances of winning the show due to their unpopularity, their marriages, and, as we can see now, their own relationship.

We can see them now, on the rooftop of the Meunier home. They don’t seem happy. Andreea recently found out that Christophe wanted to make amends with his family, and leave her in the process. She’s come to get some answers. What she doesn’t know is that she’s chosen the exact same time as Louise to get her answers.

She marches straight up to Christophe, who has been expecting her, and she bursts into an angry tirade of questions and angry quips, accusing him of leading her on, making her believe that they were both going to leave their families in order to start something together, in another place.

Andreea is a Romanian pop star, one who has carved up a respectable career in her own country and abroad. She went on K&GI to give her career a boost, since it had been some years since she had a hit. Unfortunately, she was too distracted with her alliance with Christophe and she let herself get carried away, losing her focus on winning the competition and reviving her career.

She resents this, but she accepted her new role as a villain after the show; her bad publicity in the wake of the Season 1 finale, where she had famously said that she planned to one day marry Christophe, had revived interest in her, and she was able to release new music and receive new opportunities. It wasn’t all good, though, because her commitment to making the infidelity work in the long-run was cut short by the media’s ruthless attacks on her character and morals.

She had always planned to come out on top. Since no one could deny that she and Christophe had incredible chemistry and went well together, she had anticipated being able to rise above the criticism by saying that she couldn’t fight against fate bringing her to the love of her life. But that love and her plan to use it to leverage some good publicity failed, and she was left with a still ailing music career, a fractured family, and a ruined public image. She was angry, and this morning she’s letting Christophe know just how disappointed and hurt she is.

Unfortunately, her rant is cut short by Louise’s arrival.

She’s almost screaming at Christophe, asking him why he does what he does. He’s mostly silent, taking the attacks in, when he sees Louise standing behind Andreea, not saying a word. He’s shocked; he hasn’t seen her in months, the only glimpses he gets of her are on the television, where she has captured the hearts of many watchers with her strong character and intensifying love story with one of her competitors.

Christophe is not a bad man. Well, he doesn’t think so, at least. His motivations for going on the show were simple: he was a businessman, and promoting himself on television was an easy way to get new contacts that would help him build up the business. He was very popular at first. His strong but relatable demeanor was attractive to his housemates and the fans, and he excelled in the challenges for the entire first half of the competition. After he got close to Andreea, however, his popularity declined, the fans having preferred not to support an adulterer on public television, and he was soon eliminated in a shocking elimination ceremony. The other contestants, mostly unaware of what had made the fans turn so suddenly on Christophe, were completely baffled as to why the biggest competitor went home. They soon found out, and Christophe was deeply unpopular everywhere.

Then came the reunion, where he reminded everyone that love happens to people without it being anticipated, and that was it. His family rejected him when he went back home,  and he was forced to live in an apartment with Andreea while the whole thing blew over. His deepest regret wasn’t even being rejected by his hurt wife, though that hurt a lot; no, it was being shut out of his daughter Louise’s life. She was his favorite person in the world, and losing a relationship with her made his affair with Andreea quickly sour.

And now she’s here, in the flesh!

Christophe angrily cuts Andreea off, not wanting her to say anything else in front of his daughter. He’s had enough of her resentment and prefers to resolve their conflict in private. This only angers Andreea more, and she continues to make accusations, growing more frustrated and angry as the minutes pass.

Louise stands there for a while, looking at the pair arguing. She’s angry as well, and very nervous, but she can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for her father. She feels conflicted: on the one hand, she hasn’t seen him in months by choice, and doesn’t necessarily want to see him yet, either; on the other hand, she was always very close to Christophe and as she watches him be humiliated by Andreea, she can’t help but feel a little of the love she feels for him as his first daughter. She can’t stand this anymore, so she finally speaks.

In a surprising turn, she comes to her father’s defense, loudly telling Andreea that she’s not welcome in the Meunier’s family home. Louise is intensely upset. She lets her months of bottled-up frustration, anger, and resentment pour out of her as she berates Andreea. Deep down, Louise knows that Andreea is not completely at fault, but any shred of respect she had for the woman had disappeared when she learned that Andreea was willing to abandon her own family in order to break up Louise’s even further.

Christophe is taken aback upon witnessing his daughter’s intense anger. However, he can’t help feeling hopeful that maybe this is a good sign. Perhaps, if he plays his cards right, he can re-enter her life and bridge the deep rift between them. This hope fills him with a sort of joy, which is strange given the fact that the two women are now yelling at each other as the sun rises over the Meunier household.

He’s not listening very closely, but notices that the argument has stopped. He tunes back in to see that the two women are now looking at him: one with a disappointed look on her face, and the other with barely concealed disgust painting her usually beautiful features.

They’re waiting for him to answer a question he didn’t really hear. He gulps, knowing that he has to make any sort of statement with tactful confidence if he wants to have the opportunity to regain his family one day. Louise looks at him with hurt in her eyes, her arms wrapped around herself. She’s creating a shield, anticipating more hurt.

Christophe apologizes, and asks them to repeat the question. Andreea rolls her eyes, and asks him again: who does he choose? Is he going to go with his lover and create a new life like he promised? Or is he going to choose his family? The time has arrived to make things right, she says.

Christophe agrees. Andreea is shocked, but quickly realizes what he means. He’s leaving her to go back to his family. For real, now. Not just talk. Seeing his daughter has sped up the process and now Andreea is once again left hopeless. She’s disgusted.

She knows, even beneath all the anger and hurt, that he’s making a choice based on his heart, and she can’t resent him for that. She can, however, resent him for everything else. This man! He had been leading her on since the beginning, living a sort of pre-mid-life crisis by cheating on his wife with a pop star. And who was dealing with the fall out? Of course, he was unpopular, but Andreea had been willing to deal with all the vitriol spewed in her direction since she thought she would get her love story in the end. She was finally going to escape her own loveless marriage and find true romance. Well, that was before.

And now she was nothing more than… what had they called her? A heartless vixen? A brassy-haired pop tart?

She’s heartbroken. She turns around and leaves without a single word, stomping away as if to leave a permanent impression of her heartbreak on the smooth concrete of the rooftop terrace. Christophe sighs.

But Louise isn’t done with him yet.

She’s even angrier than before. She can’t understand why her father would throw away everything to be with some other woman, and then throw all of that away in the end, as well, all in order to come back full circle. What was going through his head? She yells at him, trying to understand his logic.

Christophe lets Louise vent her anger. He understands where she’s coming from, and he can’t blame her for being confused. He himself didn’t know how much he missed until he realized how much he lost. And sure, he thinks, it’s a little confusing for everyone.

Louise’s anger subsides as she sees her father accept her criticism and thinly-veiled insults. She feels guilty, and so she stops her frustrated tirade. After the anger, though, the sadness comes through. She looks at the ground, unable to express how betrayed she feels. It’s difficult for her to express sentiments like that without saying explosive things.

In the end, all she can ask for is an explanation. Deep down, though, she knows that it would be tough for her father to answer that sort of a question in a way that’s satisfying for her. She understood, a few days ago, that she had problems of her own.

Back when Louise’s mother visited her in the Kev & Get It house, Louise finally realized that she had been playing the Andreea role in breaking up someone else’s marriage. Louise was in love with Gabriel and she would do anything to be with him, but in doing so she also broke up a marriage. It seemed as though Louise had committed the same awful thing that she had resented Christophe and Andreea for. So who was she to judge?

Christophe knows all this; he watches the show, after all, and he saw how things unfolded with Louise, Gabriel, and Manon. Yes, he knows all this, but he decides to take the high road and simply defend himself instead of attacking her for committing several of his mistakes. He doesn’t want to push her away any more.

And so, he launches into a full retelling of the story, not skipping anything. How he felt lonely, how he married young and didn’t realize he had so much to learn still about himself after so many years of marriage, and how much he learned even while making the worst mistakes of his life. He doesn’t hold back, and Louise is surprised to see him being so candid after all of his past disappointing excuses and lies.

In the middle of all of this, Louise realizes something important. She told her mother last week that she wasn’t so angry anymore, and she still feels this way. She’s ready to move past her anger. Her own mother did, and even said she had forgiven his father. Did this mean that Louise could have her family back? She had spent so much time being upset and resentful that she had ignored the fact that all she wanted was to be able to have her family back. They had been so close before the whole fiasco.

Now, seeing her father look so sad about the whole situation, she feels the ropes around her heart release slightly. She can see both sides of the situation, and even though she’s not sure she is ready to forgive Christophe, she is ready to move on. It’s exhausting for her to hold on to so much anger.

She says this to Christophe, and he brightens. He asks about her mother, Céline.

According to Louise, Céline is doing much better after having spent the better part of the year living with her parents in Colombia. Christophe looks relieved and, sensing that he’s making progress with his daughter, asks Louise if she thinks that he truly has a chance to make things better.

Louise’s first instinct is to yell “Hell no!” to her father, but she holds back, remembering her desire to patch things up. It’s not the time for snark or mean comments anymore; she can be better than that. So she tells him that, yes, Céline is open to rebuilding their relationship. Louise feels better instantly, knowing that she’s telling the truth; her mother had said as much last week.

She also knows that she can play an important role in this reconciliation. She asks Christophe if he’s ready to see his estranged wife once again. They haven’t seen each other in a long, long time, even longer than the time that Louise and Christophe went without seeing each other. A reunion won’t be easy, she says, but she wants to be there, hold a sort of intervention in order to help out the couple.

Christophe is nervous at this idea. He hasn’t prepared anything to say to his wife. He knows that he is on the brink of getting his family back but he could mess it up by saying something hurtful that could derail any sort of progress he’s made.

Louise is ready for this, too. She remembers how nervous she felt before this reunion and feels empathy toward her father. She feels something positive toward her father again! She thinks about how she couldn’t even fathom the concept just a few weeks ago.

So she tells him that Céline knew all about this planned confrontation before it happened, and that she’s ready to reunite with him. However, Louise says, it’s not going to be easy to just slot back into the family as if nothing had happened. Christophe is going to have to show his regret before being truly forgiven by everyone, and this includes Louise, her mother, and her two siblings. He has to truly commit to rebuilding things slowly before she will let him see Céline.

Christophe doesn’t think before accepting to this, eager to see his wife again and rediscover the love they once shared between them. They have a long history, after all, and coming back to Céline is like coming back to himself, the person he knew so well before everything went downhill.

Louise can see the hope in his face. She can read in his expression that he’s telling the truth. Or at least, that’s what he wants me to believe, she thinks, before shushing her inner voice. She turns to him and finally smiles, telling him that she’ll call her mother up to meet them both.

After a few moments, the reunion is underway.

Things are awkward at first, but Louise can see that her parents are glad to see each other. Their expressions and gestures, while guarded, show that they know each other very well and have done so for years. The reserved joy Louise feels makes her almost burst in tears; this was what she wanted. Not anger, or revenge. What she wants is forgiveness. Togetherness. A family. She has missed this.

So she stands there, smiling. She feels the warmth of the rising sun on her face, and the warmth of her parents conversing at her sides. She still doesn’t want to admit this, but somehow, this feeling of moving on past the hurt she’s hold on to feels even better than she expected. The release of her anger has helped her to understand that.

Christophe knows, also, that he can’t expect things to be perfect immediately, but he’s relieved to be able to have this moment with his family. He looks at Louise and gives her a small nod, and mouths a quiet “thank you”. She nods back, then looks at the sky again, feeling the ropes around her heart releasing a little bit more.


Editor’s note: This is Louise’s Top 4 pilot episode pitch. Make sure to tune into Episode 12 of K&GI, Season 2, to see how the judges react to Louise’s show!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

8 thoughts on “K&GMore: Louise’s Intervention

  1. I love to see some resolution in Louise’s murky story with her dad. I don’t think this is it for that story so I’m excited to see where this goes! As a show though I think Louise’s has been the weakest so far, behind Kyungri and Harrison…. like her pilot is sweet and I love the title card and her deepened story, but I think the other have been stronger…. sorry Lou! I still think she’s great Top 3 material<3

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    1. I liked writing this. Of course, it’s taken me a long time to get here, yikes, but I’ve always wanted Louise to get a little bit of resolution in her story. Like, we see her come in all angry and then the competition and life in general happened and helped her see things are not so black and white, and she was able to begin to forgive her father. I agree this is probably the weakest pilot so far, but that’s mainly because it was hard to find something appropriate for Louise to do in this challenge! Love your comments, keep them coming♥ Thank you!

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  2. Oh and I know this isn’t important or even really appropriate but Christophe is a daddy xD I’m happy to finally see him after he was mentioned so much during Louise’s run!

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  3. It’s great that Louise made up with her father. However, is this reality show material? What’s the plan for the episodes after this? And it feels a bit weak for a whole pilot episode. A lot of it is inner turmoil which viewers won’t get to experience. Kyungri is still my favourite so far!


  4. This was raw, powerful, and beautiful. I commend Louise for letting the public into her private family business. It had drama and depth and had me rooting for forgiveness and redemption. It didn’t feel contrived. I was blown away and impressed by Louise’s entry. I’m curious how the rest of a tv series would go. Maybe Louise would help other families reunite or she would deal with the aftermath of a recovering broken family. Let’s see how the judges feel.


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