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“The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part I)

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Season 2: Episode 12

Previously, on K&GI: Marjan continued to spiral downwards into a deep depression that no one seemed to understand, and while she pondered her situation, she was unwittingly watched by a sketchy figure. Kyungri and Harrison strengthened their connection and prepared themselves for the upcoming final challenges. Gabriel and Louise took their relationship to the next level, firmly establishing their bond, but were rocked by Gabriel’s ex-wife Manon visiting the house. They were pleasantly surprised, however, due to Manon’s apparent acceptance of their budding relationship. Louise is further surprised by a visit from her mother, and the pair discuss their complicated history and future. The contestants prepared for the final stretch of the competition, and participated in a cover-try and photoshoot for Vista Magazine. Though they all did well and produced lush visuals, Gabriel was ultimately eliminated, and after a wistful goodbye with Louise, the hot Latin papi left the K&GI house. The Top 4 has been chosen: Marjan, Harrison, Louise, and Kyungri. Only three of them will move on to the finale. Who will be eliminated next?Fadeout 11

As the competition wound down and the Top 5 became a Top 4, the remaining housemates were all given a week to come up with ideas for the TV pilots. If they wished, they could go home or to the studio in order to record, and they were followed by cameras all the way. After having each conceived and filmed their pilots to submit to the judging panel, they’ve returned to the K&GI house. They’re refreshed after the short break and are all happy to see each other after several days.

Kyungri: It’s good to see all you losers again!

Harrison: Oh shut up, “losers” or whatever, you love us. I’m also happy to see you three again!

Marjan: *giggles* Yes, I’ve been missing you all. It’s been an interesting week…

Louise: I admit it’s kind of sad to not have Gabriel here but I have to say I’m happy it’s us four still here!

Louise: Yeah, I’m sad. I feel like Gabriel and I only really got a couple weeks to spend together once we accepted we like each other. But it’s OK, this competition is almost over and we’ll see each other again next week at the finale anyway!

The housemates continue to gush about how pleased they are to be together again, but the conversation soon turns to the competition and the looming finale.

Harrison: So, how do you guys think our pilots will be judged? Because I really went all out with mine! I’m proud of it…

Kyungri: Pfff, it’s probably going to be some over the top sort of ceremony where they’re each torn to shreds. You know those judges love to rip into quality.

Louise: Do we even know who the judges are? I mean, aside from ajmkv.

Kyungri: Whoever they are, they’d better recognize that I’ve created a masterpiece of a pilot. Must-watch TV, I tell you!

Marjan: Glad to see you’re still the same old Kyungri!

Louise: I don’t know… I feel like I wanted my pilot to be something raw and impactful, but I’m not sure it turned out the way I wanted it to.

Harrison: I’m sure it’s going to be great! I’m not sure why we’re not allowed to talk about what they are to each other… but I’m certain your show will be so good.

Louise: *smiles nervously* I sure hope so… anyway, Marjan, what about you?

Marjan: What about me?

Kyungri: Your show, silly! How was the filming?

Marjan: *looks into the distance* It was an experience. I… had to dig deep into the caverns of my heart to find the inspiration. I think… I succeeded.

Kyungri: Well, I don’t know if you’re all just being bashful, but I think my show is going to be picked up immediately! I have no doubt about it, I bring a rich quality to the format that would make Shaman Unnie proud.

Harrison: Kyungri, I have to ask… WHO is Shaman Unnie? You’ve been mentioning her during the whole season and I have zero idea of who that is.

Louise: Yeah, is she… like… a religious leader for you or something?

Marjan: Ooooh, like the flying spaghetti monster? Cool!

Kyungri: Flying what? No! Don’t you dare disrespect her, Shaman Unnie is THE woman to look up to in the world. Educate yourselves!

Harrison: I STILL don’t know who Shaman Unnie is…


K&GI ajmkv mail

ajmkv: Housemates, welcome back! I’m so thrilled you’re here, the K&GI house has been so empty without you all. Not that I hang out here all the time and just wait for your return, not at all… heh! Never!… *Kyungri groans* Ahem, anyway. You’ve spent the last week coming up with and shooting your own television pilot episodes for SimTV. As you’ll remember, one of the prizes on the line is your own TV show on the channel, and your pilot could very well become a full show! Isn’t that exciting?

Marjan: ……….

Producer: Marjan? Marjan! Wake up! We’re filming your confessionals… oh whatever.

ajmkv: …but before we go to the screening of your pilots and we get to meet your special guest judges, y’all have one final photoshoot! So make sure to get to hair and makeup, and put on your best pouty face for the camera, because this might be the last time you’re photographed as part of the cast!

The contestants head over to the hair and makeup room, where they’re told that they will be part of a tasteful shoot in their underwear. Louise is not particularly thrilled, and she’s grumpy throughout the whole session.

Louise: *voiceover* I know that photoshoots are a big part of this show, but honestly I’m so over them. Plus, I’m getting really nervous about the screening of my pilot! I like it, it’s very me… but I’m not sure if it was the best choice. Kyungri’s pilot is probably going to be awesome, she’s super confident about it, and Harrison doesn’t look nervous either. Marjan… she’s off in her own world, but she’s turned out to be a great competitor, so I’m sure she’s going to have a really good pilot, too. UGH, I’m so nervous! This stupid photoshoot…

The four gather in the basement set, which has been almost completely remodeled with a new sitting area and lush marble floors and walls. Kyungri looks confident, and she relaxes on one of the couches while she waits for the photographer to arrive. Marjan, on the other hand, doesn’t look quite as assured.

Marjan: *voiceover* I was just standing there, looking at Harrison practicing his posing… it’s like I was transfixed by his nipples, I mean… pointy little beacons of positivity, they are. And yet, as I stare into them… it’s like I’m getting sucked deeper into this hole. I’m not sure if I’m ready for everything to be revealed…

Harrison continues posing as everyone prepares. He runs his hands through his hair, feeling excited about the challenge. He’s feeling confident in himself for once.

Harrison: *voiceover* I feel great! I think I’ve come up with something fun and interesting. I’m sure the judges will appreciate it! I don’t know what the girls have planned, but I feel confident. I’ve been doing well in the challenges. It’s my time! I can almost feel the Top 3 at my fingertips.

The photographer arrives, and everyone joins Harrison. Their brief is to look sensitive and alluring, and everyone mostly succeeds. Though Louise and Marjan are lost in their thoughts, the picture comes out beautifully and everyone’s spirits are lifted after their good photoshoot.


Tune into Part II here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

11 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part I)

  1. You’re Sims are cool and I love your screenshots! It’s hard for me to process the centered text. Have you considered left-alignment to make the processing for reading text a little easier for some readers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into my screenshots and my Sims are like my babies so I’m glad you like them!

      And, oh! I didn’t realize the centered text was difficult to read. I mainly do it because my blog’s layout is centered, but I’ve been looking to maybe change it up, so I’ll probably do left-alignment. Thank you for the tip!!


  2. Yes, it’s finally here<33 I've been waiting for the judges to evaluate the shows!

    I looooove how everyone loves each other, even Kyungri! This is really the best top 4 :3 They're all supportive of each other and I love that.

    The judges are cool, I love that Bella is here! Hudson and ajmkv I expected, but Bella was a nice surprise. She is kind of mean but I also… kind of liked that? xD I expect her to be like a celebrity in the sims world and you gave off the impression that she's an aloof star xD

    I don't agree with all the critiques though! Marjan obviously had the best show, but I think the other three weren't far behind. Harrison's show was very cute, I don't agree that it was boring, and KYUNGRI'S show was NOT boring, excuse me Bella? I think I'm going to be voting for Kyungri, but you already know she's my ultimate<3

    Poor Marjan! I'm shocked that her show might turn out to be true. I think Kyungri put it the best: i it turns out to be true, I'm going to have to reevaluate everything I know about Marjan, maybe re-read to see if everything she says really has hints of all this?! It's crazy! When this all began, who would have thought that silly Marjan of all people would be the most interesting character…

    I loved this, awesome job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Best Top 4! I’m so sad to see one of them go, but that’s the game! All four of them are worthy winners, so it’ll be interesting to see who makes it in the end.

      It was hard for me to write the shows and make them seem like different styles, and I think some work better than others. I tried to reflect that in Hudson and Bella’s critiques. I also didn’t think Kyungri’s was boring, but hey, I’m not Bella, right? 😉

      Marjan’s arc has been my absolute favorite (even more than Harrison’s, sorry boo!), so seeing it reach this point has been so satisfying for me as the creator. Still more to find out, though! Stay tuned~~

      And thank you so much!♥

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dangit, now I want to know who Shaman Unnie is, too XD

    HAHAHA did Marjan seriously fall asleep on you during the announcement? xDDDDDD Also, I totally cracked up at “pointy little beacons of positivity”.
    It’s a bit sad to think it’s almost over. Just one more week in their universe. And what a ride it’s been.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shaman Unnie is the 15th contestant this season and none of us even knew 😛

      Thank you! It’s certainly been a ride, and I’m so happy you’ve been a part of it♥


  4. Haha. I wondered about Shaman Unni myself. Lol. Also flying spaghetti monster? Really? Marjan? Where’s your brains, woman!? I feel she’s better and more than this and it’s ticking me off. Transfixed by Harrison had me giggling a little though.


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