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“The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part II)

After the final shoot, Louise proposes that everyone take a dip in the pool together, one last time, to celebrate them reaching the end of their time in the K&GI house. It’s a bittersweet moment, as everyone looks happy to be there but also sad that the adventure is finally coming to an end.

Louise: I’m coming to get y’all! Watch out!

Kyungri: No, wait! My hair!

Harrison: Oh whatever Kyungri, not even Shaman Unnie herself could move a strand of that hair out of place.

Kyungri: Oh, so you’ve read up on your iconic figures of history? I’m impressed.

Harrison: Sure, Kyungri.

Marjan: So does she fly, too? That must be soooo cool!

Kyungri: You can laugh, but know that she’s always watching over us.

Marjan: *suddenly somber* Oh, I know the feeling…

Louise: Guys, I’m actually going to miss this! I’ve grown so fond of you.

Marjan: Aww, us too! My sweet LouLou!

Harrison: Yeah… I was nervous to come into this competition, but you have made it all worth it.

Kyungri: And your goofy hunk of man meat, too. I’m sure he was the best part!

Harrison: *blushes* No! Um, I mean, yes, but… I feel so close to all of you. I’m really lucky to have been able to meet you all, NOT just Matthieu.

Kyungri: *softens* I feel you. Against my best instincts, I’ve grown to truly respect all of you. I’m still winning, obviously, but I feel satisfied that my competition is a group of people like you.

Kyungri: And I mean it. I know I’m always a little rude and cold, but I’ve truly grown to respect these people… and even love them. Don’t let them know yet! But yes, I’m very fond of each of them. They’re good people.

The four spend a couple of hours in the pool, reminiscing about their favorite moments in the competition. Their nerves resurface, though, when they’re all called to the house and told to get ready; the judging of the pilots is due to begin soon.


ajmkv: Hello, K&GIers! Isn’t that a mouthful? *laughs* Anyway, I’d like to welcome you all to the judging of your TV pilots! I’m very, VERY excited to see what you have come up with. I’m sure each of your shows is going to beautifully represent what makes you worthy of winning this competition.

ajmkv: But before that; we have some special judges to help choose who the person with the best pilot is! These people are some of the best to judge you, and they are people I personally deeply respect. I’m sure you recognize them, so let’s get reacquainted!

ajmkv: Firstly, we have the first winner of Kev & Get It. He has been in your shoes, and filmed a pilot of his own. After his victory, the pilot was picked up and is now one of the most popular shows on SimTV! I believe no one else can truly understand how you’re feeling right now, so please give a warm welcome to Hudson Gamboa!

Hudson: Hey, everyone! I’m so happy to see you all again. Filming Paloma De Pasiones with you all was lots of fun, and I think I know enough about you to be able to tell if your pilot really comes from a passionate place deep within you. I know exactly how you all must feel, so please, don’t hold back! I’m already impressed with all of you, so I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

ajmkv: Thank you, Hudson! The whole K&GI family is lucky to have you back once again! Now, let’s discuss our second judge: she is truly an icon in our universe. When one thinks of a “celebrity”, she’s the first name that pops up in their head. She’s also the director of content at SimTV, so she will be working with you personally if your pilot gets picked up. She’s sweet, she’s classy… she’s Bella Goth!

Louise: Bella Goth. Bella Goth! She’s one of my ultimate role models, she’s carved such an enviable career for herself! She doesn’t need anyone but herself, and yet is an approachable and generous icon of a woman. I’m so excited! I hope I can impress her…

Bella: Thanks for the kind introduction, ajmkv. You’re very flattering. Kyungri, Louise, Harrison, and Marjan: you’re all very interesting to watch on television, and you’re wonderful assets to SimTV, but you must know this: I’m not going to accept anything BUT perfection in your television shows. For something to have the Goth seal of approval, it had better be flawless. Don’t doubt it for a second!

ajmkv: Thank you, Bella! Let me just say, K&GI is so happy to have you. The Bella Goth!

Bella: Yes, yes. Thank you. *rolls her eyes slightly*

ajmkv: And as for me, well… let me just say that I’m dying to know what you all have created. As the host, I’ve seen you grow and evolve throughout the competition. A television show is a fantastic way to express yourself, your personality, and I’m sure you’ve all done so wonderfully. Now, before we begin… how do you all feel? Excited? Are you confident in your pilots? Louise, how are you feeling?

Louise: I’m… I’m happy with what I made. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve mentioned here and there. I think this will help me move on, and hopefully people will appreciate the message.

ajmkv: I’m always impressed with you, Louise, so I’m curious to see what you have prepared. Kyungri, what about you?

Kyungri: ajmkv oppa, I know you already know that I’m about to take this pilot all the way to the bank.

ajmkv: *laughs* Oh, Kyungri, never change. I’m sure your show is going to be a tour de force, indeed. Harrison, what are you thinking?

Harrison: Listen, ajmkv. I’ve been mostly unsure of myself this whole competition, but today, I dunno, I just feel good! Hopefully that will be reflected in my show.

ajmkv: That’s what I love to hear! You’re a gem, Harrison, I’m happy you’re feeling confident. And finally, let’s go over to Marjan. How are you today?

Marjan: The truth is coming.

ajmkv: The truth?

Marjan: Yes. You all will see.

ajmkv: Oh! Er… OK, that sounds great, Marjan. Um, well, let’s get this started! Kyungri, you’re up first!

Kyungri: I don’t know if you all are ready for this!

ajmkv: Oh, I’m sure we are! Well, with that said, I’m very proud to present Kyungri’s television pilot for SimTV. Kyungri, you’re opening the doors of your home to us, and taking us on a tour of your very special, and very plastic life, eh? Everyone, please clap for Kyungri’s Plastic Unnies Playhouse!

Watch Kyungri’s television pilot, Plastic Unnies Playhouse, right here!

Make sure to come back for the critiques!

ajmkv: Oh, er… wow. That was certainly something. Let’s, um, let the judges discuss their thoughts on your show, Kyungri. Hudson… any thoughts?

Hudson: Kyungri… I really want to like this, I really do. But, I feel like it’s been done? I mean, you look beautiful, your family is gorgeous, there’s some intrigue here and there, and I particularly like the bits with your mother, Dr. Kim, and Minho. But honestly, tell me: where is the magic? How is this going to be distinguished from, I don’t know, the Real Housewives of San Myshuno? I was entertained, it’s just… where would you go with all this? I feel like you could have done much more. As it is, I feel like Plastic Unnies Playhouse has an incredible title but the content lets it down… I don’t know, what do you think, Bella?

Bella: This is utterly bland drivel, Kyungri. You want the prime time on SimTV but this wouldn’t even be good enough to air in the 3 AM slot. I respect your hustle and you’re a formidable competitor and woman, but this? This slice of hot trash? You know, we ALL know about your desire to be the richest woman in the world, we ALL know that you’re plastic, and we ALL know already that Dr. Kim is your not-so-secret lover. This is more like a telenovela, not a reality show. I find it hard to believe that there’s so much going on in your house… it just seems as fake as your face. Was that what you were going for?

Kyungri: *balling her fists* No.

Bella: So why did you think this garbage was appropriate?

Kyungri: *under her breath* The only garbage here is your nose job.

Bella: Excuse me? Kyungri, this is unbecoming of you. Your show was trash. It wasn’t good enough. And stop trying to frown! Your Botox is going to crack.

Marjan: They were really ripping into poor Kyungri! I felt really bad for her, I liked her show! I wonder if they’re going to come down on me just as hard as that…

ajmkv: Kyungri, I’m sorry that we’re being harsh with you. However, I have to say that I liked your show! I agree that it might not be the most entertaining thing in the world, but I do applaud you for letting us meet your family. I know you’re fiercely protective of them so it was nice to see you let us in for a peek. I do think that there are several storylines in your pilot that could be expanded as time goes on, you’ve set up some nice mysteries. Also, I love the characters. There’s a nice variety of personalities here, and it’s almost creepy to see how similar to you your daughters look. Dr. Kim…

Bella: Yuck.

ajmkv: …um, Dr. Kim is always a delight, too! So, um. I do like this, there’s a lot to like, but if you win, this might need a little bit more polishing? Maybe you could introduce us to Shaman Unnie?

Kyungri: *glaring at Bella* I’ll take your comments into account.

ajmkv: Thank you, Kyungri. And well done! Don’t let this discourage you. Let’s take a break, y’all!


Tune into Part III here!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part II)

  1. Awwwwww Kyungri loves them ❤ Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Sorta. Kind of.

    I like how the judges actually seem very serious this time around. It’s fitting for a semi-finale. And hey, Bella Goth! That one actually surprised me. =D

    Ouuuuuchhhh, Bella. Slice of hot trash? Damn. That has got to hurt. Wow, they really ripped into her. Bella better be sleeping with one eye open for the considerable future. 0.o

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kyungri can’t have anyone using her secret status as the biggest softie in the show against her 😛

      Yeah, I loved having really serious judging this time around! We can’t make it easy on the contestants, can we? Tbh having Bella show up here made me happy, what better guest could we have? Although she RIPPED into Kyungri, ouch indeed.


  2. Watching over you… I know the feeling… come on Marjan, spill it!

    Bella Goth! Okay I’m fangirling a little. She is iconic! P.S. Bella is a star on Specific Hospital, my silly little tv show. I’ve never shared it in story but I might now that I’ve been reading your delicious drama.

    Also Kyungri was so toned down from what I expected. I guess I thought she needed a little more fire. I forgot she was a mother and this really humanized her but it was a little on the blah side. Not dramatic (except for the sibling squick! love). I expected more but I also liked it because it showcased a side of Kyungri we haven’t seen before. I still think she’s a goddess. But eek! Slipping up now isn’t a good sign. Are you cracking, woman? Don’t fail me now. It felt a little Hallmark movie with some barely there forced scandal and I do like an occasional Hallmark but this lacked the feels. Okay, I know… I’m ping ponging all over the place with my thoughts but I do agree with the judges even if I liked the aside for Kyungri as a person and a mother.


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