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“The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part V)

It’s the evening of the 11th and final elimination ceremony before the finale of K&GI, and after having presented their pilots and received critiques for them, the Top 4 contestants have been feeling nervous about the results of the fan vote. However, before the ceremony happens, one of the contestants is visited by a surprise guest.

Marjan: What are you doing here?

Aurora: I think you know why.

Aurora: Marjan, I know…

Marjan: What? That I’m over this whole charade? That I’m ready to give up on everything?

Aurora: But… you can’t! You know the consequences…

Marjan: I can’t believe you’re still helping out with this after everything that’s happened.

Aurora: I had no choice! You don’t even know the worst of it…

Cielo: That’s right. You don’t know anything, Marjan.

Marjan: You!

Cielo: I don’t think it would be wise for you to give up right now, Marjan. You’re so close. Why risk everything now just because you’re tired of playing up the character?

Marjan: I swear, you’re going to regret all of this.

Cielo: No one is going to regret this more than you.

Marjan: Arrgh!

Aurora: Marjan, no!

Marjan: You’re full of it, Cielo! You pretended to be my friend for so long only to involve me in your awful family’s business!

Aurora: Marjan, stop!

Marjan: I trusted you! You were my friend!

Aurora: Stop! There’s more the story that you don’t know!

Marjan: I don’t care! All I know is that this bitch and her family took my CHILD!

Marjan: Cielo, you’re going to regret this until the day you die. I’m never going to forgive you.

Cielo: You knew what you were getting into when you started dating Adrián. You knew what you were risking by getting mixed up with his family!

Marjan: You keep saying that, but all you’re doing is talking shit. I hate you!

Cielo: Marjan, stop for a second and try to understand!… *punch*

Aurora: MARJAN, NO!

Marjan: I understand perfectly, Cielo! You’re going to listen to me now, I’m tired of being the piece of trash you walk all over!

Aurora: No, no, no, please stop! *she starts crying*

Cielo: Please, Marjan, just take a second to listen… *punch!*

Marjan: Stop trying to make me listen! I’ve had enough of you! It’s about time you were knocked off your high horse, I don’t care what you have to say!

Aurora: Marjan, please. This isn’t Cielo’s fault!

Marjan: Oh yeah? Then why has she agreed to be my supervisor? Why, is she afraid I’m going to rat out her garbage family? Did she come on here to make sure that I don’t stray from the script?

Aurora: There’s so much more to the story!

Cielo: Yes, please just listen…

Marjan: No. You’re going to listen to me now. I came on this show willing to become your puppet all in the hopes of somehow getting Antonio back. I thought, OK, I’ll win the prize money, pay off your family and then never see you again.

Cielo: And that was the point…

Marjan: Don’t speak!

Marjan: I’ve been doing your bidding for far too long now! Pretending to be a person I’m not, desperately selling myself out all to be able to escape the clutches of your family. You tell me you’re my friend, that you’re here to support me and help me get ahead so I can win the money, but I know you’ve been spying on me the whole time. I’ve seen you!

Cielo: I only did it so I could make sure—

Marjan: —that I wasn’t revealing any secrets? Well, Cielo, the secret’s out and I’m tired of playing this game.

Aurora: Marjan, think of Adrián and Antonio! Anything you say can… well, you know.

Cielo: I’d tiptoe carefully now, Marjan.

Marjan: Stop speaking! I know what I’m doing. You listen to me, you scum. I’m going to win this, I’m going to pay off all the debts, and you’re going to disappear from my life. And if a single hair on Antonio’s head is harmed, you’re going to wish you’d never been born. I never want to see you again.

Cielo: You’re going to regret this.


Marjan runs away, bursting into sobs.

Cielo: This silly girl is ruining everything.

Aurora: Shut up, Cielo.


Marjan finds a quiet corner of the house and sits down, sobbing. She’s horrified about what just happened, about what she just said. Louise finds her soon after and sits down next to her, awkwardly trying to comfort her.

Louise: Um, well, I found Marjan in the yard crying. I think we all have an idea of what she’s going through now, but I can’t even imagine how I can possibly help her…

Louise: Hey… can I help?

Marjan: *sobbing* I… don’t. I don’t… know… how you could help. I’ve ruined… everything.

Louise: What happened, Marjan?

Marjan: I’ve… *sobs* revealed… everything. And I was so close, too… I was so close!

Louise: Close to what?

Marjan: To…. *sobs* Antonio!… So close to getting… him back. Who knows what’s going to  happen to him now!….

Louise: I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Marjan: You don’t know anything! He’s in danger…


ajmkv: Has anyone seen Marjan? We’re supposed to be starting the elimination ceremony now… I mean, she’s safe, but show rules…

Kyungri: Oh, forget the show rules for now! We can do this without her, I’m sure we’ll be fine. She’s not going home anyway. It’s gonna be one of us losers.

Kyungri: That girl deserves a break.

Louise: Yeah, ajmkv, I just saw her and she’s not in a good shape. Maybe we can bend the rules this time and just get on with it? Let’s leave her alone.

Marjan: It’s fine… I’m here, everyone. We can get started.

ajmkv: Marjan! I’m so happy to see you… are you all right?

Marjan: Some days are harder than others, but hey, what can you do about it? I’m sure everything will be fine…

Marjan lets out a big sigh and shakes herself off. She closes her eyes for a long time, and when she opens them she seems brighter.

Marjan: Me and Harribae are ready for this, let’s do it!

Harrison: Eh, yeah? I think so…

ajmkv: Well, if we’re all set… poses, everyone!

Kyungri: We could all see that she was a mess, but did you see how she switched right back to her chirpy self? It’s no wonder she’s had everyone fooled for the whole season…


ajmkv: Well, now that we’re all here: welcome, contestants, to the eleventh and final elimination ceremony before the grand finale of Season 2! I’m sure you’re all itching to find out just who is going home tonight, but before that… let’s discuss the prizes once again!

Louise: Again?…. Yeesh.

ajmkv: Y’all rolling your eyes like y’all don’t know that I’m contractually obligated to mention the prizes every week as per the sponsors’ instructions… but anyway, let’s get to it! The winner of Season 2 of Kev & Get It will walk away with the cover and a spread in Vista Magazine, a brand new home, a TV show on SimTV for which you’ve already shot a pilot, and 1,000,000 Simoleons. You’re all so close to these prizes, I’m sure you can smell them!

Kyungri: I stopped being able to smell after the 10th rhinoplasty…

ajmkv: Um… wow. 10? OK… well, um… anyway. Louise, can you step forward please?

ajmkv: How are you feeling this week, Lou?

Louise: Well, you know, it’s been hard… I’m so ready for this to be all over.

ajmkv: Louise, you’re beloved, do you know that? At the beginning of this competition, I never imagined you’d be standing here, on the cusp of reaching the finale and maybe even winning!

Louise: Honestly, neither did I!

ajmkv: Well, you have lots of fans! In fact, we’ve received a special message from a special fan. A certain superfan of the show, Liz Ridley, says that you’re amazing, an inspiration representing for all the redheads everywhere!

Louise: Wow, thank you, Liz! That’s lovely!

Harrison: Aw yeah, get it Louise!

Marjan: Wow, it must be nice to have superfans like that!

Harrison: I wish I had fans like that…

Marjan: Um, Harrison, have you SEEN your fans? They’re rabid over you.

Harrison: Oh… yes, I suppose this is true. Oh gosh, the fan art…

ajmkv: Ahem, ANYWAY… Louise, I’m thrilled to say that you’re safe this week and are the second contestant to reach the Top 3!

ajmkv: Louise, your fans have come out in droves to vote for you! You demolished the vote with 46% of the fans choosing you to stay. It seems that you’ve touched many of their hearts and they can’t wait to see you in the Top 3, so congratulations and welcome to the elite group competing for the prize in the finale!

Louise: Wow, thank you everyone! I was worried about my pilot, but I’m so happy I’m still here. I’m humbled and touched by you all, thank you!

ajmkv: Yes, Louise, this is great cause for celebration! But now, we’ve arrived at the Bottom 2 for the week… Kyungri…

Kyungri: *voiceover* Here at the bottom of the pack again… this isn’t acceptable. I’m so close to the money, I swear to Shaman Unnie that I can feel it running through my fingers and I’ll be utterly heartbroken if I don’t get it…

ajmkv: …and Harrison.

Harrison: *voiceover* I’m not surprised I’m here again. Third time in the Bottom 2! But really, have you seen my competition? I’d be honored to lose to any of these ladies, they’re all wonderful in their own ways, and truthfully… it might be my time.

ajmkv: I’m not looking forward to either of you going home. I think more than almost anyone on this season, you two have been the biggest icons. Throughout the weeks, I’ve seen you both grow and open up, and I’ve grown very, very fond of both of you.

Kyungri: The feeling is… slightly mutual.

Harrison: You’re all right, ajmkv.

ajmkv: That’s sweet, y’all. Thank you. Now, let’s get to eliminatin’!

Harrison: That was cold.

ajmkv: Kyungri, you’re here because your show wasn’t very popular with the judges, and you’ve been coasting a little in the competition. I believe in you, and I’d be proud to see you as the winner of this whole thing, but have you driven yourself into a corner, personality wise? It seems like your fans think so… You’re fantastic, but we want more!

ajmkv: And Harrison… your show was excellent, I loved it! I could really see it as a real show. The judges weren’t quite as sold on it, though, and unfortunately your rabid fans seem to be more focused on creating fan art of you and Matthieu than voting for you to stay in the competition. You’ve been a consistent fan favorite, but can you beat out the other person who arguably has also held on to that fan favorite status for the whole competition?

ajmkv: One of you has barely edged the other out in the fan vote, with 29% versus 25%. It’s a sad day here on K&GI, because we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the ultimate pillars of this season…

Harrison: *whispers* You got this, Kyungri!

Kyungri: *whispers* Shut up. If I had to lose to anyone here, I’m happy it’s you.

ajmkv: So who will stay? Is it Harrison, the ultimate hottie, the shy but adorable twink who has shown us that there’s much more to him than just a relationship?

ajmkv: Or will it be Kyungri? The Mastress of everything, the Plastic Face Unnie everyone aspires to be? The goddess incarnate, the grandest—

Kyungri: Oh God, get on with it!

ajmkv: Er, right. Anyway. The contestant that’s staying tonight and rounding out the Top 3 of this season, is…


Kyungri, congratulations. You’re safe, and officially part of the Top 3 contestants of the season! It looks like it’s an all girl group this year!

Kyungri: Oh… Harrison. I’m sorry. It wasn’t meant to be like this!

Harrison: It’s all right, really. You deserve this.

Kyungri: I’m sad to see you go… I know you really want this.

Harrison: Yeah… I’m sad, too.

Kyungri: You’ll be missed, I mean it.

Harrison: *laughs* Aww, Kyungri! Are you really going to let the world see what a big softie you are?…

ajmkv: Harrison, I hate to say this, I really really do. But I’m going to have to ask you to say goodbye to everyone and go home. The time has come… *chokes back tears* Bye Harrison!

And as ajmkv runs away to hide his tears from the bemused contestants, everyone gathers around Harrison to bid him a bittersweet farewell.

Harrison: Hey, it’s all right! I’m sad, but I’m also happy to have made it this far. This has been… truly, the most interesting experience of my life.

Louise: Yeah, you can say that again.

Harrison: I mean, look at how far I’ve come! It’s crazy to think I came in here being painfully shy, and now look at me, I’ve made the best friends one could ask for, a wonderful boyfriend, and adoring fans with… their fan art. And, I think I can speak for all of us when I say, it’s been an honor to get to know you all. I’m going to miss all of you so much, infinitely more than I’d ever miss the competition.

Marjan: You’re the sweetest of all cherry pops, Harribae.

Harrison: Marjan, I really hope everything goes well for you… you’ll let me know if you ever need anything from me, please!

Marjan: Thank you, Harrison. It’s been such a joy to see you every day. I’ll miss you.

Kyungri: We’ll all miss you!

Louise: We already do!

Harrison: *blushes* Oh guys, you’ll see me in just a couple of days anyway, at the finale!

Kyungri: Harrison, I’m so proud of you. You’ve developed into such a great person, inside and out. You know, I meant what I said back there. If I had to lose to anyone, I would have been proud to lose to you. There’s an honor in losing sometimes and I would have gladly accepted it for you.

Harrison: *chuckles* Is this a Shaman Unnie approved message?

Kyungri: It sure is, just for you. Anyway, I’m going to win this for you, what do you say? *winks*

Harrison: Sounds perfect, Kyungri.


After Harrison has packed and before he walks off the K&GI house lot for the final time, he calls over his friends and invites them for one last stargaze…

Harrison: Well, the stars aren’t quite out yet, but the clouds will do…

Louise: This is nice…

Kyungri: I will admit that I quite enjoy your company.

Marjan: Look! Do you see a galloping turtle in the clouds?

Harrison: I see him! Oh Marjan, I see him… galloping toward his waiting mama?

Marjan: *whispers and squeezes his hand* Thank you, Harrison.

Kyungri: Turtle? You’re crazy, it’s a sack of money coming down to rain on me.

Louise: *giggles* It’s your plastic surgeon riding down in time for your pre-finale Botox.

Marjan: *giggles* It’s ALL those things…


Harrison: *voiceover* Kev & Get It has been a strangely beautiful ride for me. I arrived, unsure of why I had even signed up for the whole thing, and scared of interacting with other people. And yeah, it was a scary and intense experience.

Harrison: *voiceover* But that was part of the beauty! I got to meet such wonderful people who have become good friends to me. I… I fell in love. And someone fell in love with me! I even got my first kiss. I never imagined any of that happening here, but now I can’t imagine who or where I’d be without this show. Moving forward, I really hope that I can continue growing and coming out of my shell even more. If I had to thank K&GI and the audience for one thing only, it would be: thank you for allowing me to be myself and showing me love. That means the world to me… it truly means everything. Thank you.

Harrison: *voiceover* And fine, you can keep sending me fan art of me. Goodbye!


And there you have it! Another exciting episode of K&GI is over and we’ve had to say goodbye to one of our ultimate favorites, Harrison. I speak for all of us when I say, Harrison, you’ll be missed!

But for now… we’re at the Top 3, y’all! Make sure to tune into the grand finale very soon. We’ll be holding a reunion with the entire cast, and we’ll finally find out who will win! Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite girl. Are you going to vote for the sweet and headstrong Louise? Or for the ambitious but loving Kyungri? Or the beloved goofball with a secret, Marjan? Vote below to choose your winner!

Tune in here for the Red Carpet of the Finale and tune in soon to find out who wins!


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

9 thoughts on ““The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part V)

  1. Ah…. Well, someone was going home, so I would have been sad no matter what. I adore the relationship between Harrison and Kyungri though. Such genuine compassion from both sides. Especially Kyungri admitting that she would have been okay with losing to him. And her pained look when she was called out and not him. That one tugged at my heartstrings. T.T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There have been many friendships on this show (shall I come up with friendship names? Louessie/Jouise, Harenca/Encason, Toddbriel/Gabodd, Chirjan/Marjina ddkfjhskdjfhsdk haha, Kyuntthieu/Mattri, etc OMG THESE NAMES haha) but Kyungrison/Hangri is one of my absolute favorites. They really do love each other, and seeing them develop such a strong friendship after Matthieu left was one of my favorite things ever.♥♥

      I was devastated to see our boy Harribae leave, and I think ajmkv on the show showed it, haha (I pictured him running away sobbing in an extravagant fashion), but honestly this Top 3. THIS TOP 3. It’s that B. Three FIERCE women with very different stories. I could see any of them winning.♥


  2. Seeing your latest comments back, I remembered I never commented on this one! xD Better late than never, right?

    SO first of all, as much as I hate what Marjan is going through, I am loooooving how exciting her story is getting. Her confrontation with Cielo and Aurora was everything! I actually gasped when Marjan punched Cielo in the face, like wow. This fire coming from her! Now that we know exactly what her issue is, I can’t help but cheer her on! Get them, Marjan! It’s super sad to see her feeling so sad but I’m happy that Louise tried to cheer her up.

    Kyungri and Harrison in the bottom! No, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOO. My two favorites battling it out :(((( I honestly didn’t expect Harrison to survive this bottom because it was against Kyungri but I was still heartbroken to see him go. His ending was so sweet though! I love him so much, my cutie pie <333333 That last scene of the four of them cloud gazing melted my heart! Harrison, I'll make more fan art just for you!

    I'm rooting for Kyungri, of course, but I'm excited because I think Marjan could come out and win this whole thing… who would have thought? 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard to see Marjan struggling like this but it’s cool to have her show some genuine fire after having been hiding behind a mask all season long. Hopefully her ending will be satisfying for you! It was so hard for me to eliminate Harrison but hey, it was impossible to choose between him and Kyungri so I’m happy the fans ended up choosing… even though it made me sad 😦

      Thanks for reading!


  3. At this point it’s hard for anyone to leave, but I have the least affinity with Louise and Harrison so I have made peace with this decision. I am having a hard time choosing between Marjan and Kyungri though. They’re on equal standing for me. Hmm…. It probably has to be Marjan for me. I want her to get Antonio back so badly! The rest will be okay without the prize.


  4. I actually really admire Marjan here. Finally, we see the real Marjan. The mother who would do anything for her child. The woman who would finally stand up to the people controlling her and using her. I like this fire in Marjan. I have a lot more respect for her now. I also think that her image has softened here too. More like the real person and less like the plastic manipulative lying actress she’s been playing all this time.

    I was impressed by Kyungri. She cut the poor girl some slack. I know I haven’t, and I feel guilty now admitting it. *gulps* But… I do still think that Kyungri is a better candidate than Marjan for the win. Even after all that. And Kyungri is a mother too so I felt like it was appropriate for her to want to dismiss the rules… *gasp* *shocked* … for the sake of someone else’s feelings.

    Kyungri can’t smell… so can she taste food? Because your sense of smell plays a big role in tasting food. o_0

    Liz Ridley! That’s awesome that you threw in that little tidbit. 😀 I agree, from one Liz to another, Louise is an inspiration to redheads everywhere. She deserves her spot! She earned it! Louise for the win!

    Kyungri deserves to stay. I don’t think Harrison is cutting it. And honestly, I agree with the judges. His show had potential like ajmkv said, but… it wasn’t the best material and wasn’t very funny and fell flat. Okay, I’ll stop harping on Harribae. Go get your consolation prize, boo! Matthieu ain’t half bad as a consolation prize. 😉

    Marjan’s line – “you’re the sweetest of all cherry pops…” for once, I agree with you, lady!

    Kyungri’s lines to Harrison too were sweet. I know how much she wants to win, so it’s nice to hear her say she’s okay (ish) with losing to Harrison. I hope that wasn’t just a show because I do like her.

    Their post-elimination cloudgazing was cute. Haha. I laughed and cried. And for once, I’m actually okay with these top 3. These ladies deserve it. Even Marjan, who I’ve admittedly hated for most of the season. Turtle… okay, Marjan, go get that turtle of yours. I’m sorry I was so harsh with you. My snap judgments. Gawd! It’s the redhead in me, isn’t it? Eek!

    Still? My favorite? Oh… this is a hard vote for me.


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