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K&GMore: Geneva’s Red Carpet

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Geneva: The gorgeous stars are out, the stylists have been hard at work, and I can smell the expensive perfume mixed with… is it excitement? It must be! And for good reason, too: Welcome, everyone, to the red carpet for the finale of K&GI, Season 2!

Geneva: My name is Geneva Endicott, and you might know me from my celebrity gossip blog, Juicy Bits and Bites, or from my work for Vista Magazine. But enough about me! I know you’ve all been dying to find out who wins Season 2 of Kev & Get It, and let me tell you: the finale is going to be iconic! But first, let’s catch up with our Season 2 housemates one last time, right here on the red carpet for the finale. And oooh, look! Someone’s here already!

Patricio: *whispering as the fans cheer* Are you ready, my goddess?

Enca: *whispers back* I’m not sure… this is the first time we’re seen together in public since… you know, since we got back together. No one is really cheering for us.

Patricio: But… they literally are, though. And anyway, forget that! Let’s show everyone that we’re confident in this new phase.

Enca: You’re right… let’s give them a show!

Geneva: Our first housemates are here! And they’re our iconic and not-so beloved couple, Patrenca. Enca and Patricio! The fans are going crazy here! There are some boos, too, but let’s ignore them for now… oh, just watch these two pose!

Enca: *whispers* All right, Pato, let me walk out so I can do a solo entrance later… sorry babe, but I deserve it.

Patricio: *laughs* Don’t I know it!

Geneva: My, my. Patricio sure likes the spotlight, doesn’t he? Just look at him ham it up for us! How lucky we are… I think. That outfit is quite nice, though. Pink on Patricio! I never would have expected it, honestly.

Patricio: It’s all right, everyone! Get a look, you know you want to!

Patricio: *poses in a less extravagant manner* Listen everyone, I’m happy to be here! You’re looking at a changed man. I hope you can give me a chance!

Geneva: *talking to Patricio while the cheers and boos die down* So, Patricio! You were infamously the first contestant out this season—

Patricio: *laughs, interrupting Geneva* Something no one will ever let me forget, right?

Geneva: There’s a certain grace in losing with dignity… I’m not sure you did that, though! What do you think?

Patricio: I hate to say it, but I really deserved to go home first. *chuckles* I acted like a fool, didn’t I? It’s been hard to watch myself on TV, I’ll say that much.

Geneva: But have you really changed or is it all an act to get back in our good graces? Many of us don’t believe it…

Patricio: Listen. I’m never going to be a Harrison. I’m always going to be loud and a party animal, that’s just who I am. But what has changed is that I truly realize that I have the best person in the world for me, and I really don’t want to risk losing that again. *laughs* So, if I have to stop being the Don Juan of my generation, I can do that, and I will gladly.

Geneva: The Don Juan of your generation? Wow, that’s… bold. Anyway, thank you Patricio! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I sincerely hope you’re being honest. Enca deserves the best! Oooh, and speaking of Enca, here she is!

Geneva: Looking like a tall glass of expensive champagne, Enca!

Enca: *poses for a few more moments as the fans scream in delight* Thank you, Geneva. I have to look my best, no? Red carpets are my thing, honey.

Geneva: Of course! We’re all Enca stans here, mama.



Geneva: What enthusiasm, wow! Anyway, so. We’ve all seen you grow throughout this season. We were shocked when you quit! What made you decide that?

Enca: I think I said everything I needed to when I left, but let me add that it was the best choice. I came for the wrong reasons, and spent the whole time thinking about other things, like Patricio. *the fans boo* No, I wasn’t in the right headspace, and I don’t think I would have lasted much longer anyway.

Geneva: So leaving on your own terms was the only logical next step?

Enca: It was what I needed to do. Can’t have people questioning why I’m doing so badly at my chosen career, can I? So I took a step back and decided to deal with the things that were distracting me from being as flawless as I can be.

Geneva: And this means Patricio, right? We all watched in horror when you got back together after the comeback episode…

Enca: *giggles* In horror? Girl, stop. I know Patricio came off pretty badly on the show, but I think losing me for a while made him reconsider being an idiot. I’m a forgiving queen, and… I’m in love with him. I owed it to myself to give him one more chance!

Geneva: Definitely more forgiving than any of us! And has he been good?

Enca: Oh, even better than you can imagine *winks*.

Geneva: *blushes* Right. Well, thank you, Peachy Goddess! *Enca blows a kiss and walks away, giggling* Well, that was informative… certainly. But look, another housemate has arrived! It’s Mitchell!

Mitchell: Hey, everyone!

Geneva: Mitchell! You’re one of the fan favorites of this season, everyone loves you!

Mitchell: If only this fan love could have kept me in for longer… *laughs* no, I’m kidding! I love all my fans, you guys are the best!

Geneva: So, Mitchell. You turned out to be the sweetest, kindest, and funniest guy in the house. Do you have any regrets?

Mitchell: I think I could have been a little less shy… I mean, I watched myself on TV and I cringed so much! I wish I could have been a little more confident.

Geneva: But hey, you caught everyone’s eye in that delicious golden speedo *Mitchell blushes* and you even had a little romance of your own!

Mitchell: I guess I did come out of my shell a bit. *laughs* Hopefully I’ll be able to continue like this in the future!

Geneva: We’re all cheering for you, Mitchell! And you look dashing in your suit! *Mitchell grins happily and walks away* What a treasure, that guy! I think I have a crush… but, um, yeah. Here’s someone else!

Todd: That’s right, bitches, take a good look.

Geneva: Humble as ever, that Todd!

Geneva: Hey, Todd! Feeling confident tonight, I see?

Todd: Hey girl! And yeah, it’s the finale! We’re going to put an end to this season, freaking finally. It’s been a long time coming!

Geneva: Don’t we all know it? Anyway, Todd. We all want to know: have you continued with your less catty way of life?

Todd: I mean, I’m still going to be the sassy Todd y’all have grown to know and hopefully love… but yeah, I went home and thought long and hard about what I did this season, and I never want to be like that again. I even… met up with Charlee for a coffee, can you imagine?

Geneva: *gasps* You did WHAT? What did you talk about?

Todd: Well, we hashed things out and made up. She’s an all right gal, that Charlee, when she’s not in a competition. Hopefully you’ll get to see that!

Geneva: I hope so, too. And I hope you’ll keep serving us fun sass, Todd! *he smiles and waves* Oh my God, speaking of Charlee!

Geneva: Look at that cheeky dress she’s wearing! I LOVE it. Can I get the same one, please? She is serving it! *the fans cheer*

Charlee: The villain is here!

Charlee: *posing* Yes, I know I look delicious.

Geneva: Do we think she’s turned a new leaf? Or…

Charlee: Geneva, I hear you talking smack over here.

Geneva: *jumps* Oh! Charlee! I would never!…

Charlee: *giggles* It’s fine, I was just joking.

Geneva: Right! Of course… um, well Charlee, you were the villain we couldn’t get enough of. You even won the “Villain We Love To Hate” award at the Freezer Bunny Awards and Gala! What do you think of this status?

Charlee: I was shocked to win that award, honestly! I mean, I was a bitch on the show and I know it, but somehow I thought the viewers of the show didn’t like it… turns out, they did! So, I’m embracing it.

Geneva: But are you really a villain all the time? Do you always plot against others?

Charlee: *chuckles* I wish I could say I’m as sweet as pie when I’m not on the show, but I’m not. I realize I have an abrasive personality, that’s just me. But I’m not evil! I hope people know this…

Geneva: Charlee, you’re a cool girl. I hope you find success in the future! Just maybe not in reality TV… *Charlee smirks and walks off* oh, she’s left! Well, let’s see who’s next! I hear screams!

Geneva: And of course! It’s arguably the biggest celebrity here, dashing model Enzo!

Enzo: Hey, Geneva. Good to see you!

Geneva: Enzo, you were one of the fan favorites, too! How is the movie career going?

Enzo: Oh! Well, it’s been great. I’ve been filming a couple projects here and there. Ayaka has been working closely with me! Turns out she’s a pretty awesome lady, and an excellent agent.

Geneva: And how does it feel to be branching into a new medium?

Enzo: Well, modeling is my bread and butter, and reality TV was all right, but movies! They’re hard! I love working in them, but a pretty face is not enough. It’s tough!

Geneva: I’m sure we’ll see you at a cinema close to us soon! Thanks, Enzo.


Geneva: Oh look, it’s Jessie! Walking down the red carpet looking like a million Simoleons!

Jessie: *calling out* That I didn’t win on this show!~

Jessie: …but who needs the money, anyway?

Geneva: The real prizes were the friendships made along the way, right?

Jessie: Oh, that storybook nonsense. *giggles* No, it’s exactly right.

Geneva: So, Jessie. You were dubbed the “silent killer” of the season after you worked with the producers behind your housemates’ backs on a challenge. What do have to say about that?

Jessie: *gulps* Listen, I knew that I had been kind of coasting up until that point so I knew I had to make a statement. Plus, I knew no one would hold a grudge!

Geneva: And they didn’t, thankfully, but that was a risky move! Did it pay off for you?

Jessie: Well, I lasted for a few more episodes after that, so maybe? But, more excitingly… the production team for K&GI has hired me as a regular correspondent for next season, so in the end it kind of did pay off!

Geneva: Oh, so you’re replacing me? *Jessie smiles nervously* No, I’m joking! Congratulations, Jessie! *Jessie walks off, looking nervous* Well, I hear really loud screaming and cheering. Who could be walking in next?

Geneva: That was a dumb question. Of course it is our K&GI royal couple, Matthison! Looking absolutely dashing!

Fan #1: Harribae! We love you! I made some fan art!

Fan #2: Matthieu, don’t be jealous, we’re ALL in love with Harrison!

Fan #3: Give us a twirl, please! PLEASEEEEEEE!

Matthieu: Let’s give them what they want! *dips Harrison*

Harrison: *chuckles* We’re such a showmance.

Geneva: Ah, Matthieu. The scatterbrained but dashing gentleman with a complicated romantic history. Looking good!

Matthieu: Thanks, Geneva! You’re looking quite beautiful, too.

Geneva: Oh, this old thing. Well, Matthieu. Your romantic exploits have caused quite a ruckus within the fandom. Do you have anything to say to that? I mean… Maciej, Qykoz, Harrison… three gorgeous guys, all fell for you? *Matthieu frowns slightly* What is your secret?

Matthieu: Let me JUST say that Maciej and Qykoz are definitely NOT still in the picture. I have eyes for Harrison only. Just to clear things up, y’know.

Geneva: And is it enough for you?

Matthieu: Yes, definitely! When I went on the show, I had unfortunately not fully understood that I needed to move on from THAT mess of a relationship… and I know how it came off, but Harrison is fine with it, so I hope people can look past that.

Geneva: Um… *clears throat* not holding back, are we? Well, why don’t we ask Harrison himself?

Geneva: The season fan-favorite is here! Harribae, over here!

Harrison: *laughs* Will this nickname ever go away?…

Geneva: Harrison, I interviewed you and Matthieu for your Vista Magazine spread a while back. Are things still as peachy as they were back then?

Harrison: Better than ever! Once I left the show a few days ago, we met up again and discussed everything that had happened… you know, after watching everything on Simflix. And even though there were some tough moments here and there, we’re happier than ever and so pleased to finally have some alone time without there being cameras everywhere.

Geneva: Oooh, OK! Well, that sounds lovely and quite… exciting. *Harrison blushes*

Geneva: But tell me: you missed out on the finale by juuuuuust a hair. We saw you evolve and develop a strong presence without Matthieu, only to be disappointed to see you not reach the finale. How does that feel?

Harrison: Oh, I’m not upset at all! I wanted to win, of course, why else would I have come onto the show? But honestly, I feel like I’ve gained a lot from the competition: confidence in myself, many great friends, an awesome partner, and tons of fans. I don’t really need the money!

Geneva: That’s sweet of you to say! Are you sure there’s no hard feelings?

Harrison: For sure! The three finalists are incredible women and I love them dearly. I would be so thrilled to see each of them win!

Geneva: Wonderful. *Harrison walks away* And speaking of incredible women, here comes another one!

Geneva: And just look at her breeze in here, looking like a delicious confection in mint. I NEED that outfit in every color, UGH.

China: We could make that happen, girl.~

Geneva: China is one of the big surprises of the season! Off to a strong start, flopped right out of the competition, then back with a vengeance ONLY to get kicked off again. What a rollercoaster!

China: Let’s pretend this description of my journey on the show wasn’t tinged with a little bit of shade, shall we?

Geneva: *gulps* Don’t sue me!

Geneva: China, you’re such a joy to watch. Are we going to keep seeing you on our screens or is it back to the courtroom for you?

China: Funny you should ask! As it turns out, I’ve been in touch with the producers of the show and they want me and my family to come film a show for them! Seems like we’re just too interesting to pass up…

Geneva: And why’s that?

China: Well, we have a unique history. Let’s just say that my name was chosen for a silly reason and there’s so much to the story…

Geneva: Oooh, vague! I’m sure it will be fascinating. China, from one lady named after a place to another: you’re fabulous and everyone will surely be tuning in. We love you!


Geneva: Can you hear the screeching? Papi Gabriel is here, giving the fans all the sexy smolder they could ever want! Please excuse me while I fan myself.

Gabriel: Who said Enzo was the only one who could model here?

Geneva: Ay ay ay, the rivalry continues! Gabriel, have you and Enzo truly worked things out? I mean, yours was an unmatched rivalry! What with your marrying the same lady, at different times of course, and then competing against each other for the prize… how are you guys these days?

Gabriel: Enzo’s a great guy! We’re friends, everything between us is water under the bridge now. *some boos ring out* No, really! It helps that Manon and I are in the process of getting a divorce, so now there’s no reason for Enzo to feel resentment!

Geneva: Oh, so you’re really committing to Louise only, no open marriage anymore?

Gabriel: It just wasn’t feeling like the right thing to do anymore, that open thing. And, well, I’m in love with Louise so it’s only fair that I treat her right.

Geneva: *squeals* Be still, my superfan heart! Gabriel, I’m really excited for you! This is a big step and I hope everything goes well for you two.

Geneva: And speaking of excitement… I have my own announcement to make! After a couple of seasons of working with the K&GI team as an occasional correspondent, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m going to be switching my handheld mic for one clipped into my clothing… *the fans gasp* That’s right, I’m going to be competing in K&GI myself next season! As an uberfan of the show, I just couldn’t help but want to be an even bigger part of this whole thing!



Geneva: Thanks everyone! I hope you’ll tune into Season 3, coming this fall, to catch a glimpse of little ol’ me! But enough about me, I hear REALLY loud screams, which can only mean…

Geneva: *squeals* …that the Top 3 are here!! Looking fabulous and flawless, oh my God!

Geneva: First up is Kyungri! Boy, am I excited to get a chance to speak to the mastress herself!

Kyungri: Hey fans! Mama Kyungri is here!

Geneva: Kyungri! Over here! You’re looking absolutely breathtaking in that little cream number. A gift from Dr. Kim, perhaps?

Kyungri: *chuckles* No, Geneva, this is a dress custom made for me! Dr. Kim is lovely, but a woman’s gotta buy her own things, too, you know? And by wearing this expensive dress, I’m putting it out there in the universe: the money is coming to me! Finally.

Geneva: We love to hear it! So, does this mean you’re pretty sure you’re going to win? Even against your stiff competition?

Kyungri: Shaman Unnie willing, yes! I’m proud of myself.

Kyungri: I’ve done everything possible to show that I am worthy of the prize. You, the fans, all know how difficult it was for me to open up, but I think you can see that I’m here, and I got to the finale without ever working against my competition. I’ve succeeded by helping others succeed, and now I know it will be my time to truly shine!

Geneva: I think I speak for all of us when I say that I’m truly pleasantly surprised to see what a big and beautiful heart you have, Kyungri.

Kyungri: All this gold dripping off my body pales in comparison to my most cherished piece of jewelry: my heart of gold.

Geneva: But is it enough to win you the competition? Gold can’t buy everything, after all! *Kyungri waves at her fans, a big smile on her face* But, now let’s catch up with our second finalist!

Geneva: WOW. Louise, you look fantastic! ajmkv is going to swallow his shady comments about your style the second he sees you tonight!

Louise: Thank you. I do quite like how I look tonight, and now it’s time to put the cherry on the top of this season: it’s time for me to win!

Geneva: Ooooh, confidence! I love it! Louise, you started the competition quite angry and not very friendly to your competitors. What made you change?

Louise: This feels like so long ago! Listen, I was angry at my father and the world, but I learned to let things go. Once I got to know the others a little, I realized that I needed to paint my own world in brighter colors, and I feel so much happier now that I’ve let go of my anger and pain.

Geneva: We LOVE to hear that!

Louise: Luckily for me, I gained a lot from this competition! I never thought I’d be a finalist, but now that I’m here, there’s no place I’d rather be. I want to win so badly!

Geneva: And if you don’t?

Louise: I’ll be sad, but it will be fine. I’m such a huge fan of my fellow finalists. I’m proud to be a part of this group of amazing women!

Geneva: That’s a great outlook on the competition, Louise. We’re so proud of you! *Louise blows a kiss and walks away* And now, let’s welcome our last finalist!

Geneva: The enigmatic Marjan, here in the flesh! Everyone has had an opinion about her during this competition, only for her to completely surprise us in the end. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’m most excited to hear from Marjan tonight!

Geneva: Marjan! Our ladybug queen! How are you doing tonight?

Marjan: I’m feeling good. Anticipating the results!

Geneva: Let’s address the elephant in the room. Or, should I say, turtle?

Marjan: I’m not quite ready to discuss that so openly…

Geneva: But how did you do it? How did you have us all bamboozled? How did you make it through the whole competition, all the way here to the finale, with something that big weighing on you?

Marjan: *giggles* Did we watch the same show? I struggled the whole way! My mask slipped so many times I lost count!

Geneva: Yes, that’s true. But are you confident in the result you so want tonight?

Marjan: I just hope I’ve done enough to win this prize. I love everyone in the cast, especially the two ladies in the finale with me, but I think I have the most to gain from winning. I’m doing it for me, and I’m doing it for my sweet Antonio.

Geneva: Do you have a message you want to send to him?

Marjan: Yes. Antonio, my sweet turtle. Mama’s coming.


Geneva: And that’s it for the red carpet! Did you enjoy seeing everyone gathered again and looking their absolute best? I know I sure did! Who do you want to win this season? Are you team Marjan? Or Team Louise? Or are you Team Kyungri? Make sure to get your vote in before the voting lines close! See you soon at the finale!


The finale of Season 2 of Kev & Get It is coming very soon! Make sure to vote for your favorite finalist, and check out the finale to find out who wins! Thanks for tuning into K&GI, dear fans.♥


Hello all! I am ajmkv, the creator of K&GI. While this project is mostly a creative way to express myself, I thought it would be nice to share as I always love reading other people’s The Sims stories. Hope you enjoy reading!

4 thoughts on “K&GMore: Geneva’s Red Carpet

  1. lol just when I was thinking WHEN IS THE FINALE COMING xD I loved this! Everyone is looking so gorgeous and I can’t even deal. This finale is going to be iconic! I’m just melting seeing everyone again, knowing it’s almost the end. My favorite bits were the ones with Enca, Harrison, Jessie and Kyungri. Everyone was so good tho! And I’m excited to see Jessie working in K&GI and Geneva competing! Finally some news about Season 3 xDD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeeeeeeeeek, I promise it’s coming! The hardest part is screenshotting, and as soon as that’s all done I’ll be pretty quick with the posting. Happy you liked this little bonus! I hope you’ll like Geneva as a contestant 😛 Little Season 3 tease there for you~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enca is looking smashing! She’s positively radiant. She really does look like a deliciously tall glass of champagne. Okay, I’ll even give you and Patricio a chance. Don’t break her heart!

    Mitchell’s looking pretty sparkly too. 🙂 Totally forgot about his Marjan moment. Oh my! I wonder what will happen now.

    Ugh! Todd. Humility please. Still don’t really like you.

    Charlee killed that look. Even if I don’t like her. She killed that red carpet look. She’s stunning.

    Enzo… okay, I think I actually squealed when I saw him. That first pose! Haha. I don’t usually go for blondes, but damn! He’s one hot man.

    Jessie’s as cute as ever. I’m excited to see that she’s a correspondent on the show. She deserves it.

    Royal couple indeed. Harrison is killing that suit! I don’t usually like sparkles on a man, but wow. And so appropriately red too, for our delicious cherry! 😛 Matthieu I wanted to see a little more. But you look polished. And Harrison was genuinely a gentleman with his comments.

    China – ever the businesswoman. Rocking the mint green. I AM BEYOND thrilled that we will see her return on a show. She deserves to be the leading lady.

    Sexy smolder? Gabriel? Okay, for me it looked like he dropped his pocket and was jutting out his neck. Haha. But he is a delight to look at.

    Geneva’s competing? Ooo… that should be interesting. Does that mean Jessie really will be hosting these awards next season. 😉

    Okay, I have to admit that Marjan is gorgeous. She looks lovely and classy here. Ladybug queen! More like turtle queen. Haha. I love her little freckles here too.

    I was a bit bummed Louise chose such a neutral tone. She needs something else to stand out among these ladies. She totally was working it. That pose! I about died. It was beautiful. Elegant. Sexy. Classy all rolled into one right when Geneva was complimenting her on looking fantastic. I wish she wore a different color still, but she rocked that look! The confidence. Her expression says it all.

    And Kyungri… you slay woman! That body. She really does work every inch of it. And Dr. Kim does too, I think. 😉 I did love her beautiful smile right after she said she was proud of herself. It looked so genuine. I love her too. Gah! This is a tough competition. I’m proud of you too, Kyungri!

    I know I’m probably rooting for an underdog here, but I really do love her and she’s been my favorite all this time. I’m #TeamLouise for the win. I think she’s worked really hard and transformed the most and her confidence is stunning and inspiring.

    I’m #TeamKyungri because of all the ladies, she is a clear winner and has been from the start. I love how genuine she was from the beginning. She knows who she is and what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it with everything in her, but she still has a soft side and kindly coached her teammates.

    And I’m… I know… I can’t believe I’m about to say this… #TeamMarjan because I feel like she’s genuinely got the most at stake here and I want to see her reunited with her turtle. I just don’t have any clue how I’ll ever vote.


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