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Hi! My name is Kevin, otherwise known as ajmkv (it’s a mouthful, eh?). Welcome to my blog! You may ask, why did I start writing Sims fiction? Well, I had a lot of free time on my hands at the moment. ~ You know, it was the year after college, I was finding my own spot in the world, oftentimes failing miserably, but if there’s one thing that always cheers me up, it’s playing The Sims. Escaping into this bright and cheerful world always helps me feel better, and my active imagination has turned this little hobby into… well, a big hobby. Words cannot express how much this game has made me happy throughout my life.

Kev & Get It is the result of my love for reality competitions, glossy visuals, and The Sims 4. I initially attempted to do challenges from The Sims forums, but I could never finish them. After thinking a little bit, though, I had the great idea of putting a bunch of Sims together, watching them interact with each other, having them do challenges, and eliminating them, one by one, until one takes the ultimate prize. Sure, it’s been done before, but I wanted to add my touch to the tried and true formula. Plus, after a long time of writing “reality TV”, I’m branching out and doing other stories, the first of which is Paloma De Pasiones.

Thus, here I am, sharing my writing with you all. I don’t really have any rules aside from not intervening in my Sims’ lives that often (except for photo manipulations, etc.), and I do utilize many in-game cheats to make the storytelling a little bit easier. I have so much fun creating these stories, so I hope that you will enjoy coming into my Sims world for a little bit. Oh, and all the material I used here is from The Sims 4, plus a fair bit of CC – if you want to know where I got it from, write me a comment and I’ll try to give you the name.

Thanks for visiting! This is a “tv channel” worth staying glued to.~

xxxo, ajmkv~

3 thoughts on “About

    1. It’s so hard to follow all the rules! I hope to one day be able to do a challenge but honestly, character building is my favorite thing to do so I just focus on plot-driven stories 😛

      And thank you! I can’t wait to dive into your universe, either. Knowing you’ve created a whole world in another place in the universe is fascinating! I stay on Earth, so I can’t wait to take a rocket to Simterra 😉


      1. Agreed about rules. I personally prefer plot-driven stories also. I stumbled through gen 1 of my legacy ISBI as plot. I was all over the place with type of storytelling but it was an adventure. I really enjoy character building too. I have a whole profile I build.

        Thanks. I’m excited to have others read Kass’s story. Simterra has been an obsession of mine so I look forward to sharing with more people.


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