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K&GMore: Geneva’s Red Carpet

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Geneva: The gorgeous stars are out, the stylists have been hard at work, and I can smell the expensive perfume mixed with… is it excitement? It must be! And for good reason, too: Welcome, everyone, to the red carpet for the finale of K&GI, Season 2!

Geneva: My name is Geneva Endicott, and you might know me from my celebrity gossip blog, Juicy Bits and Bites, or from my work for Vista Magazine. But enough about me! I know you’ve all been dying to find out who wins Season 2 of Kev & Get It, and let me tell you: the finale is going to be iconic! But first, let’s catch up with our Season 2 housemates one last time, right here on the red carpet for the finale. And oooh, look! Someone’s here already! Continue reading “K&GMore: Geneva’s Red Carpet”

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K&GMore: Marjan’s Story

Sometimes, many times, it’s difficult to come up with the right words to express my feelings. I’ve never been the most intelligent, or the most tactful, or even the kindest person in my life. I’ve been privileged in many ways. I never really had to face any hardships in my life, and this made me complacent. I thought happiness and fulfillment were things that would always be on my table, never in short supply. My personality developed around this, and though I love myself and who I am, I can’t quite understand why I could never see the darkness in the world.

I see it now. Continue reading “K&GMore: Marjan’s Story”

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K&GMore: Louise’s Intervention

It’s been a long time since Louise has seen her father. They haven’t spoken since their last big fight, when Christophe, her father, told her that he was going to be spending some time with his lover in another country. Louise didn’t even ask which country, and she stormed out of the room, angrily choking back tears.

Why was Louise so angry? In her mind, she had been a well-behaved, intelligent, and lovable daughter. Had she done something to push her father away? And worse, had her mother, always loving but sometimes distant… had she done something, too? What had caused this? Louise cared about protecting her younger siblings from the truth, but they also found out. Obviously, since their father’s affair had been plastered all over the television on a cheap reality show. Continue reading “K&GMore: Louise’s Intervention”

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K&GMore: Harrison’s Review

Looking for the hottest gossip? The best stories? The cutest host? Well, look no further, because The Low-Down is here! I’m your host, Harrison, or Harribae for all you naughty naughty fans. Yes, I’ve seen your fan art and fanfiction, and it’s quite… entertaining. Let me just say, I’ve never seen myself drawn in quite as many… physically challenging positions before, and it’s been an interesting experience overall. Continue reading “K&GMore: Harrison’s Review”

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K&GMore: Kyungri’s Family

Deep inside, we all want to be loved and appreciated. Glamorized and idolized. We want to have everyone call our name from the morning to the night, cheer for us and boost us up when we’re down. There’s nothing like the feeling of a stranger, somewhere in another corner of the world, knowing your name and your history, your desires and fears. It’s a particular feeling, one that makes us do everything we need to do in order to achieve the dream. We work at jobs that are beneath us to someday aim for something above us, along the way polishing our images by every natural and artificial means available to us, and we create a public persona that can eventually be that idol we envision. Everyone has this dream; there’s no shame in it. I have this dream, too. But you all know that. I’m Kyungri, after all. You all know me. Continue reading “K&GMore: Kyungri’s Family”

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K&GMore: Louise’s Nightmare

Dear Subscriber,

First of all, thank you so much for your kind patronage. Your subscription to this magazine will help us keep going for a long time, and we are thrilled that you’ve joined this journey with us. Gunoi! Magazine is the result of a long history of loving gossip, and we on the editing and writing team are so proud to finally be able to present it to you. We promise that we will always keep up with cutting-edge journalism, award-winning photography, and only the best of stories. If you allow us, we will delight your eyes and tickle your gossip pickle, and there will be no other publication as tantalizing as ours. So, once again, thank you so much! As a special thank-you gift, we’ve included the first issue of Gunoi! Magazine for your perusal. In this groundbreaking initial issue of the magazine, we’ve covered all the stories you were dying to read about, including Louise’s development into a confident woman, Patricio’s adventures outside K&GI, Kyungri and Gabriel’s budding relationship, and of course, Matthison’s beautiful relationship. Now, without further ado, here is your first peek into the wonderful world of Gunoi!

Continue reading “K&GMore: Louise’s Nightmare”

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K&GMore: Matthison’s Paradise

Note from the editor

When we offered a spread and interview to the winner of the latest challenge on the current season of Kev & Get It, we had hoped it would be Harrison. The enigmatic young man who has captured the heart of the nation, that’s who we wanted to feature in our magazine. You can imagine our immense pleasure when he won the prize and we won the privilege to have him grace our pages, but we were in for a surprise: Harrison asked if he could bring his dashing boyfriend, Matthieu, along for the shoot. We couldn’t believe our luck; TV’s new power couple giving their first joint interview to us? We were over the moon! Now, we’re delighted to take you into Matthison’s paradise to witness them at their most tender and intimate, while they open up and share their feelings for the very first time. Just be careful to not be too smitten with these two! Til the next time~


Continue reading “K&GMore: Matthison’s Paradise”

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K&GMore: Todd’s Homecoming

Welcome to Kev & Get… More! Sometimes our dear contestants leave before we’ve had enough of them, so to get to know their stories a little bit more, this little spinoff will follow our beloved housemates during the breaks between episodes. I want to be able to publish content more often, and doing more frequent, shorter stories will definitely help! These will be lighter on the screenshots and will have a different style—definitely more narrative than TV script-y—and I’m excited to dive into these!

I’ll be kicking things off with our recently eliminated drama queen, Todd. Make sure to let me know what you think about this lil’ spinoff! I hope y’all like it.

CW: Some language and adult content.

Continue reading “K&GMore: Todd’s Homecoming”