Season 1 Episodes

Will we ever revisit this season? We will see!
(But actually, stay tuned! Episodes coming soon.)

The episodes titles:

Episode 1: “The Housemates Who Are Here To Win”
Episode 2: “The Boy Who Shoots Himself In The Foot”
Episode 3: “The Girl Who Fails At Everything”
Episode 4: “The Girl Who Takes A Risk”
Episode 5: “The Boy Who Loses The Plot”
Episode 6: “The Boy Who Is Cheeky And Sneaky”
Episode 7: “The Girl Who Is Despised”
Episode 8: “The Boy Who Glitters”
Episode 9: “The Girl Whose Plan Fails”
Episode 10: “The Girls Who Stage A Coup”
Episode 11: “The Boy Who Makes A Sacrifice”
Episode 12: “The Boy Who Has Higher Ambitions”
Episode 13: “The Housemate Who Wins”