Season 2

After the runaway success of the first season of K&GI, the SimTV network has decided to renew the show for a second season! The prizes remain the same, though the location of the house has been changed from Oasis Springs to Windenburg. The production team received thousands of applications, which were then whittled down to 14 finalists.

This season fleshes out the concepts from the first one. Each week, the contestants participate in various creative and performance challenges in order to stand out from the crowd and receive attention from the fans. They also interact with their housemates in an effort to make friends, since each housemate nominates three people at the end of the week. The people with the most nominations and/or with the worst performance in the challenge is put up for elimination, and the fans vote to save their favorite person in the Bottom 3. The winner of the challenge receives various prizes for their performance, though the winner may not always be called first at the Call-out ceremony.

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Fadeout 1Left to Right: Jessie, Mitchell, Kyungri, Matthieu, Charlee, Gabriel, Enca, Harrison, Marjan, Todd, China, Patricio, Louise, Enzo.


PromosCast Bios
1. “The Housemates Who Want It All”:
2. “The Boys Who Go Stargazing”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IV
3. “The Girl Who Starts To Plot”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
4. “The Girl Who Gets A Makeover”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
5. “The Boy Who Ruins Everything”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
6. “The Girl Who Is A Silent Killer”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
7. “The Boy Who Strips Down”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
8. “The Girl Who Makes A Move”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
9. “The Girl Who Judges Everyone”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt VPt VI
10. “The Boy Who Hits The Spot”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
11. “The Girl Who Makes A Splash”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
12. “The Girl Who Reveals It All”: Pt IPt IIPt IIIPt IVPt V
13. “The Housemate Who Takes It All” (Finale): Coming soon!

K&GI Season 2 Bonus (Kev & Get More) Episodes
1. Todd’s Homecoming
2. Charlee’s Dream
3. Matthison’s Paradise
4. Louise’s Nightmare
5. Enca’s Choice
6. Kyungri’s Family
7. Harrison’s Review
8. Louise’s Intervention
9. Marjan’s Story
10. Geneva’s Red Carpet