Season 2 Contestants


10 thoughts on “Season 2 Contestants

      1. Harrison is my favourite guy. I love how he’s all shy and cute. Also, I don’t know why I had this major Love Island feeling with this show because there are apparently husbands and fathers in here. Very different from what I imagined. But they’re all pretty young still so that’s a common denominator.

        The connections between some of the people and the ones in S1 are also really cool. I wish we could read that one first though.

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      2. Aw, that’s actually cool! I’m happy the show surprised you, hehe. Harrison is also my favorite guy, he’s just so… adorable.

        Yes, ugh, I was really sad when I lost all my screenshots for S1 and had to scrap writing it first. I’m honestly torn between writing S1 and S3 next – of course, I want to move on from S1 and S2 with some fresh competitors and do a competition I haven’t already completed before, but also S1 is kinda like a prequel at this point and then technically K&GI would be “complete” moving forward… sigh. The choices! Maybe I’ll put it up to a vote after the S2 finale.

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      3. Totally get your dilemma! You should do whatever you want obviously. I think it’d be a super fun throwback for everyone when you see all these characters that were mentioned before, but I think it also makes it hard because you’ve already said who won that season (I think) and we know quite a bit of what happened already because of the references.

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      4. Exactly! Since the ending and some of the main plot lines get spoiled here, it would be more of a throwback with most of the tension removed, but it still could be fun. We’ll see!

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