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“The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part V)

It’s the evening of the 11th and final elimination ceremony before the finale of K&GI, and after having presented their pilots and received critiques for them, the Top 4 contestants have been feeling nervous about the results of the fan vote. However, before the ceremony happens, one of the contestants is visited by a surprise guest. Continue reading ““The Girl Who Reveals It All” (Part V)”

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K&GMore: Marjan’s Story

Sometimes, many times, it’s difficult to come up with the right words to express my feelings. I’ve never been the most intelligent, or the most tactful, or even the kindest person in my life. I’ve been privileged in many ways. I never really had to face any hardships in my life, and this made me complacent. I thought happiness and fulfillment were things that would always be on my table, never in short supply. My personality developed around this, and though I love myself and who I am, I can’t quite understand why I could never see the darkness in the world.

I see it now. Continue reading “K&GMore: Marjan’s Story”

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“The Girl Who Makes A Splash” (Part V)

While the contestants wait for the fan vote to come in and determine who will win the challenge and who will go home, they hang around the K&GI house. Louise shows her mother around the swanky building, talking about her experiences there. They’re giggling about some past challenge when they run into Gabriel, who looks mortified that he’s meeting Louise’s mother. He’s heard so much about her, and he’s unsure of what she’ll think of him.

Continue reading ““The Girl Who Makes A Splash” (Part V)”

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“The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part III)

The next day, all the contestants wake up feeling energized and ready for the challenge. Regardless of what happened the night before, everyone feels like they want to make sure to perform at their very best in order to continue in the competition. The energy is apparent as the housemates get dressed and meet up with their partners. Even though the partners are randomly assigned, everyone seems to be paired with people they had made connections with… Continue reading ““The Girl Who Makes A Move” (Part III)”