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Paloma De Pasiones: Episode 1

The late afternoon sun caresses my skin and the sweet breeze sends shivers up my spine… but I sit here, unbothered, just thinking. Thinking about everything that I want from destiny. A dream here, a smile there. Something to make me feel full, alive.

I know I want too much.

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Paloma De Pasiones: Character Bios

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Paloma Montebello is a kind girl, living in a small town in Mexico. Her father runs a successful exporting business, and he has always expected his only daughter to take over one day, extending the reign of the Montebello family over their slice of idyllic countryside. However, Paloma isn’t sure of what she wants, and her indecision will open the doors for other people they know and love to want a slice of the empire. Will Paloma manage to find a suitable balance between her own desires and duties?

This new show stars many of your favorite contestants from Kev & Get It! Can you spot them all? Read about the characters from the new telenovela:

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