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K&GMore: Matthison’s Paradise

Note from the editor

When we offered a spread and interview to the winner of the latest challenge on the current season of Kev & Get It, we had hoped it would be Harrison. The enigmatic young man who has captured the heart of the nation, that’s who we wanted to feature in our magazine. You can imagine our immense pleasure when he won the prize and we won the privilege to have him grace our pages, but we were in for a surprise: Harrison asked if he could bring his dashing boyfriend, Matthieu, along for the shoot. We couldn’t believe our luck; TV’s new power couple giving their first joint interview to us? We were over the moon! Now, we’re delighted to take you into Matthison’s paradise to witness them at their most tender and intimate, while they open up and share their feelings for the very first time. Just be careful to not be too smitten with these two! Til the next time~


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